Darkest Shade Of Love

Darkest Shade Of Love

By:  A_rebelliousdreamer  Completed
Language: English
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The story is not dark at all.It is full of romance.A different love story of Sandhir.They have a quest for rawest taste of love..will they find it in each other?Sandhir will experience different shades of love-infatuation,care,jealousy,adoration, serenity,admiration,hopeand desires. See how their love pulls them close from boundaries.They met and finds their dream love in each other.

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68 Chapters
Paris,France...''The city of fashion And Love''It was a big grand evening the biggest fashion show ''Paris Fashion Week''was going on.The crowded hall was jam-packed with fashion experts around the world and cameras.Tall slender models were representing the outfits by famous designers under the illuminating lights.At last it was the turn for the young designer who was not one of them.A girl who kept her true identity secret from the world.The host announced.'' Alors, nous allons avec la collection exclusive du talentueux designer indien Tanya Singh ... et une jeune indienne va le présenter''( so here we go with the exclusive collection by talented Indian designer Tanya Singh..and a young Indian lady is going to
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The Lover
Venice,Italy....The young entrepreneur international forum was going on.The young talented and passionate business men around the world were present in the seminar.The hot topic of the discussion was refine young talent so that they can take the world towards a new goal,a new era full of opportunity.Each member presented his/her point of view but everybody was waiting for the last but not the least His pov.He is a famous businessman of Italy.What he achieved in his mid twenties,is just cry for the moon for many people.The host announced-'' Come sappiamo tutti, le sue capacità ei suoi successi non lasciano perdere il nostro tempo. Vorrei chiamare il signor Randhir Singh Shekhawat per venire qui e condividere la
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C H A P T E R - 1
Sanyukta..."San..san..OMG...you rocked it tonight,''Tanya...ops..Tani..my bestie cum my fashion designer hugged me while torturing my eardrums with her not so sweet voice."Please tell me something new Tani.This is your nursery rhyme since we become friends.now let me concentrate on my novel"I snapped annoyingly because she wasn't letting me to complete the new romance novel I bought yesterday ."Goshh..its so romantic,''I chipped and again indulge with the novel I had in my lap."The Magic Of You" by Johanna Lindsey''Are you done with these stupid love novels San,''Tany narrowed her gaze crossing her arms.She read the title .I watched her lips scrunched in disgust.Tanya and romance can never come on same page!''No...I can't fed up of them Tani..they give peace to my restless heart.''I replied with a dreamy smile closing the
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C H A P T E R - 2
Sanyukta...We were on all the way to Italy.Well we were riding on the car continuously for last 8 hours causing me feel nausea.I hate car journeys.It was the worst idea to journey by car,I cursed myself for it. And the second thing I was tired and starving.I had nothing so my empty stomach was doing summersaults."Tani...I am damm hungry plz lets feast on something before we head forward,''I pouted and Tani signalled the driver.I love this girl when she obeys me without any argument that happens rarely.'' Vi preghiamo di portarci in un ottimo ristorante italiano'' ( please take us to a fine Italian restaurant)I was amazed by her fluent Italian assent.''wow Tani...I must say you are good in terms with linguistic.''"I roam my ass around the world most of the time of the year.. morever I am born and brought up here.."she told me proudly.Soon the driver halted the car near a typical Italian restauran
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C H A P T E R - 3
Sanyukta....I got up and went up to bathroom to get a bath...I waxed my hands and legs..I took this much efforts..but why...may be the reason even I didn't know!I came out in my pink bathrobe n found a beautiful black evening gown on the bed,there was a handwritten note on it.I smiled on my best friend's efforts for me.''San I know you look breathtaking hot and sexy even in your loose Picachu T-shirt..but wear this for tonight from my exclusive collection.''~~Tani??''Silly girl...but I love her,''I chuckled at my own thought .I dressed myself in that dress which is complete backless and split from side till mid thigh.It was a bit revealing as I prefer decent dresses with less revelation of my body when I am not on the ramp.But I loved this dress..I left my black hairs open and did a smoky eye make up.At last I coloured my lips in blood red matte.''Not bad Sanyukta.
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C H A P T E R - 4
Third person's pov... Sanyukta went to her hotel room and quickly changed into her favorite hot pants and  doraemon top.His thoughts were dominating her mind.Those pair of mysterious eyes possessed her mind.She played her favorite song and    went up to balcony .  tu tu hai vohi dil ne jise apna kaha ... tu hai jahaan main hoon vahaanMil
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C H A P T E R - 5
We came out of the hotel and took a cab.Tani told me to wear something descent  as we were going to visit a Roman Catholic Church and second reason is that it's chilling outside..I thought Italy's climate is hot.I observed every single passing object from a local shop,to fine restaurant and centuries old houses.I loved the aesthetic of the city.I am not a fan of historical places actually I never visited one except London Tower and Buckingham Palace during my stay in London three years ago."Someone fell in love with Venice,"I heard Tani chuckled.I turned to her.''Tani I am so excited..I had never visit a Roman Catholic Cathedral..and yeah I love this place.''I exclaimed in joy.''San you know most of the people here believe in Roman Catholicism....and we are going to visit ''Basilica San Marco Church'
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C H A P T E R - 6
''Well evening crept in...though I was tired of beingroaming in the Churchyard but I was very excited to see the night glory of beach..I am hell excited and waiting for Tani.The Queen herself doesn't take too much time like my best friend do''                                                   --  Second day in VeniceI closed my diary after penning my experience but..where is Tani.urghhh this girl."Tani..Tani.. we are getting late..plz keep your business aside for sometime,''I shouted as I heard her talking over the phone for last thirty minutes.
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C H A P T E R - 7
"Miss Sanyukta Agrawal would you like to join Shekhawat Group of Company.''He dropped a bomb on me..I was not able to react at that moment..seriously he want me to join his firm or it was just my ears heard something wrong.I was in a dilemma.How could he jump on trusting a complete stranger .Weird ?"Ahem.Ahem..''he cleared his throat to gain my attention.Tani was signalling throw her eyes that whats wrong with me that I am not a
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C H A P T E R - 8
11:00  pm...I was twisting and turning on the bed..reason..Him.I looked at Tani,she was snoring peacefully.Sleep was far away from my eyes so I rolled out of the bed and came out of the room.The house was pitch dark except the few roof lights.Having no clue where to go I went to the garden..the best place I decided to get some peace where fragrant air hits my nostrils and sense.Though it was quite chilly but I was feeling relaxed.After spending some time there I stood up to go back into the room.While I was walking through the corridor when she heard a faint melodious song coming from the library.My legs automatically moved in the direction of the library.''Who must be there  at this hour..and listening Hindi song! Tani is sleeping
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