Equivale: Finding His Heart - Book two

Equivale: Finding His Heart - Book two

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Book Two of the Tales of Zodia takes us to Equivale. A beautiful Kingdom which honors the power, strength, and loyalty of the Horse. We follow Lance Stallion, a Prince in turmoil, as he has to manage the aftermath of the events in Dracovia. Stay with him, as he has to adjust to a new lifestyle and see what happens, when he reconnects with an old friend. Rayne Whisper, is a fiery and determined young woman, who has always been decisive in all she does. Can she help him break away from his anger and reconnect with his true self, before he loses everything that is dear to him? And what about his somewhat complicated relationship with Lilliana and Drake? Can a friendship bloom out of the ashes? Your favourite people return and are joined by a host of new friends in this second installment, that continues the journey we started in Dracovia. Latin: "Vera libertas est signum es, et spiritu. Quando corpus et ceterorum domantur, sed cor manet libera. Si habes intellectum humanum liberum spirituale sapit. Nubiferis alis volare, quem Pegasum magnam de caelo."

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Tamara Taylor
Loving this series so far. can't wait for the next book!!!...
2022-10-03 14:41:09
80 Chapters
Kayda, the Mother Dragon smiles as she watches Lilliana and Drake sleeping soundly, finally enjoying a brief moment of peace after such struggles. For a time, she was worried for them but now she stands proudly, watching as the world around them continues to come alive with magic once more. However, she can sense a building darkness, hidden from her sight and an unease begins to spread within her. She wonders what this will mean for the young leaders as they learn how to manage their people while also learning to control their ability. As this feeling builds within her Kayda decides to break her silence and she reaches out to Lilliana through her dreams. “Congratulations daughter of dragons, may you be happy your life long and rule with a fair and just hand. Beware, for you have enemies waiting to strike and take advantage of your weaknesses. Be strong and follow your convictions. I will be watching, always.” “Kayda?”
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Chapter 1: Lance.
“Ouch! Will you be careful?! That Hurts!” The doctor is working on removing the arrow from my arm, but he is being especially rough about it. “Hold still, please your Highness. It is embedded quite deeply into your muscle. If you wish to retain the full use of your arm, I suggest you stop complaining and sit still.” “Argh!” He pulls on it again, the pain is excruciating, this is the second time she has put an arrow in me, and it was just as unpleasant the first time. “Just hurry up and take it out already! Are you a sadist?” The doctor frowns at my last comment but remains silent then gives the arrow one last yank, finally pulling it free. “Argh! Damnit!” I cradle my right arm in my left hand and put pressure on the wound to try and stop the pain. My anger hasn’t lessened any, but when I think about what happened I also feel a paralyzing fear take over me. A Dragon! She was really a Dragon, and she was going to seriously harm me! But he... My anger flares again as I think ove
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Chapter 2: Lance.
I’m too shocked to answer, so I just stand and stare at Lilliana. She walks further into the room, allowing the door to close behind her. We are both thrown into darkness again momentarily before suddenly the lights flash on. I squint against the glare and when finally, my eyes adjust I see that she is standing in the middle of my room watching me with a frown as she looks around at the destroyed room. I’m wary of her intentions and a coldness enters my voice when I speak betraying my defensiveness. “What are you doing here?” “Always so cold and aggressive Lance. Did you ever consider that I was responding in kind?” “That is just your way of shifting all the blame to me, you are hardly blameless in any of this Lilliana.” Her eyes narrow at my response, and I can feel her power radiating off her in waves, I wonder what she intends to do, and I keep my guard up. She seems to sense this because suddenly the anger in her eyes fades and she looks at me strangely. “Yes Lance, it is tr
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Chapter 3: Rayne.
I rise with the dawn, the same as every morning and head to the stables to begin my chores for the day. I love my job, working on this ranch raising horses to one day serve the country on behalf of the Royal Family is extremely rewarding. We breed them to enter the Royal Cavalry, but many farms rely on horse labour as well, so we breed the larger ones for that too. The one other responsibility we have is capturing the wild mustangs for the Royal ‘coming of age’ ceremony when a Prince or Princess turns 18 or when an existing Royal horse dies, and they require a replacement. It is up to us to break in the replacement horse and make sure it is suitably trained to perform the required duties when delivered to the owner. It has been a few years since a mustang was last brought in to be broken, so for now, we just focus on our foals. There is a mare in the stables now who is close to giving birth, so I have been visiting her every spare moment I have, to check on her healt
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Chapter 4: Rayne.
