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Having a mate that is female is unheard of and forbidden in the werewolves community, and when the said mate is your sister it makes it twice forbidden. Kendra Wolf lost her parents to a rogue attack at the age of five, an attack she never forgot, not even when she got adopted by another clan. While she grew all she could think about was having her revenge and having a mate was not part of the equation certainly not one that was forbidden, weak and her sister. Her sister Adira was born two years after she was adopted by the alpha of black moon pack. Adira was sweet and stunning and had an alluring smile that captures the heart of everyone including their parents. Adira was the apple of their parents eyes and everyone in the pack doted on her and Kendra resented her for it but what will she do when her sister turns out to be her mate will she reject her or succumb to the mate bond, and what happens when the whole pack is against their union and what about the rogues that killed her parents how will Kendra face all these challenges find out in her FORBIDDEN MATES.

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Alex and Star gacha
why it's taking so long to update
2021-08-17 08:24:18
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Chinenye Eziukwu
Shameless review. So interesting. The plot is fresh and unique, not the usual story lines we are used to reading give it a chance, will you. 😜
2021-06-14 19:17:51
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Eziukwu obioma
This book is interesting. The opening chapter will get you hooked and wanting more. Though slowly developing I believe the author has something nice up her sleeves so give it a chance
2021-06-14 18:46:34
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Olajumoke Olusesi
This book is so interesting. Like the opening chapter and will encourage people to give it a trial. Also for the author. Like your writing style but needs a little more polish. Continue the good work , know you will get there
2021-06-21 18:59:14
9 Chapters
Chapter one
White moon pack  The whole forest was silent as night reigned the sky. The moon high up in the sky casting beautiful shadows on the forest grounds. The night patrols walking the borders keeping an eye out for any threat.There has been a lot of news about rogues sighting and killings.Few weeks ago there was a massacre of the red moon pack by rogues living no pack member alive and this threw the whole clans into high alert with tightening of security. Further past the forest is the pack land and at it's center stood a moderate size mansion with four floors and a whole lot of rooms. Occupying the last floor is the alpha and his family, the second floor for the beta and his family, the first floor is for the gamma warriors in charge of protecting the pack house and the ground floor are for the staffs, servants, mess hall where communal meals are shared, the kitchen and also the alpha office.At the last f
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Chapter Two
White moon packNimerah watched her mate leave and two of their warriors climb up in her direction to take guard outside the room while she returned to her sleeping cub's room. She began to pace nervously when it seems as if it was taking time for her mate to return. She wanted so badly to go to him, to assure herself that he was alright that he was safe because she didn't know how she will survive if something was to happen to him but a look at her still sleeping daughter kept her rooted inside the room pacing up a storm and praying to the moon goddess that her mate was safe. Nimerah went to the window and looked into the night but all she saw was pinch, darkness, the moon has gone into hiding behind the sky. Staring into the forest she allowed her wolf to emerge through her eyes, turning her usual warm hazel eyes into glowing gold giving her a clear vision into the night.At first, all was still and calm then she saw them, the glowing red ey
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Chapter three
Conall felt the distress call of his mate and sprinted into the woods, the need to get to his mate spurning him on. He could feel his warriors sprinting alongside him, his beta a huge black wolf wider in width than him but smaller in height running side to side with him. He was scared for his mate and child and hoped they were safe. Damn! the rogues for the nuisance they are causing in the wolf community Conall cursed in his mind while Denzel ate up the distance to the pack house in long huge steps. When he and his warriors arrived all they saw were white wolves lying dead everywhere with few of golden fur in their midst. Conall searched frantically through Denzel eyes for his mate and cub amid all the chaos but they weren't there. He sprinted towards the pack house in his wolf form tearing apart any golden wolf that came across his path. He leaped the stairs two at a time running into the rooms
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Chapter four
