Chasing Her

Chasing Her

By:  Praise Odulesi  Completed
Language: English
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(To understand this book very well, read the first book; Chasing his).Who would have known all this was a game? Not even Renee Todd. For what he thought was his, Scott Everett had to play this game. The game of getting his late best friend's daughter. Of course, an oldie like him couldn't get her easily, so his son went for it. In the process of this game, Roy Everett might have truly fallen for her. But, when Renee found out her love life was all a game; nothing but deception, what would she do? How would she face being heart broken for a second time? Would she be able to forgive Roy? She had given this man all of her. Wouldn't this be so devastating? Read the love story between Roy and Renee. Read how deception, hatred, triangles, love, lust, crawls into their lives. Opportunity comes once, right? So, can forgiveness dwell in their relationship?Read to know more!*Still editing*Thanks for reading!❤️

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Loved this one also!! You wrote this one very well also. For a while I thought Roy & Renee wasn't going to make it. But love prevails!!! One thing didn't have an ending. What happened with NECKLACE & the BILLIONS??? Sorry got a little excited,. Did I miss it? Congrats Author! Be blessed! 🙏
2021-05-23 11:49:26
53 Chapters
One: Game
Roy___ “I miss you!”“Is there a problem?”“You haven't been answering your calls! Come on. Don't make me cry. LOL!” Those were the texts Renee had sent to me. Frustrated, I rolled my eyes, dug my phone into the pocket of my chinos pants, sighed. This was tiresome. My life was tiresome.  "Roy, your car is ready," Gregory announced.  I moved my gaze to him, frowning at him as if he was the reason for my predicament. Without uttering any word, I stood up, took my wallet from the desk in front of me, and headed out.  Stepping out of my office, I sighted my secretary, Miss Hart, working on her laptop. As soon as she spotted me, she stood up straight, lowered her head.  "You're leaving now, sir?" She enquired.  I scoffed silently. A qu
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Two: Honey...
I drummed my fingers against the desk in front of me, tapped my feet against the hard marble floor, being totally impatient. Moving my eyes from the paper on the desk, I sighed.  "What's this about?" I asked Dad.  He drank from his glass, twirling his swivel chair around. "It's simple. All you've gotta do is check the content properly. Easy." I threw my head back, sighed in frustration. "Go straight to the point. For goodness sake, stop this confusion." "What confusion?" He finally fixed his gaze at me. "I don't get you, son. I mean, I don't see any confusion in this. Aren't those mere words written on that paper?" "Dad!" I slapped my palm against the table, pushed my seat backwards, stood up straight. The way I glared at him surprised me. I had never been this audacious. Was I this angry? "What's the meaning of this? Don't you understand what I mean? I said I'm sick of
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Three: Dirty game
She pulled me closer to her, stood on her toes, played her fingers through my wet hair. Her finger trickled down the skin for my chest, then slowly moved to my back. It was as if she wanted to do something. Something dangerous.  "Are you kidding me?" My voice was low. The desire I saw in her eyes was having an effect on me, which would probably play with my emotions. My mind wanted this, but my heart felt guilty. I felt guilty.  "Kidding?" She sniggered, pecking my neck, cheek and shoulder. "Didn't you see my text? So you thought that was a joke? Seriously?" The moment her hand moved to my towel, I gasped, and pulled her away a little. "Kath, stop. You can't do this. This is… wrong." "Wrong?" She whispered, her eyes squinting at me. "You call this wrong? Are you crazy?" I tried to remain steady. I didn't want to vent my frustration on her, or yell at her. Also, I
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Four: End it
Renee______ Just like every other morning, the sun passing through the curtain was what woke me from my sleep. Sun had always attacked my sleep, so yeah, I was used to this. Although I had tossed the blanket over my head, sleep didn't want me any longer. I guessed it was time to wake up.  Lazily, I sat up straight, blinking like a confused animal.  "Morning to you." Mona sat on her bed, smiled at me, then focused on the pancake in her hands.  I yawned. "Morning to you too. You're good?" She nodded, her mouth filled with pancakes.  I scratched my hair, gazing at her, contemplating on whether or not to ask her what I wanted to. She probably noticed how crazily I stared at her, which made her eyebrows quirk at me.  "You're okay?" She asked.  I chuckl
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Five: Commotion
