Binded by Love

Binded by Love

By:  Michy Gaza  Updated just now
Language: English
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The very day she came back into her home country, she heard the most absurd news. "Your sister is getting married with Mr. Stephenson". "What did you say?" She couldn't believe it. At the engagement party, she was shocked to see her sister getting engaged to her fiancé. "Daniel, remember this, I dumped you! Did you hear that? I dumped you, not the other way round." ..... Who could have guessed that after being betrayed by her fiancé and sister and being labelled as a home wrecker, someone would still want to marry her? "Don't you want to get revenge on your fiancé for what he did?" Nathan Clemon asked Hilda. "What has that got to do with you?" She snapped back. "It has got everything to do with me. I am the only person who could help you achieve that whiles giving you the happiness that any woman would wish in this world."

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Quaimesha Durrett
Love this!!!! So many twists and turns... it's time for a happy ending, no?
2023-09-20 07:03:34
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Zis Dgoldz
Very interesting...
2023-08-19 14:08:18
user avatar
It's great so far!
2023-07-24 22:39:14
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Delinda Schumacher
314 chapters 7-19-23
2023-07-20 03:37:52
user avatar
Connie Addo
2023-06-26 19:04:50
758 Chapters
Chapter 1
Kotoka international airport was hustling and bustling with tourists going in and out of the airport. Hilda got of the plane slowly, as she breathe in the fresh air of the very country she had been out of for two years. She was in a fur coat which was rustling in the wind as she walked. With smiles on her face, she exited the airport.She hailed a taxi, told the driver to drop her off at the Stephenson Group. As she got off, she walked into the office with her luggage in tow.Upon arriving, the receptionist was shocked to see her. "Miss Hilda, you are back".Hilda replied with a calm tone "Yes, is Daniel in his office?"The receptionist was shocked then she said "He is already at the hotel where the engagement is supposed to take place.""Engagement?" Hilda asked."Yes, the engagement between Daniel and your sister."With a blank expression she asked. "My sister and Daniel?.... Which hotel?"The receptionist hesitated for a while for she thought she had said something wrong but after
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Chapter 2
Walking out of the hotel, tears started streaming down her face. Although she had been holding back the tears just now in the ballroom, she couldn't help but cry out uncontrollably.Her boyfriend for four years cheated on her. Hailing a taxi, she headed back to her apartment. She couldn't help herself as she cried in the taxi. The driver asked where she was off to. With tears and snot on her face, she told him.Arriving, she took out a wet tissue and wiped the tears and snort before getting down. Walking upstairs, she entered her apartment.As soon as she shut the door behind her, she sat on the floor and reminisced on how her relationship for the four years has been.The happy memories in the first two years, how Daniel showered her with love all those times and even when she was leaving for her studies, the pendant he had given to her that was suppose to take care of her till she was back.All this time she was away, Daniel had been calling her for the first six months, but from the
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Chapter 3
A while later, Stanley entered with Samuel. When he entered, Samuel complained. "What's going on? I just walked out after eight hours of operation and you asked me to rush here." Without replying him Nathan spoke coldly. "Check her out."Entering the bathroom, Samuel was shocked. Smiling he asked "Who is this? Since when did the indifferent and aloof CEO have a soft spot for ladies?"Arching an eyebrow, Nathan said indifferently, "Are you going to check on her or do you want me to make you?"Raising his hand to surrender Samuel said "Easy, easy. It was just a question. Let me check her out."Getting serious Samuel asked . "What happened? Seems like she was drugged and the dose is really high. As I just finished a surgery and rushed here without knowing what really you needed, I didn't bring any antidote for aphrodisia. Get me some ice first."Nodding his head, "Okay." Stanley then walked out.Bringing the bucket of ice, Stanley place it down.Samuel looked at Nathan before saying. "Sh
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Chapter 4
Looking exasperated, Hilda sneered. "What do you know?"At that very moment, a knock was heard. Calmly Nathan said. "Come in."Walking in Stanley brought a shopping bag. Handing it over to Nathan, "Sir, the dress you requested for."Taking the bag, Nathan handed it to Hilda. "Your dress. You can get changed now."With the bag in her hand, she entered the bathroom.After some time she came out. Noticing that the dress fit her perfectly Nathan smiled.Looking at him who was smiling, she berated. "What's funny?"Shaking his head, he said nothing.Taking her bag she looked at the man and said. "About what happened last night... erm I am grateful but can we act like nothing happened. We are adults after all."Looking at her with a smile on his face he nodded. "Sure, but I want to help you."Noticing the look of confusion on her face he continued. "Don't you want to take revenge? I can help you.""Why would you want to help me?" Hilda asked."Because I want you to be my woman."Dumbfounded
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Chapter 5
