2. Marriage Discussion.

Grandma, are you hungry?" she asked with a serious expression on her face.

Sitting on her boss chair Billina was talking to her grandmother who was comfortably seated on a large sofa.

"No, Billina. Have you thought about the matter I told you about?" asked her grandmother with a hint of excitement on her face.

Billina sighed and replied, "Not again, grams."

"Billina.. you are 23. I think it's time for you to get married. At least bless me with your kids." pleaded Jules.

"We've discussed this a million times and my answer is the same as always. I'm not interested grandma," she replied casually.

"Till when you are going to hold a grudge against innocent men just because your father..." grandma mentioned carefully until Billina interrupted her by saying, " That man was not my father, grandma!" Billina slammed her hands on the table making her grandmother startled.

"Oh and grandmother, men are never innocent," she added in a confident tone.

"What happened was an accident.. you also know that," Jules said, a little impatient.

"For you, it is but for me... the man is the reason my mother is not with me." Billina replied frustrated.

"What done is done. Now you must get married and produce heirs." her grandmother replied sadly.

"Grandma, there are many ways to produce an heir without getting married. And trust me when the time is right. I will do that too." Billina said impassively.

"What? No way... you're depending on technology, my dear. I will not accept." her grandma said astonished then shook her head.

"Okay, grandma let's not discuss this now," she said in a boring tone.

"Okay but meet him just for once." her grandma pleaded.

"Who?" she asked raising a brow.

"Conor Ostin," said Jules.

"Ostin? As in British Ostin?" Billina asked with a raised brow.

"Yep.." Jules nodded concurring. "His father was a very good family friend and ever since he died we hardly have seen each other so tonight I've invited the Ostins for dinner," informed Jules.

"No way!" Billina said astonished.

"Yes. Be on time. And please for one time in your life, Billina.. do not wear a suit but a beautiful dress." her grandmother ordered in a bossy tone.

"Sure thing." Billina nodded rolling her eyes but in her real, she wasn't interested.

Her grandma went out and as usual, she buried herself in work again.

One or two hours later, the knock on the door made her raise her head.

"Hey, Bill Bill." a sweet voice came from the door side.

"Serena.," Billina said with a poker face.

"God! That's how you greet your best friend." she walked in, her appearance was like she was going on a party or something.

Her figure was thin and those long legs with six-inch heels were only made for the walk-in ramp. Serena was a well-known model.

"I always greet you like this," she replied working on a laptop.

"Yes but we are meeting after a whole freaking month, I was hoping for a hug or maybe 'Serena I missed you. How were your holidays?' But no.." she said annoyed.

"Alright, come here you freak." Billina stood up and walked to her for a hug.

Serena and Billina were best friends for almost a decade. Growing up together they knew each other better than anyone else.

Billina used to be a bright child and she always used to smile but ever since that incident happened... it changed her whole life. Now she never smiles.. or you can say she became heartless.

"There's a black hole where your heart should be and I don't blame you for that," Serena said and Billina didn't bother to listen to her.

"I heard you fired an employee today," Serena said going through her phone.

"Then you must have heard about the dinner with Ostins tonight," Billina said in a mocking tone.

Of course, she knew her grandmother had called Serena to have a chat about her marriage.

"See.. this is him." Serena showed a picture of a perfectly handsome hunk to Billina.

"Conor Ostin.." after a pause, Serena said happily.

"So? Why are you showing me his picture?" Billina took a quick look at the picture then raised her brow.

"Mood spoiler..." Serena eyed her angrily.

"C'mon Billina for the one time in your life please interest in a boy," Serena said irritated.

"Clearly not.," she replied dryly.

"We all are worried about you and your wedding. I want to be a bridesmaid... a maid of honour." Serena said with hope in her big beautiful eyes.

"Okay... are we discussing my marriage in office?"Billina asked in an impassive tone.

"Did grandma sent you here?" she asked, again.

"Listen to me, Serena. I'm not the sort of person men marry," she explained.

"Perhaps it is our imperfections that make us so perfect for one another," Serena replied with an aspiration face.

"Conor is the one, Billina," she added.

"Really? What made you think that I'm going to marry a fuck boy?" Billina laughed hysterically.

"Well... he's not... apparently..." as Serena was about to speak further, Billina threw a bundle of magazines on the table where Conor Ostin was on the front pages of every popular magazine cover.

"This is a scandal." Serena defended.

"No, this is your Conor Ostin." corrected Billina.

"I'm having dinner with him tonight.... isn't that enough? If it was not for grandma I would never see him," she added.

"Are you that allergic to men?" Serena asked disappointed.

"Yes. If you asked me to kiss a pig covered in mud or a handsome boy. I would kiss a pig." Billina said in a pissed tone.

"Eww... gross...All of the examples in the world and you thought about this?" Serena made an awkward face.

Later when Serena left, Clara and Ron entered with few shopping bags.

''Mrs. Bernand have sent these things for you. She said you have to look good tonight." Ron said in a polite tone.

The dress was formal, probably a ball gown matching accessories and diamond jewels.

"Keep it aside," Billina said while having coffee. The whole day went busy in BB Corporations and finally, it was night.

The workers heaved in a sigh as the day was over. Billina closed her laptop and stood up, to go home.

She pressed the intercom button and Ron ran in quickly.

"Yes, Ms Bernand?" he spoke softly.

"Is my dress here?" asked Billina removing her coat.

"yes, just a minute." he went out and came back with a large shopping bag.

Billina changed into the dress and walked out of her room.

'Clara, send my suit to dry cleaners." she ordered.

"Sure thing, Ma'am." Clara nodded.

"What's for tomorrow?" Billina asked walking towards the elevator.

She had this habit of letting her routine set for next day in advance. Ron, Clara and Billina were now in an elevator discussing the day.

"Tomorrow you have to visit the Smiths," Ron informed working on IPad.

"And after that, you have lunch with Parker's," Clara added.

'Busy day, eh?" Billina sighed.

"Do you want us to reschedule any of your meetings?" both of her assistants asked together.

'No. Did Parker's invited my grandmother too?" Billina asked dryly.

"Yes, Ma'am. You both are invited." Clara nodded in agreement.

The elevator reached the ground floor and she stepped out followed by two assistants.

They escorted her to the car and said, "Goodnight ma'am. See you tomorrow."

"Thank you.." she simply replied and hopped in the car.

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