Over the next few days, nothing changes much. The Queen and the Prince eat their meals in the main hall, but when she has work to do, he hides in his room. I am disappointed because I really hoped to have a playmate, but I’m not the kind of girl who gives up, so I start playing my games below his window.  After a week I begin to get bored sitting there, so I wander over to the paddock and climb up on the fence to watch the men with the horses. “Hello, Rayne. Everything okay little one?” Mr Tobias calls out to me, and I wave back, smiling. “Hello. I’m okay, I wanted to watch you work.” “Really? Say, how old are you now?” “I’m eight.” “Eight you say, would you like to help?” A huge bubble of excitement rises in me, and I grin like an idiot. “Yes please!” He laughs and then walks over to pick me up and carry me over to one of the horses, he is smaller than the others. “This is Spade, he likes t
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Chapter 5: Lance.
My return home is not a pleasant affair. My father had been so proud when the betrothal was agreed upon, but now as I stand in front of his throne awaiting my fate, he cannot bear to look at me. My family are all sat surrounding me, silently judging as my father decides my punishment. Finally, he looks up to speak to me.“You are an utter disgrace! I am ashamed to admit that my blood runs through your veins! I hereby denounce you as my son, you are no longer a Prince of this country! You will have no rights to the throne and will live out your days reduced to ‘Duke’ status. I don’t care where you go, just stay out of my sight. I never want to see you in my presence from this day forth. Now, away with you!”He turns his face away and waves his hand in the air as though he was swatting an annoying fly out of the air dismissing me. I glance at my brothers and sisters; I can see a conflict of emotion on their faces. They are equal parts annoye
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Chapter 6: Lance.
***Flashback***Lance age 15My littlest big sister is due to turn eighteen in a few weeks, so they are preparing for her ceremony. Rayne and I wander over to the paddock where the mustangs are usually kept as we are both curious about the new horse that was brought in.We are both excited and talking about all sorts, I’m looking at her and watching her red hair blowing in the breeze, instead of paying attention to the paddock ahead.Suddenly there is a shout followed by the sound of splintering wood. When I turn to look, I see that the stallion has gotten loose.The ranch hands panic when they notice us in his path, everyone is shouting for us to move out of the way as they fear that we will be trampled to death.Anyone else would probably try to run away or dodge him, but I just think about protecting Rayne. I wrap my arms around her before throwing us both down to the ground and using my own body as a shield. She sc
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Chapter 7: Rayne.
I see the moment he raises his arm and I know what is coming, but I prefer he uses that thing on me than on the horse. I am fully prepared to feel its sting, but then a black blur engulfs my vision and blocks Lord Roderick from my view. What just happened? I take a step back so I can see clearer, and I am faced with the slender muscular back of a tall man dressed in a black suit. They are blocking Lord Roderick from me, and I realise they just stopped him using his whip on me too. But who would be out here at this time of day to be able to do that in the first place? As I struggle with my confusion and shock, my hearing comes back, and I hear what is being said. “How dare you even think of using a whip on a person! Have you no shame?!” The man in front of me is yelling at Lord Roderick, but the firmness of his tone tells me he is used to talking to people like this. “Who are you to speak to me like that?! I am
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Chapter 8: Rayne.
I know that when they find out who he is they are going to be shocked but, first I need to make sure Misty is okay. I slowly enter the stall and attempt to calm her down. “Shhh, Misty. Easy girl, it’s me, Rayne.” As I try to calm her with my voice, I see Lance remove a pocketknife from his boot and slowly approach her with it held low by his leg. The last thing I want him to do is spook her, so I keep talking, hoping to keep her attention on me. Suddenly she sees how close he is and feeling threatened, she tries to fight her bonds to get away from us. “Shhh, easy girl. I’m not here to harm you.” I hear a softness in his voice as he speaks to her, and I find myself drawn in. He extends his free hand out to her palm up as he continues to slowly approach, always keeping his voice low and calm. She is still breathing hard and eventually he is close enough to touch her neck. Laying his hand gently on her skin he slowly strokes the tense muscles there hopin
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Chapter 9: Lance.
When she faces me, her expression is severe, and her biting tone cuts through me as do her words. But her voice rolls over my senses like warm honey and my skin prickles with goosebumps. I freeze like a statue in response, and I feel an electric current shoot through me as I lock eyes with her, I cannot look away. I have never been able to forget those eyes, they are burned in my memories forever, but I never thought we would see each other again, let alone meeting like this today. Those warm chestnut brown irises with that golden hue that pin me in place with their beauty and their odd way of making me feel like all my secrets are laid bare. Even though she is glaring at me I cannot deny that she is beautiful. There is a symmetry to her features that I find incredibly attractive, and it wasn’t there all those years ago. I fight back the urges that are building in me unbidden, she clearly isn’t my type, too headstrong and I won’t be put through another situat
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