Born Again To Save Myself

Born Again To Save Myself

By:  Imasha  Completed
Language: English
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Noah, the rich young master had the best looks everyone admired. However, he didn't care about that. He lived like a mess which was a waste of everything he had received so far. His life was neither particularly bad nor particularly perfect. He just let his life flow as things occurred. He didn't love himself. That's the truth! That's why he was killed by his partner. Without any concerns, he got together with a man named William. And ended up getting sacrificed for his greed. Yet, he got another chance. Realizing, he was reborn, he didn't want to live that same tasteless life anymore. As a new start, he decided to study abroad. While he was there, he met the boy named Michel who ended up stealing his heart. For his heart which had no place for love and trust, Michel was the antidote. Regardless, there was no end to the strange things which kept happening to them from time to time. Experiencing a lot of things other people would never be able to, they finally found their happiness. Two souls that carried their regrets over two lifetimes, finally found their peace.

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54 Chapters
Regretful Last Moment
"I will not let go of this", A young man in his 24s was on a bed naked. His body was full of bite marks which seemed to be like he got abused. Tears kept falling from his cheeks. His eyes, which were full of tears, showed that he had a lot of regrets. In front of him, there were more than five men who looked the same age and younger than him with fierce looks. All of them were looking at the pitiful young man on the bed who was near to die."You are already married to me. So I can do anything I want. You have to accept all, I give you since you are my wife." A man with a well-built body and a handsome face who was among them said and came near to him. "I never asked you to marry me. It's you who planned all of this." He said while looking at the person who kept coming toward him."Yeah, you got it right. It's me. But it's too late now. As I wished, your family must have already gone to heaven now. So all of these are mine now. Oh! Don't you think that if you are also with them, they
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Lost Family Was Back!
"Ah! Did you miss me that much? I only left for two days." She said while laughing."Ah!?"He let go of the girl in surprise. He didn't confirm what happened to him. But now his sister was so normal. He looked at her from head to toes. He felt like she was just similar when she was learning to manage the business of the family."Sis, How old are you?" He asked that question so stupidly. He didn't even think that she would be surprised when he asked like that. "What? You- Are you okay? Why are you behaving strangely?" She asked while putting her hand on his forehead as if she was going to check whether he has a fever. But Noah was so serious at that moment. He caught her hand and looked at her seriously."Ah... I am 28 this year, you moron" She said after seeing his kinda cold look. She was the oldest child in his family. She was his second mom for Noah. But she died before them when she was 30 years old and when Noah was 21 years old.'How is that possible? That means I should be in
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The Mudereres
Noah took some time to memorise everything that happened before, even though he didn't want to. He could never forget them. He remembered everything without missing a single thing. Thinking about it made him want to kill that guy more. But soon he felt uncomfortable about thinking again about them. So he decided to take some rest and then feel his young life happiness with his family first.He went to the bed to take a nap. But it was filled with William's fragrance. Noah was disgusted by everything about him. Noah and William have been sleeping together like that for more than a month. It was a stupid idea for developing their relationship. After they spent their nights together eventually both of them interacted together. In the end, Noah agreed and then married William.Then Noah loved everything about William. But now things are different. He knew the true self of William. So he couldn't love him anymore. He was too bored to change the bed sheets. So he just went to the room nex
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Rely On Myself
Noah was in a daze thinking about his life with disappointment. He couldn't hear anything. He was like a crazy man. His hair was messed up. His clothes were messed up. He was totally a mess. All the way, he was still holding his brother's dead body while crying so pitifully. Then suddenly someone grabbed him from his hair, shocking him."Ah!" He shouted in pain."Of course, you can. But don't kill him. I know how wild you are. So leave him to me after you are done, I want to kill him myself." William said and pushed Noah toward Clark. He looked at the boy who was so weak and relied on him to stand. He raised the boy effortlessly and went upstairs into Noah's room.Clark threw him to the bed. Then he started to remove his clothes. When he was done unclothing himself he moved to Noah and tried to take off his clothes. But Noah was still in his right mind. So he tried to run away from Clark since he understood what was gonna happen to him."Don't run. You can't escape. Just stay still."
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Cancel The Engagement
