Chased By The CEO

Chased By The CEO

By:  Shin Sungmi  Ongoing
Language: English
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Min Yura had finally moved on from her past and wanted to do nothing with it. But it seems that he did not have the same thoughts.What if he wanted to chase after her?

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This story is so good! I'm dying to know what will happen next XP Do you perhaps have any social media that I can follow you on?
2021-06-25 12:21:05
63 Chapters
Finally Over
First and foremost, this is a work of fiction, and no correlation should be made with living people or incidents. The author doesn't support any of the ideology or the relationship— friendship or romantic— being presented in this story. This was merely written for entertainment sake, not to be followed and used as an ideal. There are many things that are wrong in this novel morally, and therefore, don't let this novel influence you.   A sigh of relief escaped from her mouth while she leaned back against the chair.   The corner of her red lips was curled up to a smile as she lifted up her glass of wine and took a sip out of it elegantly.   She looked as if she was finally free. After all, all the burdens were lifted off of her shoulder, and for the first time in years, she felt like this. There was nothing suffocating anymore.   Finally, satisfaction came to her, and there was nothing left for her to
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Quite brave
“Youngjae?” she uttered, walking to stand beside him. Her eyes were on how he and her cousin, Min Jisoo, were still holding hands. She hoped that he would have a decent reason for this. Seeing how he did not respond to her caused her eyes to widen. She pulled her lips into a thin line, seeing how he was still concentrating on her cousin. It seemed that two of them were immersed in a world of their own. Concluding that he probably wasn’t able to hear her clearly, she repeated, “Youngjae? Youngjae?” Anxiety began to rise inside her while she extended her hand towards him. This was the first time she had seen him act in such a way. Over this period, he had been too sweet to her, and pulling a prank on her wasn’t something he opted for. She touched on his shoulder and shook it in order to catch his attention. It seemed that finally she was able to do so. But having him slap her hand away from his shoulder caused her eyes to dilate further, and staring down at her hand, confusion sho
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Perfect guy
Her words caused him to start laughing instantly. It was humorless. Nonetheless, it had no effect on Yura’s mood. “You are here to see me? Are you planning to ridicule and laugh at my current state? You must be feeling quite smug to see me this way, right? After all, you managed to win at the end,” he said. “You are right,” she responded, “I did win, but I don’t feel smug nor do I feel the need to mock at you. I don’t even feel pity towards you. My emotions towards you aren’t quite complicated. I am just grateful. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be able to see the true faces of so many people. So, thank you. What they did to me can’t compare to what you did to me. In fact, you helped me to see the bigger picture,” she honestly confessed. A look of disbelief was present in his eyes, and she knew that it was reasonable for him to feel this away about her words. Her right hand which held on to a lollipop was extended towards him, and she vocalized, “Here take it. This used to be yo
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Childlike innocence
She was holding on to a flower bouquet while she stepped into the cemetery. Stopping in front of the certain graveyard, she bent down to place the flowers in front of it before taking a step back. Then, she stared at the name engraved on the tombstone— Min Jisoo. A smile formed on her features as she extended her hand towards it. Rubbing the name, she said, “I am here to see you, Jisoo. Was it lonely these days without having anyone to visit you? I think this is my last time visiting you.” Min Jisoo, when she was unable to continue with her life anymore, committed suicide in order to end her life. Although one would think Jisoo did not pay for everything she did to Yura, Yura would beg to differ. If Jisoo thought that death was the only escape, that did mean that she reached a worse point than her. That was because Yura never wanted to kill herself after all that torment. She wanted to live on for the sake of revenge. The fact that Jisoo did not have that will meant that she was w
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Dinner together
Two of them were inside Ryu Yejoon’s house. While Yura was seated on the chair, Yejoon came out with the dishes he prepared. She stared while he arranged the table. After that, he pulled the chair opposite to her in order to sit down. “Thank you for the meal,” she politely said before starting to eat. While she was about to pick up the fork, he questioned, “Did you really mean those words from the other day?” The slight fear in his tone was noticed by her, and that was how she even felt when making this decision. The feelings he had towards her was something she could relate to well enough. “Yeah,” she said, “I know that this is difficult on both of us, but this needs to be done.” “Why?” he asked— desperation present in his tone. “I believed you when you said that you don’t want anything to do with the past, but you visited Youngjae and even Jisoo. So, why is it a problem when it comes to me? You know very well how I wouldn’t be able to continue without you.” “I am the same as