I kept staring at her. I was getting furious. This woman was definitely crossing her limits. I had gotten far in my relationship with Roy, so leaving him was too impossible.  I had won the battles in this relationship. Sean, Kathleen and every other person who had tried to interfere, had been gotten rid of. Now that I had the chance to enjoy my man, I wouldn't let anyone ruin my relationship with him. I scorned at her. "Karen, what's the problem here?" I had wanted to call her “Ma”, but it seemed like she didn't deserve to be called that. She was such a meanie.  "It seems like you'll prefer to get arrested." The look on her face became menacing as well. She slammed her purse against the table, snorted. "Don't make me do something you'll regret. Leave my son. That's simple, right?" I smirked. It was time to be rude. "That's simple for a woman who's left her h
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Six: My Darling
Roy____ I glared at mom, so angry at her. Since the last forty minutes, she hadn't given me the answer I wanted. All she did was to sip from her cup as if I wasn't seated here with her.  "Mom, I'm asking you the same thing again, did you tell Renee anything?" I ensured I sounded harsh, enough for her to know I wasn't joking around.  "And what if I did?" She looked up at the sky, so much uninterest beaming in her voice.  I snorted. "This isn't funny, you know? What'll dad—" "Dad!" She interrupted me from speaking, turned to me. Those tears in her eyes ached my stomach, but what could I do? "Your dad is always everything. You so much care about what he thinks of you, to the point you're now doing terrible things." I sighed. "I already told you he won't harm her. And, why do you even care about this? It's not like I'm the first guy t
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Seven: Date
I stared at Roy. He was probably deep in thoughts, so he only stared at the sky. I would admit, he was kind of different tonight. His smile wasn't wide, those eyes weren't beaming in happiness as usual, he looked so worn out.  I took his hand, dropped it on my lap. When I did that, he turned to me. "Are you okay?" I asked him, quite worried.  "Yeah." Again, his smile was faint. I furrowed my eyes at him. "Are you sure you're Roy? I mean, you're being too weird. Did your cute smile get stolen? What's wrong?" He raised his other hand, tweaked my cheek. "You're a worrywart. I'm fine, trust me."  "You've been gone for a long time, now that you're here, I feel like you aren't glad to be with me," I denoted.  He chuckled. "False. I'm always glad to be with you. And, well, I'm thinking about what my mom did to you. It's kind of… upsetting.
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Eight: Argument
Hot, Roy really was.  I couldn't help but drool for him. Two ladies walked past him, muttered and giggled, and I shot them a glare even though they didn't see me. What the heck? How could they fall for my man? Silly! Roy turned around, smiled widely at me. I blinked to remain steady. I was intensely staring at him to the point I had forgotten we were in a shopping mall.  "Done." He said that as soon as he walked to me.  "O-Oh. Were they… expensive?" I asked, referring to the bunch of clothes and shoes he had just bought for me.  He rolled his eyes, dropped his hands on his waist, sighed. "Renee, seriously? You still worry about the expenses?" I smiled. "Maybe." He shook his head, took the shopping bags from me, signaled we should get going. In a short while, we reached his car. He dropped the bags in the back se
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Nine. Pretty
"Where is he?" Dad's voice sounded dangerous, filled with so much wrath. His hands were rolled in a fist, tugged against the armrest of his chair. Hard, his teeth were gritted. He glared at the floor intently, breathing slowly and deeply.  The young dude standing beside dad's chair bowed his head, obviously fearful. "I-I don't know. He said he'll be here soon." "Where is he?!" Dad hollered at the top of his voice. He didn't just holler, he kicked the stool which stood below his knee. Woah, woah, this anger was getting too hard.  "I-I don't know, sir. He'll get here soon." The young man trembled as he spoke.  Irritated, I gestured that he should take his leave. Dad could easily hit a glass against the innocent dude's head. It was better to prevent that.  I sighed. "Being angry won't do anything. I think you should rather be grateful you didn't go bankrupt."
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Ten: Nightmare
I blinked after a long, crazy, uncomfortable stare. I was kind of shocked to know he knew my name. And, why did I feel like this guy was truly Roy's brother? This was the same way I had encountered Roy, about a year ago. He had come like a ghost, seeming as if he had already known me before that night.  "You're not just cute, you're funny too." Tyler chuckled at me.  I smiled a little. I wasn't blushing, but I liked it when anyone called me cute. "Thanks. Anyways, what would you like to buy?" "I want a drink." He winked, a sneer on his lips. Gosh! Winking like Roy? Was I sure this wasn't my guy in disguise? "A drink with you." I chuckled. "I work here. No drinks with the workers." "Really?" He propped his elbow on the counter, those attractive eyes glinting. "Well, you aren't prohibited from walking home with me, right?" I dropped my hands on my wai
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