Dangerous Man

Dangerous Man

By:  Noona R  Completed
Language: English
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Arabella, a twenty-four year old girl who fled from New York because she always got violence from her stepfather. Choose to settle down in Los Angeles and become a bartender at Eflic, which is the city's biggest bar. Hers life changes 180 ° when she meets Stevano. Handsome mafia who suddenly came to Eflic and took her forcibly. And indirectly Bella must be caught in the man's black life.

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Dum ... Dum ... Dum ...   The sound of loud music made by one of the famous bars in Los Angeles greeted all the ears of the people who stopped there. Rocking people to dance together without knowing who the partner is.   Eflic. Is the greatest bar in Los Angeles. Has about fifty bartenders, both male and female.   Every day, the bar is always full of visitors. Either to release fatigue from working all day or look for a partner to complete hidden desires.   "Hi beauty, I need alcohol to forget my troubles today."   The woman who was near the male customer turned her head, then smiled.   "How about a cocktail? I have a new recipe today."    The beautiful woman with long black hair replied. And the man nodded in return.   "Whatever," replied the man.   Eflic forbids the customers there to tease
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"Where are you going?"Bella looked at the man who was standing in front of her with a flat gaze. Bella is sure this person is one of them. Or maybe their leader?"Where is your boss?" asked the man."He's upstairs," Bella said, glancing at the second floor of the Eflic bar.There was no time for Bella. She had to get Sean to the hospital immediately. But, the man who was standing in front of her seemed to be blocking her, didn't want Bella to come out."Excuse me sir." Bella tried to be polite to the man she thought was handsome. Not. He sure is handsome, really.The man grinned, staring at Bella's typical bartender appearance at an Eflic bar."No," replied the man.Bella widened her eyes as the handsome man drew closer to her."Take me to your boss.” The man pleaded."Don't you see I'm in a hur
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Bella widened her eyes as the man pressed him lips against hers. The kiss was quick before hers head turned to Austin who was also shocked to see the incident before his eyes.Oh no!Bella would be in big trouble if she was by his side.When she realized what had just happened, Bella pushed the man with all her might. However, the man just grieved at Bella's encouragement which was not far from a cat. Weak."Gosh, my first kiss was forcibly taken by this crazy man." Bella said to herself."I'll take Bella with me."Its black bead stared at Austin shaking in his seat."No ... no sir."Austin didn't know what would happen after this. But that is definitely not a good thing.Meanwhile Bella is still standing. Her hand was held tightly by the man who casually stole her first kiss earlier."Let me go!
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Bella did not understand where she was going. Stevano remained silent as he accelerated the car, making no sound to break the silence that followed.And Bella couldn't help but ask the man."Where are we going?" asked Bella, her eyes glanced briefly at the man."You will know." The man replied curtly. His eyes are straight on the streets of Los Angeles, which are getting crowded at night. And the cause is people who have just come home from work.The car they were riding in slowed down, then stopped right at the large mansion that stood before their eyes.Dark.That was the first sentence that Bella said to herself. Even though it looks majestic from the outside, the mansion has its own black aura. Like the man beside her.Stevano stared at Bella who did not move and instead was stunned by the large building which was his mansion."C
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Bella yawned briefly. Feeling that half of hers soul was still in the dream. The girl grumbled at Stevano's missing figure behind the door. The man was very annoying, even though Bella still wanted to curl up to share warmth with the mattress.There was nothing Bella could do but to obey the host. She was just a little cat that Stevano was lucky to pick up. There is no reason for Bella to argue with the man who has given her the comfort of sleeping in a large, luxurious, and beautiful room.Bella removed the soft blanket that accompanied her to sleep. Then fold the blanket to make it look neat before getting out of bed. And go to the bathroom to carry out hers routine every day.Bella really gasped with the bathroom in her room. She thinks this bathroom is small, when seen from the outside. Apparently not, this is too broad to be used only for oneself.There is a nice made shower in the bathroom. Do not forg
