Guarded Secrets

Guarded Secrets

Oleh:  Jay Gee  On going
Bahasa: English
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Life wasn't what Elayna thought once she married her nouveau riche husband. She has found out the hard way that all that glitters isn't gold. Nick is hired to protect Elayna. He thought from rival business owners and paparazzi, but soon finds out it's someone even more dangerous...Her husband.

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Sirisha Asmath
You should have a trigger warning
2022-07-30 11:40:47
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This book is a bit of a mess. The structure is off, there are repeat chapters and it probably should have a trigger warning
2022-10-26 19:23:29
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Chapter 1
Elayna was crouched down on the floor hiding in the bathroom. Her full weight of one-hundred and twenty three pounds was pressed against the door. Her heart felt as if it would beat out of her chest. Her entire body was  shaking. There were loud bangs coming from the opposite side of the door. They were so hard it shook the doors and vibrated through her small frame, only increasing her state of fear. She felt trapped and helpless. “Open up! Open this fucking door! You little bitch!” Her husband yelled through the door.  “No! Please! Bradley, you’re scaring me!” She yelled back through the door. “Open the door!” He boomed. He sounded manic to her now. She couldn’t do it. Not after what just had occurred. He ha
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Chapter 2
“Thank you, Peter.” She said with genuine gratitude, loud enough to be heard through the thick door. She stood up then, walked over to the mirror and looked at her reflection. Her long black hair, which was usually neatly placed and lustrous was now disheveled and slightly matted. Some parts of her scalp were bleeding from where he had drug her with it. Her makeup was tear streaked. She picked up her brush from the counter and began to gently comb her hair.When it looked similar to how she had fixed it earlier she picked up a small towel and wet the corner of it with water from the bathroom sink. She used it to wipe away the blood on her scalp and the corners of her hairline. Her head was throbbing when she was finally done. She then ran cold water from the sink and splashed it on her face to help with the puffiness from the crying, as well as wash away the tear streaks. She patted her face dry with a hand towel that hung on the gold towel rack beside the sink. And q
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Chapter 3
She smiled and nodded then, knowing she couldn’t ever speak to anyone about what had happened between she and her husband behind closed doors. She had known nothing about Bradley hiring more security. It was something he did often. Always changing them out. Peter was the only one that he had kept on for an extended amount of time.  Before she had married her husband she had enjoyed the simple luxury of driving to a mall and shopping alone and unnoticed. Now, she dreaded it. She was now considered among the creme de la creme. Paparazzi were always around the corner. Ready to snap a photo of the very rich and handsome couple, Elayna and Bradley King. She was always escorted by security. Alone, or with him. That security had been Pete from day one. Over the last two years she’d grown fond of Pete. Like a little sister to a big brother. One who looked out for her.  “Welcome, Nick. I’m sure Pete has informed you of your duties.” “Yes, ma’am. I ha
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Chapter 4
  Pete was beginning to fear for Mrs. King's safety each day he stayed on. She tried hard to hide and cover the bruises that ass of a man left, but he knew. She was alone in the world and Mr. King was using it to her advantage. “Your boss's wife is smokin’,” Nick commented after both of them had watched her leave the room.  Peter smiled at nick's observation.  “Don’t be an asshole.” “I’m not. I’m being factual.” “Well you may want to keep those facts to yourself. Anyone catch you talking like that you’ll be out on your ass,for sure.” “Easy, Pete.”  His friend seemed uptight.  He didn’t know what the hell was going on, and for his first day th
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Chapter 5
He watched some climb the stairs and go to Mrs. King’s bedroom suite. He followed them up and heard her tell the maids to enter. They obeyed.  Seconds later, They came out of the room and exited the suite. Until finally the last one shut the bedroom doors and then more maids with flowers entered and began filling her suite up with more flower arrangements. Mr. King was proving to be over the top. All Nick could think of was what Pete had said to him when he had asked him if there was something he was missing. He could see now with the position he had just been hired for. He wouldn’t miss a thing, especially when it involved his employer’s wife...  Waking up from her nap Elayna noticed her suite was filled with flowers. They sat on every surface welcoming her. The aroma sweetening the air. She use to think that this gesture made by her husband was romantic, but now she found it redundant and mech
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Chapter 6
“Thank you, Laura.” “Have a good night, ma’am.” She said as she opened the doors into her suite. Elayna saw him again then. Her new bodyguard. He was standing looking as if he was ready. He was still rugged and handsome to her. She was surprised by her attraction to him. He was not her usual type.  He acknowledged her presence as soon as she came in the room. Ready to lead her out of her large home. He did just that and within minutes he was assisting her into a limo.  Once Mrs. King was situated and the driver began heading to their destination. Nick thought back to when she had just walked down the stairs and out of her home with confidence, but now her face read something else to him. Was it sadness? He could not say. He didn't dare openly stare at her.
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Chapter 7
They all stopped dining and seemed awe struck by her husband and his aura of power. He could do no wrong in their eyes. Some were here to suckle at the power teet, she knew. Bradley never really let her engage with these people, or any of the people he knew for that matter. Sometimes it felt like they lived totally different lives. He rounded the corner and entered the dining area. As he walked through people stood up and shook his hand. Some wanted pictures from him or to discuss a new business deal. She enjoyed watching him with people. He was so charming and aloof. Giving them just enough to come off as jovial and kind. She had fallen for that. Now she was behind the curtain, and her life was almost close to becoming unbearable. The closer he got the more nervous she became. She stood up when he got to their center table.
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Chapter 8
Nick’s breath had been taken away by Elayna when he had saw her come out of her bedroom in that sheer dress she wore tonight. Not because the dress fit her like a second skin, or because it showed off her ample breasts, small waist and beautiful butt. His breath had been taken away by her because she wore it with so much confidence. As if to say there was nothing wrong with her outfit. That it was perfectly fine. Though, he thought he had detected a bit of shame in her eyes on the ride over, but only briefly, when she had stepped out of the car it was gone. She had embraced it and her confidence in the expensive cocktail dress made her look gorgeous. Her raven black hair had been free flowing and had framed her face beautifully, making her hazel eyes look big. She had wore a fresh, dewy makeup look that gave her skin a natural glowing appearance. He knew he shouldn’t be thinking about her, but she was so
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Chapter 9
Once he saw how well business went when she was up for grabs he always wanted her to go on business trips with him.  Tonight, it was some columbian millionaire seeking her husband’s financial assistance and expertise. Bradley and this man had been drinking scotch since noon. It was currently seven p.m. How they were still standing and coherent was beyond Elayna. After spending hours at a resort and spa she had finally convinced her husband that it would be best if they all went back to the villa they were staying at. He agreed, but only if his business friend could come along. She stupidly said ‘yes’. Now they were sitting in a semi dark living room. The columbian had been eyeing her since they met him at the resort earlier that day. She was in a tight, bright white, cotton halter tank and khaki short shorts
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Chapter 10
The next morning in the limo Nick hadn’t meant to overhear his employers conversation, but he had, and it was one that shocked and angered him.  The partition had been rolled down and Mr. King didn’t seem to care who heard him belittling and verbally assaulting his gorgeous wife. Nick was quite frankly shocked and appalled at the things he heard Mr. King say. “You’re a little country whore. That’s all you know how to do is fuck, eat, and spend my money!” “You know that’s not true!” “Shut your trap, or I’ll shut it for you!” He heard her grow quiet. “On your knees!” He thought he had misheard him, but when he insisted a seco
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