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First meeting
Due to the amount of alcohol she had taken, Yura could feel herself becoming slightly drowsy. Nonetheless, she did not lose her senses completely yet. Her hand held on to a wine glass as she was seated beside Ryu Yejoon on the couch. Throughout the entire time, he stared at her in desperation. She knew how he wanted her to change her mind, and a part of her was really tempted. As he had suggested earlier, things would be simpler and happier if both of them got married. She wouldn’t need to worry about getting hurt, and both of them were enough for each other. There was no need for some other people beside themselves. But the bubble that they had built around them— Yura believed that both of them needed to escape that. If it wasn’t for her, she was worried about Yejoon. If things went wrong and something happened to her, she wanted him to live on happily and not lose himself completely. The thought of that broke her heart. She knew that she had made a lot of enemies from the next
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Rejects me
Watching Youngjae pass through the empty corridor caused her to stand in front of him and block his way. These days, there were barely opportunities for them to meet alone, and he avoided any sort of contact with her. Finally Yura was able to spot him and stop him in his steps. Seeing how the hallway was completely empty caused relief to spread through her. She did not want anyone to interfere right now. His hands were tucked into his pocket while he raised his head to look at her. There were no emotions present in his eyes, and over this period of two weeks, it had become a norm for him to stare with those eyes at her. She couldn’t put into words how much ache that brought to her. “Youngjae, why are you doing? What’s happening between the both of us? Is it really over? Did you truly throw all of it away?” she questioned— desperation present in her tone. Despite of Jisoo’s words the other day, she had a hard time accepting the truth. One part of her argued badly that this had to
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Reassuring and comforting
“You have been already watching him for years,” he said, “you know, I am starting to think that you have some sort of feeling towards him.” He extended his hand towards her and hugged her from the back. His words caused her eyes to widen for a while before she let out a chuckle. Then, she teased, “What is that? Is that jealousy in your voiced?” “Hmm,” he responded, “I get really scary when I am jealous. That’s why, don’t look at him anymore.” In that moment, she merely took his words as a joke, and while a smirk formed on her face, she turned to face him. Then, moving her hand forward, she pinched on to his cheeks and expressed, “Yes, yes, yes. I understand. Can you even be scary at the first place?” Laughs left her mouth after that. Taking that as opportunity, he moved his head closer to her and pecked on her lips softly. Taken aback by his actions, she pecked him on his cheek once he stood up straight. “On a serious note, you have nothing to be jealous about. You are the only
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With a cheerful mood, Yura started to pack the luggage. Finally, she had settled on a destination for the trip and was quite excited about it. After all, this was her first time experiencing something like this. “Are you really fine with leaving that puppy at here?” Mirae questioned. Placing her clothes inside the luggage, she raised one of her eyebrows while she turned back to Mirae, questioning what she was trying to imply. “Don’t try to act oblivious. You know who I am talking about. I am afraid that man will get a panic attack. Did you see the amount of times he called and texted you? He even started to bother me right now. What have you done to the Ryu Yejoon?” Taking in a deep breath, Yura ran her hand through her hair and voiced out, “Don’t worry! I have gotten it all under my control. He might act like that in the beginning, but after a period of time, he will be fine. Isn’t it an improvement that he is not coming to meet me?” “That’s because you made him promise him tha
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His safety
Maybe she was being paranoid, but she had a feeling that someone was following after her. Min Yura did not turn back to check. Ever since she had exited the convenience store, she could feel someone after her, and after all that happened, she naturally found herself being cautious of her surroundings. There were high chances that she was merely overreacting. Upon reaching the apartment complex, she finally turned back and did not spot anyone behind her. Shaking her head, she entered into the building. Even if something was going on, she wasn’t planning to confide into someone. Knowing Yejoon’s nature, he would probably never let go of her once he got to know of this. Someone was most likely hired to keep on a eye on her. If that person held murderous intent, there was nothing she would be able to do against it. She might be able to get help from Yejoon, and this will be solved if he got involved. But right now, she wasn’t planning to get him into anything until she stabilized him
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