Chasing Anna

Chasing Anna

By:  A_rebelliousdreamer  Completed
Language: English
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They say he's a devil in a man's disguise. He destroys everyone who comes in his way to get something but they don't know that... Devils aren't born, they're made. He's ruthless, he's compassionate, he's aggressive, his heart is as tender as a new bud. No one knows that he's a broken soul yearning for love. "Hunter, please let me go." Her words come out more like a moan as his teeth grazed the soft skin of her slender neck. Her fingers buried into his thick hairs as his hands are doing unforbidden things to her own. "Shhh...breathe, Anna. I am not going to eat you. You're too precious to be lost and you're mine. Only mine, my kitten." He whispers in her ear and next she feels her lips being captured for a toe curling kiss. Anna Harris' world turned upside down when she woke up in a hotel's luxurious room with a sore body specially the pain between her legs. She felt completed thinking she lost her virginity to her lover but she hadn't the slightest idea that she fell into the hands of the devil himself, Hunter Storm, the mafia leader of Rivas gang. Heartbroken, homeless and humiliated when her father got arrested. She has no place to go with her family.When she's on the verge of loosing all hopes to keep her family alive, Hunter steps in offering his help.

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Ash C
Such a great book! I need Rochelle and Blake’s story as well as Brandon and Valentina’s!! You won’t be disappointed. There are a few grammatical errors but it doesn’t take away from the book!
2023-07-26 00:49:07
default avatar
Great book. Well written.
2023-07-24 10:19:03
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Delinda Schumacher
79 chapters 5-26-23
2023-05-27 10:06:40
default avatar
When you start writing Vincent story
2023-05-03 00:55:38
default avatar
Intriguing storyline!
2023-04-24 21:35:02
81 Chapters
Chapter - [ 1 ]
Anna Harris "Your lips are so delicious, like honey coated strawberries, like sweet nector on the flowers." He whispered in his sexy voice in my ear and sucked on my bottom lip. I arched my back in pleasure his skilled rough hands were giving on my naked body. "But your eyes are more beautiful my sweet kitten like two jewels in the vast ocean, so full of innocence." He blew hot breath on my face but my hazy eyes were rolled back in ectasy. I waited for this moment for two years.I was ready to surrender the one thing I treasured for twenty four years of my life. My virginity for the man I truly loved. My Benjamin, my Ben. I roamed my hands on his toned chest.I had seen him shirtless many times but never got a chance to feel his abs against my skin. His body was like hot burning coal melting my own body in the lava of desires. I was ready to take him. And his readiness was grinding between my thighs. "Tell me ,my sweet kitten, do you want me to fuck you so hard?" He rubbed
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Chapter - [ 2 ]
Anna Harris When I reached at my home, I saw my house and neighborhood swarmed with the media people and police cars parked outside. It gave my fears a booster doze. I was scared to leave my car and face the ugliest and ruthless group of human world-the media, who for their success can destroy someone's life, present and future.My phone again vibrated. Aiden was called me again. Sighing to myself, I pressed the phone on my ear."Where are you Anna?" He asked."I am outside our house but can you tell me what the police and media are doing outside our house?" I questioned him to ensure my family was alright."Stay in your car, okay. Mr. Robin is going to fetch you inside otherwise the media won't let you come inside easily. Please come here first. You'll know everything once you're here." He said and I could hear commotion in the background.I ran my fingers through my hairs. In a blink of a moment, my life was derailed. I waited for Mr. Robin, Dad's P.R to rescue me from those vultur
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Chapter- [ 3 ]
Anna HarrisAbsolutely betrayed, I’ve never felt this kind of pain and definately never met someone like Benjamin Mackenzie. His existence not only ruined my life but destroyed my whole world. I was the one who spread the flowers for this despicable man. Bile rises in my throat seeing this man whom I once loved with all my heart…fuck I still love him.He sits there across me on a wooden chair like a ruthless dictator, one leg crossed over the other with sly smirk playing on his thin lips which once were like the sweetest nectar from the heaven’s forbidden fruit.‘Well you’re no less than Eve herself.’ My sub-conscious mind mocks at me.“Take my offer and save your father.I don’t think it’s a big deal for you. You’re the most sensational celebrity or I guess all over the country by now.” I can’t miss the pun in his venomous words.“You son of a bitch.” I spit out through clenched teeth. I am having a very hard time to accept that he was the same person who used to treat me like a deli
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Chapter - [ 4 ]
Anna Harris Uncontrollable tears, a contant ache in my chest and a numb mind, I am walking on the streets with my handbag which contains a few dollars and my academic documents. I am thankful to Aiden who managed to fetch them for me at the mean time.I would probably start hunting for a job but it seems crying for the moon after the news of my Dad's arrest and our company going bankrupt spread like a wildfire. I am not unknown to this city. I regret joining my family and my friends to the high profile parties and night clubs. They know me well and the constant stares from the passing by peddlers. It is like a poison that I have to swallow down my throat.I deserve it all.I stopped by a small cafe by the side of the road to grab a latte to give peace to my throbbing head. A cup of coffee isn't pricey at this place which would help me to save money for rainy days.Well, I am facing a stormy day.I walk inside the diner, covering my face with my scarf to avoid unnecessary attention. I
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Chapter - [ 5 ]
