CEO Leo’s Baby Mama Is Back

CEO Leo’s Baby Mama Is Back

By:  Ebunoluwa Ademide  Completed
Language: English
9 ratings
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CEO LEO’S BABY MAMA IS BACK! (Mommy, please forgive daddy) “Why would I accept the claim of a child that I am sure you don’t even know who the father is. That child ain’t mine.” ~ Darby Miller, labeled a jinx and not loved by her parents. She tried to find love in the arms of any one who cared to see her pain. Until a truth and dare game resulted into a night of passion and that changed her life forever. After ending up pregnant and left on her own, Darby Miller swore to never have anything to do with Leo Robin ever again. He denied their child which means he has lost every right as a father. Years later, she became a charming single mother as well as a successful business woman. Unexpectedly, he is back into her life again. And this time, Leo would do everything to prove that he deserves her forgiveness. Will he be able to untangle the misunderstanding from years ago? Does he stand a chance to prove with actions that he can be a loyal husband and a loving dad?

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Hellen Haacke Alee
Great story!
2023-09-07 10:44:23
user avatar
Sanya Oluwaseun Mayowa
To the writer, the sky is just your starting point and I'm so proud of your growth. I love you, boo...
2023-08-17 17:26:59
user avatar
this is good story. thank your author. the ending was was good. great writing
2023-08-13 20:58:06
user avatar
Derena Marie
35 chapter 7/12
2023-07-13 08:15:15
default avatar
Sanya Oluwaseun Mayowa
The beginning is enough to make one want to finish it. ......
2023-06-29 19:34:14
user avatar
M.E Julie
first few chapters got me hooked...more chapters please?
2023-06-29 19:23:01
user avatar
Aseoluwa Moronfolu
very interesting book really can't wait to finish it ...
2023-06-29 17:53:51
default avatar
This book is definitely worth reading, I am hooked already
2023-06-29 15:48:44
user avatar
Blessing Adewale
The book is very intriguing to read, I like it already....
2023-06-29 15:46:11
105 Chapters
A Mistake
Chapter 1 A Mistake MILLER’S HOME, LOS ANGELES.Darby curled herself up into the duvet trying hard to block out the noise from the living room. It would have been fair if her room was upstairs, at least she wouldn't get subjected to the happy family moment ongoing outside her room. Sitting up, she slammed her hands on the bed in frustration and tears pricked at her eyes as the rest of the family howled in laughter.Moments like this are when Darby wished she had other alternative of belonging somewhere. Even if the affection is as little as the crumbs of bread, she would gladly hold on to it like life itself. Laying back, she placed her head on her folded arms and let the tears fall freely. Her belly growled hungrily. If she knows what was good for herself, she would have to wait for everyone to leave before stepping out.After what seems like forever, the noise quiet down and obviously signifies the retirement of the family into their various rooms. A small smile appeare
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The Famous Basketball Player
Chapter 2 The Famous Basketball PlayerGREENVILLE HIGH SCHOOL, LOS ANGELES."Catch the ball, Leo!" One of the teammate yelled throwing the ball in Leo's way.Catching it swiftly with his sturdy hands, Leo ran forward dodging every of his opponents, stretching out his hand he tossed the ball in and it fell right into the hoop. A loud jubilating yell resounded in the entire basketball court. The TIGERS of Greenville have won against the guest players from a neighboring school.Surrounded by his teammates Leo got thrown into the air in excitement. After some minutes of jubilation, he let himself down and he ran out of the court rushing towards the restroom to ease himself. The tension had gotten to him so much while on the court that all he wanted to do was get a relief so bad. Getting done with his business, he stepped into the gym to find the rest of his teammates undressing and congratulating themselves."You, my man, is the best basketball player ever." His best friend, Aaron complim
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The House Party
Chapter 3 The House PartyMILLER’S HOME, LOS ANGELES.Abigail raced down the stairs and almost fell flat on her face in anger. "Hell no, dad! I want to go to the party. I am old enough to attend, why are you doing this to me?" She grumbled like someone about to wail loudly.Noah crossed his legs as he balanced on the couch. "Even if you would go, there is a need for you to be under guidance. If anything goes wrong I won't be able to forgive myself.""But dad—“"That's enough, Abby.” Emma chipped in giving her daughter a curt look. "You should listen to your dad."Stomping her feet stubbornly on the hard floor, tears laced Abigail's eyes. "Please, daddy."Emma looked towards her husband pleading silently. "Please, just trust her to handle herself. She has always been careful."Glancing at her with a hint of irritation, Noah sucked in a loud breath. "I will let you if Darby goes with you.""What?!” Both mother and daughter chorused."Why would you want to do that?" Emma inquired looking
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The Truth or Dare
Chapter 4 Truth or DareHOUSE PARTY, LOS ANGELESLeo seemed to be having loads of fun. Despite the fact that he isn't the host of the party, the attention was more drawn to him. The perks of being handsome, famous and wealthy. Darby's heart clenched at the seductive sight. Getting a hold of herself, she went to find a seat. It shouldn't be a surprise seeing Leo in the state.Everyone knows he is a playboy and no one gets to him easily. Ever since Darby got to know him, the longest time Leo had spent with a particular girl was a month and she was the leader of the cheerleading team at the time. The moment his eyes caught another interest, he dumped her immediately. Most major girls fights that has occurred in the school and led to several of them getting suspended was because of Leo. Still girls still throw themselves at him shamelessly.Darby scoffed at her own pathetic self, she is just the same as those girls. Just because she lacks the courage to throw herself at him doesn't make h
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The BlowJob
