3. Such An Epic Name.

The car reached in front of a luxurious villa and it was based on three-story building. A truly magnificent villa with an infinity pool and large garden, offering a stunning view.

The dinner was being arranged on an outdoor terrace on the second-floor balcony, giving a breathtaking view.

Billina stepped out of the car and walked towards the villa. Few servants waited for her arrival and greeted her.

"Good evening, Ms Bernand. The guests are here with your grandmother. I assume you are not ready yet." the manager, Lora said politely.

"I am all ready, Lora," Billina said and walked upstairs.

The sweet voices of two women talking about marriage were heard as Billina walked further in.

'Marriage.. marriage.. marriage." Billina sighed and walked into the terrace.

"Ahh... Billina finally you're here." her grandmother smiled sweetly, but her appearance made her a little uneasy. She was still dressed in business attire.

Even though her grandmother asked her to wear a dress.

Such a disobedient girl.

"Mrs Ostin, meet my granddaughter Billina Bernand.." Jules faked a smile and introduced her to the guest.

Billina confidently shook hands with the lady. Dressed in a dark blue pantsuit, she looked a complete professional person. It was of dark blue color, it means she is neither not interested or all of it was too boring for her and Jules knew it.

"Hello, dear. Such an epic name for a beautiful girl like you," said Mrs Ostin.

Although she joked Billina got offended and replied, "Well, I don't think so Mrs. Ostin. I'm quite satisfied with my name." she said faking my smile in a way that it really looked fake.

Then after a pause, she continued, "My mother said it's unique like me." Mrs Ostin's tongue was locked, she was unable to say another word.

Jules noticed the changed expression on the lady's face and quickly said, "Yes, her mother chose this name for her."

"Why? Any reason she chose this rare and uncommon name?" asked Mrs Ostin.

"Yes. She was really fond of 'Oz' the movie and there was a chicken named Billina so she named me Billina, cute isn't it?" she looked her right in the face and sneered.

Jules Bernand chuckled secretly at her granddaughter.

She was a hell of a badass and she knew it. All this time she was spoiled by her only. And only both of them got each other, Jules was seriously concerned for her granddaughter that she will be left alone in this cruel world.

Her stone heart will never melt in this way. Her hate for men was strong enough that all these years Jules could not do anything.

"By the way, Mrs Ostin. Where your son at?" Billina asked putting the steak on her mouth.

"Oh, he flew Japan this evening." she replied then turned to Jules and added, "I'm so sorry he could not join us for dinner."

"It's alright. I prefer to work first. Billina was also free tonight that's why I asked her to come. It's hard to catch young people to dinners." Jules joked and laughed lightly.

The dinner went well when Mrs Ostin went back, Billina and Jules were sitting on a large comfy sofa by the fireplace.

"So, grandma..... see Conor didn't come tonight. Don't ask me again to meet him. He's clearly not interested, neither am I." Billina said sipping her coffee.

"Oh, hush. He will come again." Jules said in a commanding tone.

"You won't give up, will you?" Billina asked raising a brow.

Jules simply shook her head, then Billina continued, "Just know that I am your granddaughter. I won't give up either." she sneered.

Next morning the egg yolk sun poured through the cracks in the blind and awaited entrance into a sleeping person's eyes. The sight still in the clutches of the night's glue he hesitantly rubbed the dreams away.

Thoughts of the visions in sleep come and go in. Waves clinging onto the very last memory of the night but with the little success.

He wakes up as if it's an emergency as if sleeping had become a dangerous thing. His heart beats fast and there is a buzzing in his brain and together they are as panic with jump-leads.

''Oh god.. oh god.. .I'm late." he jumped off the single bed which was broke and the mattress was also really old.

The visible springs were the probes that the bed was either second hand or really old.

He quickly ran towards the washroom and opened the tap of washbasin to wash his face but the water didn't come out of it.

"What..." he said unaware and looked at the clock it was 9 in the morning. He has a job interview by nine-thirty and he's not even ready yet.

He then opened the window of the bathroom and stick his neck out looking around.

"Barry! Open the water tap," he yelled and waited. After a full minute of waiting, the water streamed down the tap.

He smiled and brushed his teeth. Wearing formal clothes, he quickly tucked his office shirt inside those well-ironed pants.

Combing his perfect slicked-back hair, he felt something was pulling his pants. Looking down he jerked his leg off.

"Todo! No!" he yelled at his dog.

"Behave, Todo!" he added.

"Oh God! I'm late." he quickly poured the dog food in his dog's plate and grabbed the documents including certificates and CV.

Walking down the apartment he said hello to a few people.

"Hey, Ashton. Where to?" asked Barry- who was his neighbour.

"Oh, Barry. I have a job interview today." Ashton raised his hand to say hello.

"Okay, good luck, man." Barry smiled and went away.

Taking the public bus towards the area where his interview was going to hold, he seemed happy.

Chicago was a big city and the traffic here was unbelievable. After every two minutes, he was checking his wristwatch.

Then after an hour he finally reached the pastry shop.

"Hi, I'm here for a job interview," he said to the lady.

"You are late, the time is up." the lady showed no interest.

"But..." as he was about to speak, she interrupted him by saying, "Why the pantsuit? You were here to be a waiter."

He pressed his lips in a thin line and walked away.

"Today was suppose to be a big day for me," he mumbled as he walked crossing the main road and stood in front of a building.

Then someone from up threw a bucket of water o him, he sighed and added, "Or not."

Sitting in a nearby small cafe, he ordered a doughnut and a cup of coffee for himself.

"Hi. Please can I get a newspaper?" he asked the waiter.

"Job...job..job..." Ashton was searching for the job vacancies in the newspaper.

"Bad luck.." he talked to himself.

After having breakfast, he was passing by the busiest areas of Chicago and his eyes got fixed on a large television store.

Many TV's were playing there, he just kept on staring them.

Then, the ad of jobs appeared on it.

"Job ad?" his eyes brightened and he saw it attentively.

"BB Corporations are now hiring people?" he read the title carefully.

"BB?" he raised his brow.

"What is that?" he talked to himself. Ashton went to the TV shop and asked the salesman about BB Corporation's address.

"You don't know about BB?" asked the salesman.

"Are you from Africa? Oh, and by the way, Africa knows about BB too." added the salesman.

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