Hunter Storm "You're so fucking beautiful, more than I imagined in my wildest dream, Kitten." I couldn't stop myself from saying those words to the half conscious woman lying beneath me. I never imagined myself to sing praises for a woman before but this woman with a body of a Goddess cast a spell on me.I ran my fingers tips on her belly, her body arched back like a serpent on desert sand."You don't mean it?" She asked me with her half opened eyes, I could see surprise in those pale blue eyes."Yes, I do." I couldn't help myself from smiling on her innocent question. I am sure, she had received praises before. I wasn't her first admirer but I wish to be the last."I never thought you would actually say this to me." A smile tucked on the corner of her lips and it broke the last thread of my patience with her.I had controlled myself from taking her roughly right in the moment she led me inside her hotel room but the way she withered under my touch, I bet she was alien to a man's in
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Chapter- [ 6 ]
Anna Harris I had to endure a walk of shame from there to here, where I am standing having no home to go, no one to share my pain and no one to help me in reshaping my life.I was busy cursing my fate that I didn't see a car slowing down it's speed and finally halting in front of me.Fear creeps into my heart as I am all alone in the middle of nowhere, homeless and jobless with no penny in my hand to rent a roof over my head for the night.The window glass of the backseat slides down revealing the face of a young and the most handsome man I've ever seen with soul piercing green eyes. They seem familiar but I can't pin out where I've seen them. Staight, styled dirty blonde hairs with pointed nose and thin red lips, for a moment I find myself drowning in those mystical eyes. Perfect tight jaws and high cheek bones enhance the plain of his face.His face, in the dim streetlight looked more like a Greek God from old scriptures.He doesn't look like a criminal from any angle or may be he'
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Chapter- [ 7 ]
Hunter Storm I rub my temple averting my attention from the girl laid out on my sofa. She looks so pure and flawless even with puffy eyes and bags, her glowing face has lost it's color due to all happened with her in last twenty four hours.I clench and unclench my fists, it's becoming hard for me to stop myself from going straight to that motherfucker's house and shoot him on his balls. He used my kitten as his bait to reach her father's collar.Well, he messed up big times by using my girl. I check the time, it shows half past eleven in the night. I missed the dinner I must attend to fix my earlier mistake. Valentina will be the first one to invade my house as soon as the morning hours roll on.My cell phone chimes diverting my attention from Anna to my phone. I walk to my office and close the door behind me in case she wakes up and listen to my conversation with Blake. She still sees me as a stranger who is forcefully keeping her at his house and if by any chance, she learns that
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Chapter - [ 8 ]
Anna Harris To say, the night was quite peaceful and I slept forgetting all the misfortune and a platter full of problems, it would be an understatement. I indeed slept peacefully, a dreamless sleep, I should add. May be, I was too tired and my brain shut off. Whatever the reasons were but long night's sleep somehow helped me to regain my energy but the challenge comes along with the morning.I must make a decision. Collect the broken pieces of my life and start from the beginning. May be leaving this country will be a good idea but again, the thought of my family in the middle of a troubled water and my name having the tag of a slut, they need to be cleared first.Again the same question pops up.How?How am I going to join the missing dots?With these uncertain questions whirling inside my head, I decide to come out of the safe confinement of the room and face Hunter. Speaking of Hunter Storm who hasn't told me yet how he knows me and how I am not a stranger to him, I have to confr
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Chapter - [ 9 ]
Anna Harris "I-I can't live with you, Hunter. It's wrong." I try to shake off the fear that is creeping It's way to my heart. He doesn't look like a criminal or a psycho serial killer but there's no other reason to hold me captive."Look, Anna." He suck a deep breath and the way his adam's apple popped up and down, I assume he's trying to keep his patience at level." I am just trying to protect you." He says, the look in his eyes softening."Why do you need to protect me and from whom?" I raise my brow at him. Honestly, the seriousness in his tone indicates that there's something he wants to confess but he can't."You don't need to know the details, Anna. All I am asking you to stay low profile for some time while I deal with this situation. Believe me, it's temporal." He says, like I predicted, he didn't tell me much."Hunter, I know you are only trying to save me, I appreciate your efforts. I really do but I am a human, a living being with a mind to process everything happening aro
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Chapter - [ 10 ]
Hunter Storm I find no peace, it seems to abandom me since she asked me to leave her alone and the only thought of her hurting emotionally and mentally, I want to kill myself. I shouldn't have agreed on telling her the truth. Unknowingly, she's melting the stone wall I built around me to save myself from the same agonizing phase where everyone leaves me to endure the pain of being all alone.Having Anna, in this cold and deserted house, with her warmth and positivity she carries with her, I feel the air more welcoming and a homely feeling now sprawls in this house.It has been over an hour but there's no sound coming from the library. The thought of checking upon her through cctv crossed my mind but I shook it off. It will an invasion of her privacy. I've already trespassed it long ago."Mr. Storm, the breakfast is ready." The cook's frightened voice rings in my ear."You may leave the food in the oven. I'll serve it later for Miss Harris and myself." I dissmiss her."But Sir-" She t
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