Bound To King

Bound To King

By:  Regard Awe  Ongoing
Language: English
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“I would rather be alone tonight.” I wasn’t prepared to sleep with this man. He had first taken my first kiss and now he wanted all of my body before the day was over. “People don’t tell me no Emily.” His hand caressed my cheeks down to my neck before hovering over my cleavage. “I say want I want and they go ahead and do it.” “What if they say no?” I asked, breathless. His fingers were bringing reactions I couldn’t name, shutting my brain down, his fingers left my windpipe but I felt breathless. It seemed like his fingers became bolder with each breath I took. I didn’t know what his arms were doing behind my back till I felt my gown fall loose. “They never say no,” he repeated, sealing his words with a kiss behind my ears, drawing another gasp from my throat.

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42 Chapters
A Desperate girl.
ALEXANDRO'S POV“I do not need a wife.” I barked at my brother over the phone, not caring that people were staring at me or I was in a hospital. No one dared complain, I had bought the hospital along with every damn staff in it the day before.“You do not actually, but if you want to lias with the old man, you need a woman you’re legally bound to standing beside you. It’s the rules.” Ian replied over the phone. “Besides, marriage is not so bad a thing,” Ian concluded. The man believed in love.“I think you just got lucky. I’d see what I can do to get the old man’s attention.” With that, I hung up.I didn’t need a woman giving me a headache, women meant too much trouble and I just wasn’t interested. They had no value beyond sexual pleasure, and I didn’t need to marry one before getting that, another thing was the legal right she would have if she decided to leave.“Please, please, give me a month, just a month, and I’ll pay up, just please take care of my dad, please, I beg of you.” A
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A Contract
He sat opposite me with a no-nonsense look on his face. He had looked romantic in black earlier but now he looked totally like the Grim Reaper.“So? What do you think?” He asked. We were in his house. It was a big mansion with maids running around like scared rabbits, he sat like he knew he had everyone’s lives wrapped around his fingers. Little did I know I was about to be one of them.“Why? I’ve never met you before.” I was sure it wasn’t because of my mesmerizing beauty because I had none. I looked like a homeless kid, which I was.“I’ve seen you three times before now and I think you’re perfect. Sorry about your father and the job you lost.” He wasn’t sorry, he just wanted me to know how much he knew about me. There was no empathy in his voice.“How… how did you know about my father?” I should feel my face turn white with shock.“Doesn’t matter. Here’s the deal, I’ll take care of your dad, take him to a more private unit where he would be well taken care of, and you’ll have a home
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Married to a man in the outfit
I got married in a black dress.It was at that wedding I knew my husband wasn’t an ordinary man. We got married in a hotel I found out he owned. It wasn’t a regular wedding although a vicar was called to join us together. The press came in swarms and every breath I took was caught on camera. The only people that looked normal were a man I found out was Alexandro's brother, Ian, and his wife Hannah.“One minute Xandro is against getting married, the other minute he’s having a wedding. Who are you?” Ian asked me when the wedding was over, although I had heard there was a separate part at night.He was the one who gave me away, he looked curious, but I didn’t see a look of disapproval on his face.“We met last year, at NYU.” I began to reply as Alexandro had said I should but joined in and interrupted.“We don’t need to lie to me, brother,” Alexandro said smiling, he looked at his brother around. Today he looked very handsome, his dark hair had been perfectly styled, making his dark eyes
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The perfect first impression
ALEXANDRO Everyone cleared the way for her to come in, the path led her to me. It was either move or be moved.She hadn’t taken off her wedding gown but for some reason, more cleavage was being revealed.The gown was the reason all the women moved out of the way, it took so much space. Because it was night, the diamonds she wore on her neck and ears glittered.She stopped right in front of me, “Hi.” She muttered.Because everyone was watching, I stood up and wrapped my arms around her, she cooperated and didn’t jump in surprise or flinch, instead, I saw how she couldn’t stop batting her lashes. It was cute.“Did anyone not notice they didn’t kiss at the wedding?” A woman named Portia interrupted. She had a small body but was one of the women I respected in the outfit, the deadly kind.“Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!” They all began chanting.A gentleman would have asked for permission before kissing a woman whom he hadn’t talked about physical intimacy with, but I wasn’t a gentleman, so I wrapped
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Attracted to my husband
EMILYHis hands were around my neck, and the pressure was tight enough to suck the air out of my lung, restricting airflow but my heart was thundering in my chest for a different reason altogether.He was so close, his hands on my chest, my breasts swelled underneath my clothes while my nipples tightened.“I’m sorry.” I pleaded I was losing more air by the minute and my eyes had begun to water.“Why are you sorry? First, you must know your offense, then you can know your punishments, Apologies do not cut it.”“What are my offenses.” I struggled to say, it seemed like he didn’t know how much pressure he was applying.“Why didn’t you tell me we had met before?” He asked. I didn't understand at first but when he tightened his grip on my neck, the memory came flooding back. oh, NYU“We haven’t, I only saw you.” I realized it had been him today, as I walked towards him on the aisle. He looked as dashing as he had that day. I had been waiting tables and thought he was the most handsome man