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"Let me out, Stev. I won't run away."Stev hissed softly at what Bella had just said. He couldn't believe the girl quickly. In Stev eyes, Bella is a rebellious little cat who wants to escape."No," said the man once again.Bella is speechless. Her lips were closed and locked tight. She could only stare at Stev with pleading eyes."I beg, Stev. You can kill me if I run." Bella grimaced, not quite sure what she had just said.Stev smiled crookedly. "So, I have to search for you painstakingly before I kill you? Do you want to die? I will grant it now." The cruel man grinned happily as Bella's body suddenly trembled. Bella was afraid of the man's threat of course."Poor little cat, you should obey your master's orders if you want to live on," said Stev. He glanced at the dress Bella was wearing. Bella looked prettier in the dress she was now wearing."Plea
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Oh, Bella thinks she's going to die right away. Stev stood leaning against the door with his hands folded over his chest. His black eyes stared at Bella, and the man's gaze fell on Bella's two hands that were holding the charger.Bella quickly hid Stev's charger behind her body."I ... I …" Bella stuttered. Don't know what to do when she was caught by that man.Stev walked over. And with in seconds it was in front of that girl. Bella swallowed hard. She walked backwards to distance the man."You little thief. You have to be punished." Bella widened her eyes as Stev forcefully gave her a long kiss, scooping up all of her lips so that Bella couldn't breathe. Bella tried to rebel when the man tried to put his tongue in Bella's mouth.However, their different powers make Bella helpless. Bella only gives in as Stev masterfully dominates their kiss.The kiss lasted a long time
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Stev chuckled softly to see the contents of Bella's cellphone gallery which is full of selfies of the girl. There were several friends who were also photographed there. And Stev also saw a black-haired man who had been admitted to the hospital because of his men.Sean.Somehow Stev didn't like the look of Sean's slightly handsome face. Stev rolled his eyes boredom and shifted on the next photo.There is an album there. Bella named it a memory album. And Stev, who could not hold back his curiosity, opened the album.The Album contains a portrait of a young woman about twenty-seven wearing a white dress at the bottom of the beach. The woman smiled at the camera which was capturing pictures for her. One of hers hands grabbed the wrist of a child who was seven years old.The little girl is Bella. Stev can see many similarities between Bella and the child in the photo. And the similarities betw
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"Yep. He's our target tonight. Robert Sand, owner of the Xixi company which is currently on the rise. Someone wants him dead so that his company goes out of business. That way our clients will hold the first position in the business. And become the biggest company in Los Angeles." Lucy explainedand Stev nodded knowingly."Business, huh?" muttered Stev. The man grinned cruelly."Why is it the biggest in Los Angeles? We could even bring down the biggest company in the country?" asked Lucy, not understanding."It's all slow, Lucy. People would be surprised if something happened suddenly." Stev snorted, "A sly company that likes to play soft.""He can hire someone else under us to do that. I don't understand why he's willing to pay a fortune and ask us to do it, it's too easy for us. I don't like easy things like that, I like challenges."Stev hissed softly "Isn't that obvious? The
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"Are you sure?" said Stev confidently.Bella looked at the man calmly. "Yes! I wouldn't dare to run away from you," said Bella.Stev could see the sincerity in Bella's eyes. The girl is not lying at the moment.Finally Stev gave the girl permission, "All right, but you can't be home later than one o'clock. If you break that, you'll know what the consequences are," said Stev.Bella nodded quickly. The girl looks very happy when Stev gives her permission to meet Sean.Bella turned around. Want to shower and change clothes. However, hers steps stopped when she remembered something.Bella turned around again. Faced Stev, who was now staring at Bella with a raised eyebrow."Why?" asked the man in surprise."Which hospital should I go to? you didn't tell me where the hospital Sean was in."Bella snorted in annoyance. And
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