Chapter 5 The BlowjobGREENVILLE HIGH SCHOOL, LOS ANGELES.The entire school was booming with gossip, each person had someone whispering in their ears. Darby didn't seem to care much, her head was in the clouds and all she could think about was the best night of her life. The first time she felt cherished by someone. All through the time she was in Leo's arms, he kept talking to her like they were actual lovers. He even went ahead to seek advice about his career, whether to choose basketball or focus on his father's business.Darby was too preoccupied with just listening to him that she didn't care to give him any voice of reasoning. She didn't think someone like her would have any advice to offer a person like Leo who has life bowing at his feet. Within the next two hours spent at the party, the both of them had sex two different times. She had to rush out when the time for them to leave was up and Abigail was totally wasted by the time Darby got to her. That night when they got home
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A Cancer Patient
Chapter 6 A cancer patientGREENVILLE HIGH SCHOOL, LOS ANGELES.Leo had a plastered grin on his face as he made his way to the gym. He didn't think having sex with someone so random will make his heart flutter. Since he spent the night with Darby, he found himself feeling the need to talk to her again. She had left the moment he slept off which prevented him from getting her contact. There is a different aura that she emitted when they were together and it was starting to feel like he has a known her since forever. He would love to meet with her again and probably get to spend some quality time with her and get to know her. It feels like he already met his future partner. This thought made him break into a loud chortle. Aaron met him halfway. "Is everything alright with you, man? What's with the sudden laugh?" His friend asked.Leo shook his head as he entered the gym. Everyone appeared busy getting their body in check. He walked towards the locker to change after greeting the guys.
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His Denial
Chapter 7 His denialFEW WEEKS LATERSGREENVILLE HIGH SCHOOLDarby stared hard at the pregnancy test kit in her hand, she didn't want to believe that a living being was growing inside of her. She had been dealing with heartbreak for about three weeks since her encounter with, Leo. Moreover, because her dreams of having him ask her out to prom or the both of them getting to talk more and get closer was all in shambles when he didn't even acknowledge her presence when they bumped into each other some days after their intimate moments.She felt like dirt. Her mother was probably right about her being jinxed and that no one wants to have anything to do with her. Not even the one who appeared to be a bit interested in her. She must have misunderstood his intentions. It would have been best if things didn't result to this. All through the final papers, Darby had a hard time concentrating as she was down with fever. Thinking it was just that, it took her some days to notice that her period
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The Good, The Bad and the Ugly
Chapter 8 The good, the bad and the uglyMILLER’S HOME, LOS ANGELES."What are you talking about, Abigail?" Noah asked as he removed his reading glasses and placed it gently on the stool next to him. "Who is pregnant?"Abigail folded her arms against her chest with a defiant look. "Darby of course. She has been sleeping around with different guys in school. It's such a shame to watch."Emma swallowed hard when Noah gave her a knowing stare. "How did you know this?"Searching her bag, Abigail presented the pregnancy test kit. "Darby couldn't hold herself back that she had to run a pregnancy test in school."Snatching it from her, Emma stared hard at the result and her hands shook as she held it. "How dare that wench? How could she do this to me!" She screamed.The door opened and a depressed looking Darby walked in. She looked shocked seeing everyone seated at the same time. "Good evening, mom and dad."Noah glared at her. “What is this that I hear about you being pregnant?" He querie
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The Huge Step
Chapter 9 The Huge StepMILLER’S HOME, LOS ANGELES.Darby kept turning all through the night till the next morning making her body ache. She couldn't sleep a wink as her mind was plagued with different thoughts. Her discussion with Abigail the previous night made her realize that things might have worked out between herself and Leo if her stepsister didn't get so spiteful and spread rumors about her. At the same time, she has learnt a hard lesson that being loved has to come from within. She has to be her own cheer leader.Would Leo have turned his back against her if he knew the truth? He couldn't even try to figure out the truth and be sure of what he heard about her. Just like her mother treating her as a regretful mistake and not bothering to know her as her biological daughter. It shows how ridiculous the human is.Sitting up, she checked the clock by her bed stand, it was past eight already. She must have slept off in the early hours of the morning. Getting off the bed, she sear
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Zac the savior
Chapter 10 Zac the saviorFIVE YEARS LATERDARBY’S APARTMENT, SAN FRANCISCO"Easy there, Sinclair. I don't want you having a bruised face!" Darby called out at her four years old son.His nanny, Isabella laughed softly. "He is such an hard worker, so full of life." She noted as the little boy settled to arrange his Legos after jumping off the couch.Smiling to herself, Darby kept arranging the stuffs into the carton. She hates packing so much, but has no other choice but to do it. It has been a long time coming and she has to move on to make a better life for herself and Sinclair.Five years ago, she had left Los Angeles with her few weeks pregnancy to save the life of her innocent child. She had been worried that her decision would flop at first, especially when she faced so much inconvenience during the first three months of her arrival in San Francisco. Darby doubted if she was capable of loving the child she carried. But her doubts were out of the window the first time she met her
Read more Protection Status