Definitely Divorce You

Definitely Divorce You

By:  L_xe Akasia  Ongoing
Language: English
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it turned out he would never respect me for two years of marriage. He kept considering me as a servant even if I had taken care his life for whole days. Eve was his lover. She left Bima, the man marrying me and made a contract with me when I was barely breathe due to my mother to commite suicide. My mother was freaking me out when she kept to hold herself with my father side even if the man continously abused my mother and cheating as well. Anyway, my father's affair was also Eve. Eve was a beauty in every single man's desire. What else could I do if in the end I run my life like my mother did. Yet, one day I found a doctor offering me a contract. That was an opportunity made me think I would divorce Bima. I could do that, definitely divorce him and made Eve paid all pain my mother got this time.

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70 Chapters
How Could She Be?
If I push him down the stairs, what will happen? Is it possible that I can divorce him? Could I go to jail? If I go to jail, can the stress I feel disappear quickly? Drrttt! My cell phone rings. Eve! I call her name in my heart. Eve, she is the lover of the person who married me. "What else? Why are you walking so long? Get fast!" he asked. He is Bima. He scolds me as usual. He is the person who married me because of a certain incident. He hates me as well, probably to the bottom of his heart. Yet, at this time, both of his legs are paralyzed because of an accident. "Eve called me," I say. “W–what?” Bima seems to be shocked. "Your lover called me, so wait a minute, I'll pick it up!" I say it very furiously. "Let me hear between you two!" He asks with his facial expression still the same as usual. The look of disappointment on his face because his lover left him and because he must marry me as well. I smile faintly. Actually, it hurts to be continuously ordered from th
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How Freaking Crazy!
"Please listen to me just once!" I almost cry in front of the doctor who is holding my body. He surely will bring me go to the court. "Talk it later at the police station!" interrupte this doctor. He do not allow me to give even the slightest explanation. "Just give me 5 minutes!" I insist on continuing to ask for time. "No way. OK, I'd better just call the cop and they will come forcing you here,” Yet he is more stubborn in not giving me a chance to defend myself here. My hands are shaking, I am scared to death. "Where's my cell phone? Cell phone… my cellphone,” I ask in a panic. When I stand up, my eyes start to go completely dark. "Ahhh!"It cant be help, it may be caused by the accident I got.Thus now I start to fall onto the sidewalk because of the dizziness and nausea I feel. "Miss, are you okay?" This doctor help me stand up. I see his eyes widen wide. He may get suprised to see me almost down. "Please give me time to explain it," I ask him again. "Okay, if t
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"Good Grief!" A Man with His Deep Love
It can't be helped when I have felt sorry for Bima the way Eve treats bad of that man all this time while he still trusts her very well. How can the damn woman give medicine to paralyze animals to a man with whom she has been in a love relationship for a long time? If my mother become stupid because of a man, then Bima is even stupider because he loves women too much.Why can I end up with the same situation with the two of them? Two people who love too deeply and I get hurt whenever they behave. I quietly get into Bima house, I mean a place I used to stay. I also go into Bima's room and see the man lying asleep on his bed. I know Bima quite well, he is a person who doesn't wake up easily when he's asleep, so I quickly pour the contents of the bottle that Eve just gives me into my pocket and then I replace it with the medicine that the hospital doctor just gives to me. My hands are still shaking, I am quite worried about being caught. Every now and then I glance at Bima and finall
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That Eve With Unreasonable Lies
From the beginning when we meet each other, Bima always insulted me. He said that my father was a disgusting cheat and the fruit never fell far from the tree. That fruit was me. By the way, we lived in the same housing complex in the past and when we went to school, we were in the same high school as well. However, I didn’t really know Bima, or be familiar with him. We were also in different classes, also in different majors. It was just that he knew my father's bad behavior. My father was once an head in a housing complex’s office and once corrupted local residents' fees, also sold a resident's assets. That was the begining of his hatred emerged towards my father and had an impact on me. For whatever reason, my father always escaped the law and that made his family stick to him. "Tsk!" The strange thing is that the more evil and cunning people are, the more willing other people are to approach them for profit and protection. I hate living in an environment that thinks tha
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Servant Will Be A Servant, Not More
My head still hurts but I have to prepare breakfast for Bima. Healthy and nutritious food that can improve the condition of his bones. “Give me Eve’s number!” I smile faintly, a little happy because finally I no longer need to be a liaison between the two of them. “Here!” I give my cell phone to Bima who is sitting behind me. He is a bit shocked because I throw my cell phone at him. Ahh I don’t care if he will get angry.Yet, at the end, he manages to catch it perfectly. Bima walks away from me, he even takes my cell phone with him. Whatever, the important thing is that I finish my work this morning and Bima can have breakfast, I will go back to rest as well. “Why didn’t you tell me when you got married, Eve?” I faintly hear Bima’s voice asking. After putting the food on the table, I intend to take out my cell phone again but I am surprised when Bima use my cellphone to contact Eve instead of his phone. It is predictable that Eve definitely doesn’t want to answer Bima’s ca
