Started a new school

Chapter 2

Charity POV

The sound of my blaring alarm woke me from my deep slumber, and I tossed on the bed while still having my eyes half-closed. My whole body ached, and the thought of resuming a new school today made it even worse. Why the hell do I have to go to school when I could just stay in bed and sleep all day? Well, the answer is that nobody will stop me even if I decided to stop going to school, but what about my mom that had that as her last wish before she breathed her last? Well, that was the only reason I have been keeping up with this shitty stuff, even if it was never what I wanted.

I pushed my thoughts away as I finally dragged myself from the bed, walking sluggishly into the bathroom afterward.

My name is Charity Coleman, eighteen years old highschool girl, turning nineteen in a few months. 

As bad as it is, I lost my mom when I just turned fifteen, and life has been harsh on me since then. I wasn’t really expecting less, anyway. I mean, for someone who didn’t have a family, that was really supposed to be my fate. Don’t even ask about my father, because he is not someone you want to hear about, trust me.

I was expelled from my former school before I left New York, and here I am in LA, going to high school soon to round up my remaining year in highschool since I couldn't do that back in New York. Mind you, I got a scholarship to go to my new school after I took the entrance exam, and came out with the best result of the year. I know you have many questions to ask, which may not be limited to knowing how come I’m staying here without a family, and maybe what happened that led me to leave the school, but I’m not going to say the latter, because it’s really crazy.

About how I’m here… after I was expelled from school, my aunt who was supposed to be the only family I have, sent me here to stay with her friend and finish high school here, since none of the schools in the city was ready to admit Charity into their school. Well, that is how bad it was. I created quite a bad reputation back in New York, and it’s not that I have changed now, anyway. I won't ever change. I got into trouble with my aunt’s friend, and I had to move out to stay on my own. It was hard, but I have been living fine with the grace of the Almighty God.

After I was done with everything, I wore my school uniform which were black suit and white inner shirt with tie knotted around my neck. The best thing I loved about the school was the fact that female students could choose whether to wear suit like the male students, or wear short skirts and shirt like the female students. Well, I wasn't pleased with the skirt and shirt, so I decided to settle for suit. I finally left for school in a public cab.

The ride to the school took pretty much time, but I still didn’t arrive late, regardless. As I stood in front of the gate minutes later, I held my backpack tightly and took a deep breath before I finally walked past the gate. Denver’s high school was one of the best schools in LA, owned by the famous businessman, Denver Hills. I didn’t believe he owns the entire school, but I think he has the largest share, if you ask for my opinion. It was still like a dream to me how I got a scholarship to study here, but I guess my brain really helped me out. I may be a bit complicated, but trust me, I’m really brilliant, and this isn't bragging.

“Who is that?”

“I think she is a new student. She is so dirty,”

“Ew! She reeks of poverty,”

“Gosh! Look at her sneakers. They are so dirty. I feel like puking,” I heard some of the students talking as I walked down the hallway, but I maintained a straight face, assuming they were not talking to me. I heard they are bullies here, but they would only be making the biggest mistake if they try to do shit with me.

“Hey, scholarship student!” A masculine voice suddenly called me, but I wouldn’t have stopped if not for the fact that nobody knew my name here, but trust me, if anybody try to bring out the demon in me here today, I will make sure they remember my name and my face for as long as they breathe.

I heard thick footsteps behind me, and before I could turn to look at who called me, a bowl of water poured on my body, followed by a bucket of flour, accompanied by their loud raging laughter. I shut my eyes and stood frozen on the spot. The world seemed to freeze for seconds. I felt my blood boiling in rage, I knew that by now my eyes would be blazing with anger. My body trembled, not in fear, but anger and pity for them, because they definitely messed with the wrong person.

“Who did that?” I asked calmly once I open my eyes as if they will answer me.

“Who do you think you are? Coming to this school when you are nothing, but a lowlife classless bitch that couldn’t even afford tuition fees if not for a scholarship,” One of the girls uttered, and the rest of them chuckled softly.

Slowly, I clenched my fingers into a tight fist, and the urge to punch them hard in the face surges through me, but realizing that it was just my first day here, I knew I had to be calm. There was still so much time to teach them a lesson later, so there was no need to be in a rush to show them my true color.

“Just let them go for today, Charity. You can have your revenge later,” I whispered to myself, and I finally was able to calm myself.

“You don’t belong here! You should leave before we force you to,”

“We don’t roll with classless people here, just leave and never show your face here,” I watched as they all threw insults at me, but that will only last for today. Starting from tomorrow, I will make sure no one say those trash to me again.

I turned wordlessly and walked away, not sparing them another glance even as they kept throwing insults at me…

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