9. Tattooed Girl.

Catching his breath, Ashton felt his stomach was tied in knots. 

Where did he go? Whose house did he break into? Oh and not to forget the saw a girl naked. 

Ashton was breathing heavily, when he saw the guard, he quickly walked towards him and said, "Let's go."

Down the road, he kept on thinking about the girl. Although he couldn't saw her face he saw her beautiful cream-coloured body wrapped in a towel, her long blonde hair.

Oh and the sexy tattoo on the backside of her neck. 

Later when he went to Jules and told her that he could not make it inside the house as it was locked.

"Locked? But the house is never locked." she shook her head. 

But he knew he was lying. He cannot lose a job for sneaking into someone else's room. For God sake, it was a naked girl he almost saw.

He won't be spared. Plus nobody will hire him if he will be kicked out of the BB Corporation.

"Well, alright. Let it be." Jules sighed lazily

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