The Wicked Soul

Clara look at the Clinic's name and smile then get down from the car and goes straight to see one of there doctors, she gets to meet the doctor that will be attending to Leo and Alice and she offers him 50million if he can give her Alice child.

The doctor first refuses but when he sees that Clara was about to turn and leave then he stop her and agreed with the deal, Clara texted Mr. Andrew Leo's house address after the child was given to her.

Clara called Rita and told her that she heard Alice was in Loft Clinic guess she should go and visit her. Whilst Leo went home to go and get some things for Alice, he met his door opened and that amazed him. 

Leo sneaks inside careful but Mr. Andrew grabs him from behind and strangled him to death then makes it look like he committed suicide himself. Mr. Andrew called Clara and told her she was so happy.

Because of her plans are working. When Rita got to the clinic, they were preparing to take Alice to the psychiatr

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