Looking at Carmen who looked pitiful, Daniel couldn't bring himself to hit Hilda and then he slowly placed his hand down.Looking at Hilda, he was at a loss of words. "You why..."Carmen looked at Hilda and said helplessly. "Sis, I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you but you know Daniel and I really love each other. Why don't you just let it go."Listening to what Carmen was saying Hilda snorted. "I've already blessed you so I don't care about him anymore. As you can see I just came back from town and I'm really tired I want to rest you can leave now." "But sis, we came to check on you we were really worried.""Enough Carmen. I don't want to see any of you."Looking at Hilda in confusion Daniel asked. "Can't we just break up peacefully? Do you have to leave such a bad impression?"Feeling a tinge of pain in her heart Hilda teared up. Looking at the man who she had loved for the past four years, she wasn't expecting him to say that.Trying her best to hold back her tears she glar
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Chapter 6
At the hospital.Getting out of the car, Nathan decided to carry her again. Sensing what he wanted to do, Hilda backed away saying, "I can walk don't worry." Shaking his head, he watched as she limped into the hospital.In the hospital, Hilda was taken into a ward to be taken care of. Taking this chance, Stanley moved over to Nathan and said. "Sir, about the meeting with the clients from America, they are already waiting for you."With a cold glare he said coldly with a deep meaning "You seem to be regressing Stanley." Ignoring him, he walked into the ward. Noticing him, the doctors bowed respectfully and explained her condition to him."Mr. Nathan, it is nothing serious. She seemed to have sprained her ankle but she is going to be okay after some few days of treatment."Nodding his head, the doctors walked out.Looking at Hilda meaningfully, he said sarcastically. "You can't wait to be my woman so you throw yourself at my car to get my attention, no?"Angrily, Hilda snorted. "Me? Wh
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Chapter 7
Smiling Nathan said. "You are getting discharged." "Oh okay. Thank you.""My pleasure." Nathan replied looking at Hilda with a smile. Hilda frowned looking at the smile which seems to come with an irresistible charm. For some reasons, she doesn't like him behaving like this around her.Looking at her who was packing up to leave he stated. "I would be waiting for you downstairs."She hurriedly rejected him saying. "I don't want to trouble you Mr. Nathan so I will hail a ride back myself.""You seem to dislike me Miss Adams. Is it that you got a thing for me?" Nathan arched his eyebrow.Feeling annoyed with his way of thinking. "Don't take this the wrong way Mr. Nathan. I just think we should maintain some distance since we are not related. You seem to be very busy, so I won't be bothering you. Good day."Hilda was about to move out of the ward when Nathan grabbed her hand.Nathan squinted, feeling delighted when he saw her blush from anger. "I'm not busy. I would send you back. Beside
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Chapter 8
Shaking her head, she thought there must be something wrong with him. "What kind of woman was I? Huh? The kind that was meek and docile. The submissive and kind woman who listens to all your orders? The one who calls you 'master' and follows you around like a dog following it's master? You sent me away to further my education since you said my skills would be needed by the company. It was all a plan right? A scheme for you to hook up with my sister when I was away. What happened to us facing trials and tribulations together? Carmen took care of you when I was away so that's fine for you to hook up with her hah."Daniel chipped in. "Do you know what you are saying? How can you think about your sister and I like that? Carmen and I love each other. We fell in love with eac...""That's enough Daniel. I get it. You and Carmen are in love. Just don't keep on saying it. I understand. I won't want to completely crush and ruin the last bit of good impression left if I were you. You disgust me.
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Chapter 9
Running out, she run as far as she can with her tears still streaming down her face. Arriving at a desolated corner, she sat on the floor with her head in between her knees as she cried.Nathan was driving by him self after a hard day's work when he spotted a tiny little figure sitting on the ground with head buried in her knees. Taking a look, he looked away indifferently as he didn't care. Buh a moment later he felt the person looked familiar. Stepping on the brakes, he stopped the car at the opposite side of the street. Getting out he walked to the other side. Looking at her with head buried between her knees, He felt an inexplicable sadness within him. "Miss Hilda, are you okay?"Raising her head to look at him who was staring at her with a caring gaze, Hilda couldn't help but cry again. Getting up, she hugged him and cried desperately."Looking at her who was hugging him and crying as if she lost everything, he felt his heart tighten. Patting her back, he said to her. "Don't wor
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Chapter 10
Looking at the details, he frowned. Pushing it aside, he busied himself with work.Nathan finally packed up his work when it was past midnight. He stood on the balcony gazing at the sky. It was deep into the night and his residence was engulfed by complete darkness. His sharp bright eyes looked brighter than usual under the night sky.He passed by the master's bedroom and entered. Hilda was still sleeping peacefully but he decided to watch over her lest her fever became serious overnight.As he stood by the bedside gazing down on Hilda, He noticed her initial scarlet face had now returned to normal. She was looking exquisite.Nathan could tell at first glance that Hilda was a real beauty but he didn't expect her to look this good.With a smile, he pulled the blanket over her with his slender fingers. She looked rather unruly when she slept as her usual demeanor was different. It was too warm for her as she gave the blanket a kick when she felt it revealing her bare shoulders.At that
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