A visit to his house

Chapter 37

A few days later

Charity POV

"You look perfect," Enny gushed over my look, and even I knew that I looked different today. The long red pretty gown adorned with stones fitted me perfectly like it was tailored for me alone. I had no idea Enny was a stylist until today, and I must confess that she is really good at what she does. She did quite a perfect job on my hair and my make-up too. Mason called me yesterday that he was going to pick me up today being Saturday so we could go see his Mom. More like his Mom invited me over. Gosh! I'm so nervous.

"Is this really necessary, Enny? Not that we are doing a real thing, anyway," I rolled my eyes when she added more makeup to my face, but she scoffed.

"You should make this real. That is the deal. Remember you are not going there as a high schooler, so you need to look your best as the working-class lady that you are," She reminded me, emphasizing the working class, but I rolled my eyes.

"Whatever," I scoffed.

"Gosh! Just look at y
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