Talk back at Chase

Chapter 3

Charity POV

Denver’s high school has to be the worst school I’ve ever known of. The strong bullies the weak, and the crazy thing is the teachers never say shit about it, and it was really driving me nuts. What the hell are they scared of? That they will be sacked if they talk? Why the hell were they employed in the first place if not to teach and discipline the kids?

“Life is always unfair to the poor, Charity. Don’t think about it,” My subconscious mind reminded me, and I sighed briefly as I shook my head. Again, I was ready to go to school, not as the girl they bullied yesterday, but as the real Charity that I am.

Just like yesterday, I boarded a cab to the school since I didn't have a car like most of the students in the school. Since it’s a wealthy school, I wasn’t surprised to have found most of the students using cars.

“Thank you,” I said to the cabby once he dropped me in front of the school gate before I walked inside. The school compound, unlike yesterday, that students were roaming about, I couldn't spot any of the students outside as I walked inside.

“Where is everyone?” I mumbled as I proceeded toward the hallway, asking myself if the class already started, but on second thought, I knew it was still early, and the class mustn't have started by now.

I hastened my steps toward the hallway, but I stopped on my track once I got to the hallway, and an unbelievable sight welcomed me. The students were all gathered around someone while screaming and taking videos of whatever was happening there. Goodness! Is this supposed to be a school or a marketplace?

“I gave you three days to quit coming to school, but you chose to disobey me. I guess you were ready for this, yeah?” I finally was able to scheme my way to the front, and now that I could get a glimpse of the ugly situation, my mouth dropped open in shock at the sight that welcomed me. A young tall and thick dark-haired dude was hovering over an innocent half-naked girl that was sitting on the ground with tears in her eyes.

“Holy shit!” I whispered as my eyes narrowed in shock.

“I told you this place is not for you. You don’t belong here, why the hell were you hesitating to leave?” The crazy guy uttered for the second time with rage in his voice, while the girl just cried her eyes out.

“I’m sorry… I didn’t have anywhere to go. My sick mom can't afford to send me to school until I got the scholarship. Please don’t do this to me…” The girl pleaded as she went on her knees, but this time, I couldn't help but butt my ass in. I knew it had nothing to do with me, but soon, it’ll be my turn since I got into the school the same way she did. Anyway, nobody could ever try that shit with me.

“What do you think you are doing?” I yelled at the top of my voice as I stepped out boldly, and the guy finally turned to face me once he was on his feet. Now that I got to see his face, I quickly recognized him to be one of the notorious groups in the school that called themselves The K5, The five kings of Denver's High school. They were five in number, and the most toxic bullies in the school. Don’t ask me how I knew them. Of course, I have made my research before I came here, and I quite know some of the famous students here. They were; Chase Denver, Jaxson Wyatt, Carl Hudson, Knoxville Brooklyn, and Tristan Stone.

“And who might you be, bitch?” Jaxson, the second leader and the one that was bullying the girl asked as he stared at me from my head to my toes with a look on his face I should call disgust, but trust me, it can't possibly be me he is giving that expression to.

“Does it matter who I am? You shouldn’t be doing this, it’s wrong,” I finally walked over to shield the girl, blocking them from taking videos of her anymore.

“You won't want to call me that again, I promise,” I said to him, and he scoffed.

“Who is that smelling thing that is causing trouble there?” I raised my gaze to find the leader of the group, Chase, walking toward us with his hands tucked inside his pockets. His green eyes were boring into mine as he stood in front of me. Now that I took a closer look at him, he was having blonde hair, thick eyebrows, long eyelashes, and a chiseled face. Chase was said to be the most toxic among the other group members, and he was feared the most. I heard a student would be expelled with just the snap of his fingers, and did I forget to add that he's been in school for twelve years according to the rumors I heard? What were you expecting from the son of the owner of the school?

Now that I noticed, I realized that he was not alone, but with the other members as well.

“She is the new scholarship student…”

“Scholarship student? Wow! We have another trash in the school?” I watched as he threw his head back, biting his bottom lip.

“Were you told this place is not for you? We don’t harbor trash here, why don’t you leave the school before I force you to?” The Chase guy uttered as he leaned forward and smirked at me.

I glared hard at him, my blood was boiling in anger, and I could feel my heart beating fast, I felt like pouncing on him and beating the hell out of him, but for some reason I couldn't explain, I decided to keep mute and just watch him say those trashes to me. Something is just not right, or maybe I was scared of being expelled. Of course, getting expelled wasn’t the problem, but being admitted into another school was.

“I am talking to you, how dare you stare at me like that?” He yelled at me angrily, grabbing the collar of my suit and pushing me roughly against the wall, while I just stared at him wordlessly.

“Say something, bitch! I hate it when someone keep mute on me. I’m talking to you. Say something!” He yelled for the second time, his eyes preying on me, but I just watched him display his madness.

“You should get used to it, else you might end up losing your mind. I don’t waste my time arguing with mentally deranged people. If you want, I can book a session for you with my therapist…” I paused to observe his expression, and as expected, his eyes widened. Just the expression I wanted to see so badly.

“If you are thinking about the money, I will take care of it. It’s going to be free. Don’t try to get on my nerves… you won't like to see the other side of me,” I heard everyone gasp sharply.

“You…” he wanted to yell at me, but I turned from him and helped the girl up to her feet, leading her away afterward. I didn’t know my way around here, and I probably didn't know where the hell we were going, but I knew she really needed to leave here to a place she would be safe.

“What the hell just happened?”

“Did she just talk to Chase like that?”

“Wow! She just dug her early grave,” I heard whispers as I walked the girl away, but I didn’t even stop to look at them…

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