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The eighteen-year-old boy who happens to be blind, caused by an unexpected incident is destined to live in a unit with two persons; one is older than him and the other one is a year younger than him, who happens to be his childhood best friends. It's supposed to be four of them but his best friends' youngest brother was stated missing.Their lives were such a peaceful kind that anyone would dream of having it. However, every single day has its ending. Neither any of them noticed that they had stepped on a dangerous side of the world where guns and human trafficking were living their existence when they decided to find their missing brother.Revelations and blood flow when one of them has fought the mysterious guy behind the dark suit with a dark mask covering his shady identity. Regrets and guilt were followed by vengeance. Blood needs blood. Find the lost pieces. Find the missing one.

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72 Chapters
DARK SIDES Chapter 1:Waking up with the sound of his ringing alarm, he rolled his tiny body as he searched for the little machine that still keeps on making his ears twitch. He reached his hand out to end his never-ending agony. Smiling through his victory as he could finally feel the metallic surface of his alarm clock, he immediately pressed his index finger on the button and heaved a sigh."Konan, you need to get your ass up now or you'll be late for your class." A sweet yet sassy voice was heard from god knows where."I don't want to... Let me sleep, Len." He protests, rolling his body through the other side of his king-size bed."Konan... You know that rolling your body over and over won't make me change my mind." Lenan said as he made his way to the other side to shake this sleeping log o
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DARK SIDESChapter 2:As the two decided to go, hopping on the school bus with a smiling face from Lenan and a speechless frown from Konan. Well, that's quite usual for him tho. They were being welcomed by the stares and glares from their schoolmates.Who knows if Konan can't see, right? Well, he can feel the eyes that are looking at him strangely. He couldn't help but think of something as he just bowed his head, trying to cope up with the reality that no one wants to befriend a blind kid. What misery."Konan? Are you okay?" Lenan asked, noticing his friend's doomed face. He reached out his hand as he gently guided him to sit. "Here... Sit... Oh, come on buddy! Don't give me that look. Gosh, you're ruining your cute face!" He said as he let his fingers make their way to his buddy's hair to fix while patting his shoulder."Oh come on! Give me a smile! Don't worry, let me handle these bitches." He sa
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-First-class-Never did the nine-year-old boy thought of waking up in the cream beige colored room with a pile of operating stuff and machines with the sound of buzzing and beating monitors was an option. He never wanted to leave his mother alone. He never agreed to come with his monstrous father that led them to an accident, but what can he do if he was just a small boy with nothing but tears streaming down to his face. He never wanted to lay on the hospital's bed and be a weak one but, what can he do if it was destined to happen."Honey... W-What do you want for dinner?" The woman says strongly as he noticed his son moving. you can see the fear and misery from her eyes as the tears streamed down to her face. She decided to be strong for him."Eom-ma...What'shappening...W-Where are y-you?" Th
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-Sleepover- The two little kids with a happy yet cheerful gaze found their way on their friend's house under the bright blue sky with beautiful scenery surrounding it. A beautiful mansion to be exact. They managed to go at the same exact planned time for their best friend's eight birthday party, sorry not sorry but they can't miss it for the world. As the ten-year-old Lenan who's now grinning at his seven-year-old brother made it to the mansion's gate, he waved his hands on the guards, giving them a genuine smile with a "Good morning angels" due to the fact that they're already familiar with the guards, same goes for the maids... They're well known for the workers because of their mother, being the head housekeeper for the Jungs. Once they entered the main door, they immediately ran to the k
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-Treasured love-"Lenan! Let's play there! Konan! Come on! Blake! Hey Ken! Come here!" The nine-year-old Chris shouts happily, pointing his fingers on the playground's direction which they gladly obeyed...That's what they always do. Visiting their friends, banging on each other's house, and bringing their toys at the playground. It was an afternoon in December when they decided to have a mini picnic on their favorite spot...Little Chris happily brought his ball and a small gallon of strawberry flavored ice cream with Little Ken who managed to bring a bucket of fried chicken, cooked by his mother. As for Lenan and Blake, they only got the blankets and their toys with little Konan having their lunch, all cooked by their head housekeeper or should I say the mother of Lenan and
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-See-through-"Honey... Why did you punch your classmate?" Yeri asks while caressing her son's soft cheeks with dried tears due to the heavy cry he got, "You know that's bad, right? Come on, I won't be mad... please tell Mama what happened. Blake, honey... Why, huh?..." She says calmly, sitting down in front of her son who's still sobbing."But... But he.. H-He said t-that y-you're just an m-maid..." Blake stuttered by, still sobbing, "And h-he said h-he... He said I'm s-stupid...And h-he t-took my l-lollipop...He s-stole it... You s-said that s-stealing is b-bad... S-So I p-punched him..." He said, lowering his face due to the embarrassment.Yeri just gives him a smile as she wiped the flowing tears coming from her son's eyes away. She's not surprised tho. She knows that her son is pretty strong, especially wh
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-Bucket list-The two little kids found their way in the mansion's living room. when they decided to ask Konan's mother for permission to come when they agreed on their friend, Chris's idea of going to the cafe to play some arcade games with their squad, including Lenan, Chris, and Ken. They found their subject watching some movies as they heard her mumbling some words. Sneaking on the couches, they looked at each other's gazes and start mouthing a count, one... Two..."Mama Soo!, can Konan come with us, please?..."  Little Blake said, looking at his best friend's' mother with his ever pleading eyes, "don't worry, Mama Soo! We will be here before five! Or before you know it!" He says as he turned his looks on Konan who's now grinning at him while nodding at the agreement.Well, his so-called Mama Soo was l
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-Sorry, I overslept-  "Lele... Wake up... Lele...Where are we?..." the eight-year-old boy asked as he takes a glance at the unfamiliar cream-colored room, surrounded with toys and paintings scattered on the wall. He noticed his brother rubbing his eyes, stretching his body as he takes a look at the room."I don't know, Blake..." Lenan said, grimacing at the unfamiliar room. holding his brother on his shoulder who's now sniffing, He fumes when he heard his brother's growling stomach, same goes for his."Lele... Hungry... I'm hungry..." Blake says while rubbing his stomach gently to ease the growling sound. He pouted. He just let his brother hold him.He just crawled into bed and he pulled his brother closer to him to ac
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"Our fault too.""And they live happily ever after! How's that story, huh? Did you like rats or the humans?" Yeri said as she nuzzles between her two little boys who's giggly laying peacefully on their bed.It was a quiet yet breezy night when her two sons asked her to read them a bedtime story like what she always does before they sleep. And there she is now, being nuzzled by her two little boys under their night ceiling."I love mice, Mama! They're so cute and fluffy! They can cook too! Can i have a pet like them?" There's little Blake said. He was just a cute seven year old that time. He was left in awe when he heard that mice can cook like how the book described them."Hmm, let me think about that. Hmmn, maybe?" Yeri said, playfully raised her brows only to be
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-Longing for someone-"Blake, can you get my cookies? It's there. Yeah, right there, inside the cabinet..." Konan says once he settled on his bed. He runs his tiny hands, feeling the soft mattress as he hums by the comforting scent of his room.There they are. Doing random things in Konan's room. They were told not to go outside the room when their Hyungs started to have some alcoholic drinks with a Karaoke session and snacks scattered on the table. Thanks to their Soundproofed unit, the loud sound of their music won't budge their neighbors."Here, koniee! It smells so good, can I have some?" Blake says then he gently hopped on the bed. He beamed a smile when Konan gave him a nod."Thanks. Eat it. I can't finish it all..
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