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Only me, The One
“What? Why do you call me instead of your mother?” I ask him straight when I enter his room and close the door.“Did you bring that medicine?”Instead he asks that crazy question back. He can’t be helped. How can there be a man who gives up his life for only a woman?“You freak!” I say openly.“Just tell me, do you bring it or not?” he asks again with the tone of a held anger.“Here!”I take the medicine bottle that I always carry in my jacket pocket and put it on the table roughly. Thus, I prefer to go rather keep myself to be here.“Give it to me, fast!” He stops me with the order.That isn’t enough yet he even wants me to give medicine to his hands.How brat he is!I force to take the bottle and put it in his hand then I immediately left.Yet, my steps stop off. For a moment I remember something that may be able to help me out of this exhaustion.“Is there any chance you’ll forget Eva?” I ask him straight.I turn to look at Bima once again, then with red eyes and an angry face, B
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Definitely Divorce You
I can predict everything that Bima will do well in advance because I am quite experienced in his condition.Just like my mother, Bima must have been determined to end his life because Eva left him.My mother used to do it because of my father. His life almost can not be saved, yet luckily Eve is there at that time.So pissed!If it isn’t for my mother, I will have just let Bima die.“Bima,” I grumble irritably, calling his name which makes me sick of pain. I immediately look for a nurse for help.Thus, Bima is found on the fourth floor, a special floor for the hospital parking area via CCTV.I rush to run towards him in a rather dimly lit place because the orange lights aren’t enough to illuminate the place where he is.Maybe Bima deliberately chooses that place to carry out his action. Really, he wants to jump out.My hard life, it makes even harder by his childlike behavior.“Really, you want to die right now?” I ask him after I arrive and stop my walking.I am a little far away whi
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That was what The Evil Woman Did
I remember when my mother almost died, her life was almost beyond hope and my father refused to help with hospital costs, we were almost thrown out and had no place to return to. My father went with the young girl he was having an affair with and what was even more painful was that it was also his mistress who helped my mother from dying. Yes, who else could that young girl be if not Eve? That day I no longer cried when my mother lay on the bed after she tried to hang herself in the room, luckily that day I could still see her and with all my strength I stopped my mother's suicide attempt. After that failed, a few days later my mother drank poison and I took her to the hospital. Her life wasn’t almost saved. That day, I'm on the verge of sadness. My mother had to be treated for a full recovery in the hospital, but I didn't have any money at that time and my father refused to give me the money. "Just let her die, she has humiliated me with her behavior and it's enough for me to h
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I was Forced To Be Eve
"Eve, where is Eve? Let me see Eve, Eve!” One of the people who was crazy about Eva's beauty, that was him, the bastard Bima. He, who had just woken up from a coma after one weeks accident, suddenly lost his memories and all he remembered was the name of Eve. "Calm your self, Bima hikss hikks!" His mother was crying, hugging him even though he didn't remember her. How sad is that disobedient man. "Who are you? Where is Eve? Stop hugging me and just let me to see Eve!” He even pushed his mother until she fell down on the floor. "Why … oh my, my legs? Why can't my legs move?" he said angrily. "Where's Eve? I need Eve... I want to meet Eva." "I'm Eve," I said to Bima. "Eve?!”" He called me then his eyes looked thoughtful.I thought It was stupid behave, even though Eva was actually beside me and was pretending to cry when she saw his condition, yet Bima can’t remind her face that day.He only knew her name. "Yes, I'm Eve. I'm yours Bima," I said again. "Eve hikss hikss...
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I was Okay, But Not Now
In the end I married Bima with my real name but I was still considered Eve by all people there. Maybe everyone was lying by saying that Eva was my pseudonym and nickname. Even though there was not a single word of EVA that was similar to my real name. Everyone was a fraud, everyone was pretending and I was the victim and eyewitness. Bima deceived his mother by pretending he still had memory loss so that his mother would not suffer in sadness. Because as far as I know, Bima's mother was the one who caused Bima's accident. Bima's mother separated Eve’s love from Bima in the past, which made Bima depressed. Bima's mother herself agreed to Eve's plan until Eve returned from abroad and until Bima recovered from his paralyzed legs. Didn’t know what agreement Eva made that was able to convince Bima's mother. Eve was the mastermind behind all this. Eva was the culprit and I was just the pawn. If Bima hadn't loved Eva this deeply, perhaps I would never have lived this miserable, but beca
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