Noah came out of his brother's room. He went to his room and cleaned the whole place. After he was done cleaning, there were no traces of William left in his room. He was satisfied with that. Then Noah washed up and went to the dining room since it was time for breakfast.William had been staying there for more than a month. But he never stayed with them to have breakfast. So Noah's family was quite unimpressed with him. In the past, Noah always saved William's face for him. But now he didn't want to do that. When he arrived in the dining room, all the members were there. His eldest brother, Bruce who was the only one Noah saw, when they died was also there. Even though Noah met him in the morning, he was sad now because he saw everything again a few moments ago. Bruce was helping his father with his businesses when he was 27 years old, which means now. But in the past time, he died when he was the manager of their company.Bruce was talking with Lia who was his other sister. Noah ha
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Act Cool
Noah's dad, David sent an email to William's dad telling him Noah's idea about this marriage. He sent that the next moment, he finished his breakfast. Noah's confession about William made the entire family furious. They were kinda surprised too. Because he was completely unusual at that moment unlike before.Noah never raised his voice, never talked at the breakfast table, never rejected anything his dad asked and also never complained about anyone.So when he complained with a little angry tone, his dad admitted guilt about his decisions. He always made decisions for Noah. He never asked Noah's opinion, since he never answered him. So from this, David finally understood something.'My son has grown up' That was kinda correct though. Even though Noah had a 19 years old body, his mind was already in 24s. Because of William, 24-year-old Noah was different from 19-year-old Noah. When Noah got married to William, he asked Noah to do a lot of things. Learn to fight, Learn to cook, Learn
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Cute Mowan
Noah and his family got an invitation to a special party from the Moklan family. The Moklan family was the second richest family in the city after Noah's Rekbosan family. Getting invited to every special event in their city was something usual for Noah. Even when he got married before, he still had to attend a lot of parties and other things. The Moklan family had three heirs for their properties. The upcoming party was for the marriage engagement of the eldest child, Mason. He and Noah were the same age. So they were somewhat close friends too. Because of that Noah couldn't miss his friend's engagement party. So he had to attend the party."Noah, I heard our little cousin is coming today. He is also gonna go to the party with us." Noah was helping Lily to arrange her room because she asked for help. But when he heard about his little cousin, he stopped what he was doing and looked at her."When? Mom didn't even tell me." Noah was calm, but Lily knew it was just an act.Noah's littl
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Who Dares To His Mowan
"I am fine, thank you," Noah said and turned to his parents expecting them to help him to get rid of this sticking gum, William.In his last life also, he attended this party with William, not with his family. So he felt a little unfamiliar with the scenes that appeared in front of him. They were different from his last life. Noah was kinda confused though."Noah! I thought you wouldn't come" There was a person called Noah and he came back to reality again. Everyone looked at the way the voice came from. There was a young man who was in a white colour suit coming toward them. He had blue eyes that could attract much attention. He was a handsome man."Mason! Why did you think like that? I will come for my friend's engagement party for sure," Noah said while shaking hands with him. It was Mason, who was the main character of this party."Yeah, I know... You will not miss my party. Why are you still here? Aunty, Uncle, come with me." He guided them to a table while ignoring William who w
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Abondone The Whole Family
It turned out to be the person who hit Mowan was William. William was shocked by seeing Noah. He had never seen him like that. So he was speechless for a moment."William! Why did you do that?" Lily asked William."I- I didn't want to. It's just happened-" He didn't speak anymore. Everyone in the hall was watching William. They blamed William in their minds for causing trouble. At that time Mason and Chris also came to watch what was going on. Even though it was Mason's party, he didn't even bother to stop Noah. It was not only because it's his place but also because he respected Noah's family."Mowan, Why did he hit you?" Noah turned to Mowan who was hiding behind him. "He asked me to bring you, I rejected so he hit me" Even though Mowan was a little boy, he was an intelligent boy. He explained everything a little loudly, so everyone could hear it. "No, It's a lie!" William denied it."William, You did something wrong. Don't you want to apologize?" Lily asked." I- " He panicked a
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Revenge Completed
Noah made everyone speechless. William's mom accepted she talked wrong and had no choice but to leave the party out of shame. William was the one who had the hardest time. The party's main topic became him. He also left there with his mom."Noah, Are you okay?" Sheli asked Noah who was red due to anger."I am fine, mom. I am sorry. I-" Noah wanted to apologize for ruining the party, but he had no words to explain them for an unknown reason.He looked at everyone who was watching him with kinda frightened eyes."Noah, Are you okay? You don't have to care about things like this. Just enjoy the party, okay?" Surprisingly, Mason didn't say anything and eventually, he made the atmosphere as it was before. Noah apologized and went out to relax. He was so satisfied with what happened before. Things were different from his last life.'If I and William became strangers then I think I could change everything.' Noah thought to himself and sat down on a bench outside the party hall. His mind was
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