Accidentally Married Aliens

Accidentally Married Aliens

By:  Pesha  Ongoing
Language: English
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EXCERPT: John freed himself from the security lashes in order to gain more access to Tom. He gripped his friend's waist, squeezing to emphasize how much he was willing to give up for this man. "I can touch you. We can touch. Touch me." Tom searched John's face with his eyes, the flush on his cheeks darkening and capturing John's attention once more. He could feel Tom's uncertainty as if it were a weighted net falling over them both to pin them in place. Summoning his courage, he stripped his tunic from his upper body and seized Tom's hand in his own. "Touch me. Please." John thought Tom was going to refuse until he used his free hand to reach out. SYNOPSIS: Refugees of a dead planet, the Zen are grateful the people of Earth are willing to offer them a new home. Executive Orders from the White House declare America a safe-haven for any of the shapeshifting aliens as long as they follow three basic rules: 1. Zen must take a human appearance. 2. Zen must register with human names at Social Services. 3. Zen must find paid work or volunteer to help their country. Two friends declare themselves "married" during their registration without realizing they are now legally bound to one another as a couple. Will New Americans John and Tom see their friendship turn into a romance or will they reject being accidentally married aliens?

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25 Chapters
Prologue: Guardian Rises
Prologue: Guardian RisesGuard ran as fast as his Xuhelion legs would allow him while searching for Reader. Heat rose up from the ground as his home baked under its dying sun. Every breath was a struggle in the thick air. 
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Chapter 1: Arrival
Chapter 1: ArrivalA warm weight pushed Guard further into the berth; the smell of heat and clean male skin told him the identity of the other man before he even opened his eyes. Reader had a scent Guard would recognize anywhere. It was always Reader who captured his attention.
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Chapter 2: Rules
Chapter 2: Rules"Yes?" Guard prompted again, impatience coloring his mental voice enough to have Security straightening their stances t
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Chapter 3: Being Human
 Chapter 3: Being HumanLearning all Security was meant to be privy to took longer than Guard had imagined. He was kept off-balance as he tried to incorporate all the new words, turns of phrase, and human expectations into his mind alongside the knowledge he already had of dozens of other worlds. 
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Chapter 4: Human Anatomy
 Chapter 4: Human Anatomy"I have read their texts. Seen their biology as you have learned it from me. I don't know all the ways to be human."John couldn't stop staring at the red staining Tom's lean cheeks. Blood flowed through the body as a result of emotions as much as biology. He couldn't think of a reason for Tom to be flushed. Sickness wasn't possible. Their kind rarely became ill. Heat was unlikely. They were both sharing the same berth with the same temperature flowing over them. What caused his face to flush?"I don't like it when I can't hear your mind voice. You seem too far away. I'm human now. Your voice won't change me. You know I can hear you."Tom reached out to stroke his hand down John's arm, squeezing his bicep gently before letting his hand fall to his side once more."It's hard to speak with my mind. For me. I do not have the talent for it you do.""I can hear you."John freed himself from the security lashe
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Chapter 5: Kissing Lessons
 Chapter 5: Kissing LessonsJohn breathed him in before instinct drove him to seek Tom's taste with his tongue. The slight difference in their height allowed their mouths to meet with a tilt up from John and a tilt down from Tom. Kissing was an entirely new experience for them both. "Is this allowed?"Tom nodded his answer even as he bit at John's lips, angled his head to the side and tried to get closer, taste more of him, feel more of him. "Humans kiss this way?""Lovers kiss this way."John felt the words down into the very marrow of his bones. Their pact had kept them together throughout their lives as they grew up, changed, took on the roles of their bloodline rather than their choosing. If they had remained on Zon, this moment would never have happened. Zen took lovers for procreation, rarely for recreation. John could not name a pair of lovers who were same-gendered. 
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Chapter 6: Guardian Descended
Chapter 6: Guardian DescendedTom Records were left to their own devices. Most Zen chose not to associate with the historians of their race without just cause. It was disconcerting to think of someone remembering every single word or action without effort. Perfect recall was the one gift all members of Records shared in their bloodline. In exchange, Records were unable to connect to the rest of their kin with the ease all other Zen families possessed. Guardian descended with the stately grace of a much smaller vessel; alarms were sounded to signal Zen to begin their descent protocols. Everyone had a job. Except Tom. Avoiding the thought to spare John any discomfort, Tom focused all his energy on feeling calm, cool, and collected. Earth was going to be their new home. Earth was a new planet. Earth would need all of Tom's focus for a time as he tried to learn its history to place it alongside the
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Chapter 7: Disembarking
Chapter 7: DisembarkingJohnZen were forming into orderly groupings when John was told they were all meant to be escorted to registration. Immediately upon exiting their ship.How was he meant to register with Tom if he was to be taken to registration as soon as he disembarked? John was not given the chance to panic due to an issue with his blood brother demanding his attention -"Have you seen my mating unit? They went for our female. She was berthed on the other side of the deck."- followed by concerns as to whether Security should escort each group to registration or not. The Zen had been promised a peaceful welcome so long as they followed the rules set out for them to join the United States. All of their preparations had been done in advance far before the passengers had been woken. There were many reasons to be concerned about adapting to a new planet. Should they be concerned their people had e
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Chapter 8: Registration
 Chapter 8: RegistrationTomAll the orderly lines of Zen were divided into separate queues upon entering the registration depot. Tom was able to make out the words above the door using the information he'd gleaned from the human version of Records. They were registering at the County Clerk Office where it seemed many types of registration were available. Queue directors helpfully shuffled the Zen from one path to another in order to try to keep an even number of registrants before each human worker; Scientist Serena was moved to the queue beside Tom and John before either of them had an opportunity to protest. Tom knew he would have tried to insist they remain together.Tom didn't want to admit he knew John would have felt otherwise regarding the Scientist. Surprisingly, the pair in front of them were human. "What are we doing for you gentleman today?"Tom listened to the cheerful worker greet the pair
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Chapter 9: Newsworthy
 Chapter 9: Newsworthy JohnQuestions continued to be fired at them with the speed of stun bolts and they had the same effect on Tom who was trying -unsuccessfully- to tuck his taller, leaner body behind John. It was instinct alone which had him wrapping an arm around Tom's waist to pull him into his body; Tom responded beautifully as he ducked enough to tuck his face into the crook nestled between John's neck and shoulder. Why did he have to be shorter in this form of all forms? "We are unable to respond without permission of our expedition council."The answer was not entirely truthful as no Zen was forbidden from speaking as they pleased. The human recordkeepers seemed to understand and accept it all the same which was relief enough for John. Feeling Tom trembling against him was rousing his protective instincts. "Hey! You guys were right behind us!" John glanced over to see
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