Leaving her mate there was one of the hardest things Nimerah has ever done. She Clutched her child to her body and ran as fast as she could. With every step she took she had to fight herself not to go back, not to look back. Her wolf Carla was pacing in rage around the confines of her mind wanting to go to the aid of her mate but she had to keep reminding her that they needed to get their cub to safety.As Nimerah ran through the forest she could hear heavy pounds from the distance as the rogues gave chase. Her eyes glowed yellow in the darkness letting her see clearly through Carla's eyes. She winced painfully when a branch tore through her gown to her thighs leaving a long scratch mark on the skin. " Are you alright? " her daughter asked in a tiny voice still holding on tightly to her as they raced for their lives. " I am baby, don't worry about me, " Nimerah said to her cub with an ass
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Chapter five
Since Kendra woke up from her sleep she had been confused as to what was happening in her home. She wondered why people were screaming and why her mother was running away from their house and who were those mean-looking wolves eating her people. She was so scared but didn't want to let her mother know because she didn't want to distract her mother. She had been happy when her father and come to help her mummy defeat the bad wolves but was confused again and sad when daddy had said she and mum should leave him and go. She wanted to say no but had seen the look in her father's eyes and knew that it was important and now her mother was asking her to go and leave her behind. Kendra opened her mouth to tell her mother that she didn't want to go, then she saw the bad wolves and decided to do as her mother told her to do.She tore off further into the forest her tiny legs eating up the dista
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Chapter six
Black moon pack. The night was silent the warriors patrolling the borders alert for anything out of the ordinary. The pack members fast asleep.In one of the rooms inside the packhouse lay the alpha and his luna. Always protective of his mate even in slumber, Alpha Roderick had his arms wrapped around his petite mate, enfolding her in his warmth, shielding her from any harm with his much larger frame as they both slept peacefully. The clock had just hit 5 am when the pale blue eyes warm from sleep flew open, and immediately scanned the room for any danger not sensing any threat to him and his mate he relaxed and shoved his nose into his mate blonde locks, inhaling deeply and allowing her sweet scent to fill and calm him. He pulled the woman closer causing her rounded bottom to rub against his morning wood. He moaned into the blonde curls moving his hips cl
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Chapter seven
An immense raw power filled the room pulling at Trix's subconscious.  Perceiving the power as a threat her eyes opened glowing golden as she reacted to the presence.  She flew to her feet facing the direction she felt the threat to be coming from and growled. Though her growl wasn't as powerful, the challenge underneath was felt by everyone in the room. Trix didn't understand where she was, everything was different and that was making her scared but she wasn't going to let all these humans staring at her like she has an extra head know that she is scared. She felt her human steer from her lost of consciousness. Kendra opened her eyes gradually and looked around. She was confused as to where she was. She was lying on green grasses underneath a tree with a large shade. She sat up and looked around all she could see were green grasses with the sun
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Chapter eight
Black moon packIn the security tower The seventh floor of the security tower was the tech room filled with so many computer screens displaying videos of the various sections of the pack with pack tech guys eight in total black outfit focused on the screen. Just above it is the watchtower where two warriors are stationed 24/ 7 to keep eyes over the whole territory, spotting any danger that the security might miss.The black moon pack is not only the strongest in the wolf community but also the most advanced. When alpha Roderick took over he made it his mission to bring his pack into the twenty-first. He sent out some of his people to the human world to learn all about the digital world and then he spent almost half of the pack resources acquiring the best security gadgets. He takes the safety of his people seriously.The leader of security, Aldric a tall man buffed up with muscle with a
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Chapter nine
Erica watched her mate exit the door in a hot determined steps. She felt his worry across their mate bond and she too was worried. If the rogues alpha has struck again then there is trouble. The presence of the little wolf had nearly shifted her focus from the main reason they had come to the hospital in the first place. She turned with the little wolf in her arms to face her sister-in-law. " Can I speak to you for a moment, " she said. Aubrey paused what she was doing to give Luna all her attention, her gaze asking if everything was alright. She could sense that something other than the thought of the rogue striking again was troubling the woman.Erica's lips stretched into a weak and sad smile, she was trying to pull off that everything is an alright facade but the haunted look in her eyes gave her away to the doctor. There was only one thought that can put that lol on Luna's face, Aubrey thought in empathy asking luna to
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