Dear Auria

Dear Auria

By:  CipherChelle  Ongoing
Language: English
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An actress, a detective and his assistant. Set in time when long distance communication is done through letters, Detective Tevyat, with his assistant Jack, must investogate a string of murders that has one fixed factor: Auria Martinez. They must catch the killer before the killer kills her.

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5 Chapters
Prologue THe pavement was composed of bricks layered in a neat way, the cracks were filled with cement thus creating a smooth ride for the carriages and steam- powered vehicles. If one were to look up from the road and the pavement, they would see buildings—mostly lodges or apartments— that are in the colour of brown or in the hue of a ‘nude’palette, the materials were also made of bricks, even the roofs. Most of the buildings were two to three story high, their windows as tall as the room itself accompanied with a balcony for someone to look from or maybe have a cup of tea in the night,but the balcony was mostly used by the onlookers observing the surroundings and its happenings. Lamp posts were in every corner of the street, providing light when the darkness of the night fell. Of course, it uses oil as the steam cannot generate enough power to have an electric lamp post yet, but the government was certainly allocating funds for the invention of such an idea; furthermore, many loc
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The First Murder (part 1) 
The First Murder (part 1) Police sirens were blaring all over the streets while the red and blue lights were flashing, effectively blinding anyone who was stupid enough to stare at them. Police officers were busy managing the onlooking crowd as they tried to get closer to the scene, and it was even more harder when the media arrived and bombarded everyone with questions. It did not help that the rain poured even harder, it did not help that it was at the dead of the night. Somehow, things just seem to get worse and worse. “YOU! Yes, you there! Get the media away from here, they are disturbing us!” a senior police officer shouted at the young one. His brows were scrunched as he saw how problematic the scene was. Not only is it raining, in the middle of the night and has too many onlookers even if they should be inside their home at this hour, it does not help when the status of the person is something very popular. “Can someone please manage the crowd!?” he shouted again. “Excuse m
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The First Murder (part 2)
The First Murder (part 2) Poor miss Auria Martinez was seen as a crying mess that night. Media focused on her teary eyes as she sobbed away. Jack tried to comfort her but it was to no avail. Eventually, Auria was led back inside her car by her driver and was driven away. The media tried to get something from her, or anything that they could put in their articles for tomorrow morning’s newspaper. As she went away, Azrick and Jack went back to the crime scene and talked more with the Detective Olive. Ducking down the police tape, Azrick called towards Detective Olive. “Oi mate, anything new?” Olive turned his head towards his former co- workers and said, “Sorry mate, nothing new. How about the girl?” “Went home. She was a crying mess, poor miss Auria.” Jack replied this time, looking at the crime scene. The body of the victim, John Smith, was being put in a body bag to be transported in a morgue for an autopsy. They hope they could get a permission from his family or even to Auria so
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The First Murder (part 3)
The First Murder (part 3) “How is she doing?” Mr. Tevyat asked, taking his coat off from his shoulders and hanging it on the coat rack near the door, he took his hat too and also hung it on the coat rack. Jack came after, holding a box of cupcakes--- cookies and cream flavour--- just like how Auria likes them. Jack took off his coat too and put it beside Azrick’s before being led by the maid to where Auria was at the moment. “The miss has yet to heal. I do not think she will ever heal from this. Shedoes not eat, nor does she take showers anymore despite her being an advocate for hygiene. We rarely see her out of her room and would only go out to drink a glass of water and nothing more.” The devastation in the voice of the maid was very evident, her face was downcast and her head hung low. She is affected by the situation of her mistress. Well, all are affected. It had been four days since the incident. Four days since the death of John Smith--- her lover. Four days without Auria be
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A Walk by the Bridge (part 1)
A Walk by the Bridge (part 1) It has already been two weeks after the incident, after the death of John Smith. People were still shocked that a kind and famous person was already gone in their world in a blink of an eye, people were still mourning the loss of the showbiz industry as they visit the funeral of him, people still cannot believe what happened. The full article of the murder was published by numerous news paper companies a week ago, five days after the day of the crime. The people were shocked by the news and were puzzled as to why someone would do such a thing to a kind person— they knew John Smith as someone who has no haters— a rare instance in the world of actors and actresses. And yet they were welcomed by the news. Of course, the whole story was not published, there were some omissions from some part. It is so— by the reasoning of the police— to keep the investigation as clean as possible and to keep the people from pestering them, they already had the media to do
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