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A lot to learn.
I woke up to find my husband gone. I was sure he had come back during the night but he was gone now. I couldn’t believe I had gotten married yesterday. I wondered what my life was going to be like now. I had only thought about my dad and was extremely grateful that my dad was fine. There was more hope for him now. I would hope as much as I could that he would be fine. That he would wake up. I wouldn’t be alone anymore. I looked around to observe the luxury of my hotel room. It was my first time being in a hotel. I could never have afforded anything so luxurious. The bed was soft and so comfy, I slept so easily last night. The air freshener released a brilliant scent in the air. The AC was active now but I remembered the night had not been cold. It was cold now. After observing round I found out there was a heater as well as a conditioner. I couldn’t explain how the room was in the perfect temperature for me to sleep but it was awesome. I would drop a review on the hotel if I could.
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A bride for show
My hands trembled as I lifted it to unlock the door. I had sincerely hoped I wouldn’t see him for a while, all he needed was a wife and he already married me, I had expected just to be the woman in the picture. He could keep his other women which I was sure he had and left me alone, I would rather spend all my time with my father, maybe if I talked to him, one day he would hear my voice and open his eyes. My hope for friendship between Alexandro Kind and I didn’t make it past my wedding night. Just one kiss from him had made me realize there was something about being touched by this man that wouldn’t make one remain the same. I was sure women threw themselves at him all the time. I could bet women begged him for sex, and that was why I was sure he would never look my way for sex. Besides, I wasn’t as sexy as the other women he would have in his life. I never had time to take care of my body like they did. But the look on his face for a second when the door opened said otherwise. It
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First meal with King.
I’ve covered a lot of things in my life, I’ve hoped for a living mother, and a healthy father, and I’ve wished for a bulkier bank account but never had I dared to hope for a man. I never hoped for a touch of comfort, I never dared to hope for someone to look at me with such eyes as Alexandro King was looking at me now. How could I hide these feelings his lips were doing to me with my finger in his mouth when I had never analyzed the feelings in my mind? I took a deep breath of relief when he finally let go of my bleeding finger. His mouth must have worked some magic on it because it had stopped bleeding, he held my four fingers and placed a kiss on them before finally letting them go. “I’m hungry,” I whispered, I just hoped we would eat and I could go back to the hotel room. I hoped to leave the hotel soon too, I didn’t like how I was always watched here, and Alexandro King wouldn’t always have to be like this if we were back home. “I’ve already ordered something. It’ll be here in
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King's sexy little wife.
ALEXANDRO KING Her lips trembled slightly as my fingers brushed against them slightly but that was not what got me hard. It was the soft moan that escaped her when the starter melted against her tongue that woke my dick. It was how her eyelid slowly slid shut and the soft air that escaped her lips as the fruits melted in her mouth. My pants tightened uncomfortably when her eyes opened again. Those purple irises were totally coated in pleasure, and I could feel all her uneasiness sweep away as she gave the food all her concentration, oblivious of how every movement she madecaught my attention. She sighed a lot, constantly taking deep breaths, whenever she was uncomfortable, she sighed, nervous, she sighed. Now I knew she moaned too. I wondered if it would be the same sound that she’ll make she was beneath me with my dick totally inside her. Those eyes, I wanted them to darken with pleasure again but one I had ignited with my hands. I could guess she had very responsive skin. What h
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Her very first punishment.
I didn’t have to signal anyone that I was done eating, my staff knew well enough what kind of man I was. We walked side by side, my hands still holding hers, she had seemed uncomfortable with my touch earlier but now I could see she didn’t mind. She would be easy to train. I was surprised she walked very steadily on heels; I had expected her to hand on me with every step she took instead she walked confidently in it. “I wouldn’t have guessed you were good in heels.” I voiced my thoughts. She looked at her legs like she had forgotten she was wearing heels. “Oh, the shoes. I didn’t know I could wear them so easily, but they are steady and comfortable, I think it’s because it was expensive. Original stuff.” She said smiling, obviously proud of herself. Displeasure coated my stomach. I intended to break her, to make her able to rely on nothing but me, not to be confident in herself or even proud of herself. The opportunity to correct that came when she was distracted by some kids com
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