Key Note from Author to readers

*Author’s Note*

Dear readers,

Before you go ahead and read this story, I thought it wise to leave a note concerning a couple of “needs to know” for your comfort. So here they are:

(a) The structure of the book:

The book is structured accordingly – a Prologue, a central part (Chapters 1-35) and an Epilogue.

(b) Chronology of the book

The book is told in an Achronological manner. The chapters will alternate between past and present-day events. All the unevenly numbered chapters, that is Chapters 1,3,5, and so on will include present-day events. These chapters revolve around the moment Gregory Stevens went missing and Erik’s investigation into his disappearance.

On the other hand, all even numbered chapters, that is chapters 2,4,6,8 and so on will include past-day events (these are events that are 'flashbacks'). These chapters revolve around the first instance Gregory arrives at Blackwood. His first encounter with Erik and the evolution of their relationship. It also gives readers insight to Erick's incorporation into hacking by Gregory.


Although the novel has one storyline, it is told on two-time spans: the disappearance of Gregory (the present) and the friendship between him and Erik, and Erik's incorporation as a hacker (the past)

(c) Speaker(s) of the Story

The story includes two types of narrators or speakers.

~A first-person narrator: Erik Wilson. He is at the helm of the story and for the central part of the book, it will be his voice that speaks throughout Chapters 1-35.

~A third-person narrator. This speaker will appear only in the Prologue and Epilogue of the book.

Other than that. I do hope that there might be some readers who might be interested in giving other genres a chance. My book will interestingly revolve around hacking. There was no tag for 'computers' or 'Hacking' per se. So I do hope that there will be an audience that will give my YA/Teen novel a chance.

Much LOVE! And Thank you all for your prospective support.

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