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Confused, shocked and petrified Eva asked that man why he wanted to kill her. She didn't even know him."W-why d-do you want to k-kill me? I d-don't even know you." Eva choked, as his hands were wrapped around her neck tightly. "Because you are my mate!" He growled in frustration. She scratched, slapped, tried to pull the pair of hands away from her neck but couldn't. It was like a python, squeezing the life out of her. Suddenly something flashed in his eyes, his body shook up and his hands released Eva's neck with a jerk. She fell on the ground with a thud and started coughing hard. A few minutes of vigorous coughing, Eva looked up at him."Mate! What are you talking about?" Eva spoke, a stinging pain shot in her neck. "How can I be someone's mate?" She was panting. Her throat was sore already. "I never thought that I would get someone like you as mate. I wanted to kill you, but I changed my mind. I wouldn't kill you, I have found a way to make the best use out of you. I will throw you in the brothel." He smirked making her flinch. Her body shook up in fear. Mate is someone every werewolf waits for earnestly. Mate is someone every werewolf can die for. But things were different for them. He hated her mate and was trying to kill her. What the reason was? Who would save Eva from him?

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Midnight Reader
This booked is completed… I truly will missed this two characters… thank you for this book...
2022-07-30 11:55:25
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Cheryl Lynn Moody
I wish I never started reading it. Excellent story but hasn’t been updated in over 2 weeks
2022-01-26 12:51:42
default avatar
When will be the update?!
2021-12-09 13:20:42
default avatar
When do you update??? We have waited so long already🥲
2021-12-03 05:35:01
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Lisa Schmidt
enjoyed reading waiting for the update
2021-10-09 21:31:19
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Update please
2021-09-10 06:25:36
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Rosie Conner
wow . wow. hook me up to a Alfa like him
2021-08-26 16:03:20
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Jojo Love
is there gonna be a new chapter or a new book???..
2021-08-17 08:02:36
default avatar
Does this book include any sexual content?
2021-08-13 09:53:22
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Christina Gilbert Gonzales
I like how she has come to love him and forgive him.
2021-07-17 12:01:24
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Penny Whitstone
great and interesting
2021-06-24 18:59:42
user avatar
Penny Whitstone
pretty funding intensive
2021-06-24 15:27:54
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Hunnie Bahm
Omg can’t wait for more chapters.
2021-06-24 07:57:25
user avatar
Janice Baker
i love it so far.
2021-06-06 09:34:05
user avatar
Bridget Roe
Cannot wait for the updated chapters
2021-05-31 03:24:27
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109 Chapters
Chapter 1 - Meeting With Him!
Eva's POV:"Please, save me! Someone, please save meeeee!" I hiccuped, struggling under two men. They tackled me on the hard ground of the dirty, dark alley."Shut up!" One of them snarled. I felt one of them pulling down my jeans pant. Tears were running down my cheeks as I felt their disgusting hands groping my body.I struggled, thrashed with my utmost might. But they were too strong."Heeeeeeelllllppp!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. I tried moving my hands, but they had them caught, over my head.One of them tore open my shirt."Let gooooo!" Screaming, I headbutted one of them."Bloody bitch!"The man seethed in anger and smacked me hard across my cheek. I tasted blood on my mouth."Let me go! Son of a bitch!" I spit on his fa
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chapter 2 - Lunatic!
Eva's POV: "Mine," He whispered, hiding his face in the crook of my neck. He inhaled my scent and planted a kiss on my neck. His hands were gently rubbing my back, stroking my hair. He was a stranger and I shouldn’t feel this way, but it felt so good. His touch spread a soothing comfort all over my body.What was I doing? He needed to release me. What type of person hugs random women?"Let me go!" I struggled, but his grip on my arms tightened suddenly. It tightened to the point that it started hurting.Tears gathered in my eyes now."P-please, leave my hand. Y-you are hurting me," I crocked in pain.He instantly loosened his hold on my hand but
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Chapter 3 - A Bad Dream!
Eva's POV:My eyes were droopy and I fell asleep. My battered body was too exhausted to think about that weird man anymore."Help me!""Please, let me go!""Let me gooooo!" I screamed.I was crying inside a dark dirty dungeon and my feet were shackled with chains. My clothes were dirty and torn in some places.I was crying for help but no one came to rescue me. My body was shaking in fear.The sleep didn’t last long. My eyes sprang open; I woke up panting from a bad dream.I hardly got bad dreams or nightmares. Even after grandma was dead, I slept alone but never had any nightmare.Then why did I suddenly have this type of wired dream now?It was petrifying. I was looking like a prisoner who committed treason and was
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Chapter 4 - Visiting Eva!
Eva's POV:"How are you feeling, now?" As I opened my exhausted eyelids, a white colored room greeted me.A middle-aged woman wearing blue uniform asked me.Then I remembered that I was brought to a hospital, due to extreme chest pain."What happened to me? My heart?" I queried."We had to perform a ECG and Echocardiography. But we haven’t found anything wrong. Your heart is absolutely fine. Each chamber is well functioning, no blockage or nothing. Don't worry." She replied."Then why did I feel so much pain suddenly?""Physically you are completely fine. Even your pressure is also normal. So, it may be linked with psychological cause. But you have no abnormality in your heart, not even in your lungs. But still you should do an X-ray for your lungs,
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Chapter 5 - Secret Invasion!
Theodore's POV: That crafty human, Evangeline. Was she always this beautiful or my eyes were playing tricks on me tonight?There was still a bluish bruise on her face around her eyes. That indicated the impact of the blow she received during the attack. But she still looked beautiful.My eyes took in her defined facial feature. Small forehead, sharp edged nose, high cheekbones, plump red lips, slender neck, long brown hair. To say she was beautiful would be an understatement.I was here to kill her. But my head got messed up the moment my eyes fell on her. What if she got up now and witnessed me here?I stretched my right hand and closin
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Chapter 6 - Eva Is In Danger!
Eva's POV:"Okay. You know the person whom you marry will be the luckiest." I said to Andrew as I looked at the dishes on my dining table."Yeah, I know. Stop buttering me up. Cooking is done." Andrew spoke.But I wasn’t buttering him up. It was true. Andrew was caring and a very capable boy.He helped me to cook so many dishes. He cut the vegetables, processed the meat, washed them, boiled pasta, made tomato purée, made chicken stew. I cooked the pasta, mushroom, bread, pork chops.We both did the cooking, but he prepared all the ingredients.Being the elder brother of two little sisters, Andrew had to take care of his little siblings. According to him, he raised his younger sister who was seven years old. From co
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Chapter 7 - Save Her!
Theodore's POV: And the sight I saw, it was nothing like I expected. The human mate, Eva was lying on her bed. A rag was shoved inside her mouth, so she couldn’t scream and Gilly was on top of her. Her clothes were torn, she was naked from her stomach, and her legs were forcefully spread open.
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Chapter 8 - Alpha In Lust!
Theodore's POV:I drank blue poison potion, yet my wolf showed up. It wasn’t able to suppress my wolf. The mate bond was much stronger than I took it for.The event of last night was flashing before my eyes again and again.My wolf could die for her. It was natural. But after seeing her like that, the reason was starting to sway in my brain. She was fragile and delicate, so easy to hurt and kill. Still, I couldn’t kill her. Was it pure miracle or any sign from moon Goddess? I tried three times already.That mate was making me weak, definitely. But undoubtedly she was beautiful. It wouldn’t be exaggeration if I said she was the most beautiful female I had ever seen.After that night, I had envisioned her so many times. Naked, writhing under me while screaming my name. I shook my head off to brush off that useless thought out. But it didn’t work very well.As I thought about her, my cock hardene
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Chapter 9 - Tormenting Eva!
Theodore's POV:I looked at the unconscious girl who was sleeping so soundly. When people said 'ignorance is a bliss', they said the right thing.If she knew some stranger took liberty with her body, played with her during her sleep, how she would react? How she would react when she would see love bites on her neck, breasts? I would not erase the signs of this fun from her body.She would be confused, scared, and it would be fun to make her feel on edge, mentally tormented while I would get pleasure from her.Pleasure? Yeah, talking about which, I still didn’t get pleasure. But already gave her twice. Even though she was unconscious, but her body climaxed.I unblocked my pant and pulled down my boxer. My cock sprang straight like a knife. I stroked it once. The tip was already moistened with pre-cum.Then gripping my hard cock, I stroked it harder, pumping it
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Chapter 10 - Ethia!
Theodore's POV:After driving about two hours, finally my car entered the greenery of the witch-wizard community. This area was small but beautiful. It was filled with trees and greens. These people liked to lead a simple lifestyle. Even most of their houses looked rustic and old.I reached at the front gate of the duplex house. The security guard seemed surprised seeing me here. He bowed his head before me and opened the gate.This place was the same as before. Passing the flower garden, I stood in front of the building. It was an unostentatious house, the same as before.I pressed the doorbell. A minute later, the door was opened by Ethia herself. There was no imprint of surprise on her face.Rather she gave me an amused smile, 
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