Fall in love with my ex's dad

Fall in love with my ex's dad

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" Your father?? Bryan is your father?? " Ava asked, stunned. Jayden nodded, his face expressionless " Yeah " Bryan stared between his son and his own girlfriend, who happened to be his son's ex. And he wanted her back, he knew his son too well and he could see that Jayden wanted Ava back. Jayden turned to his father " Dad, is she your girlfriend? " He asked, desperately hoping it wasn't true but his hope was dashed when his father nodded. " Sh*t " Came out of his mouth as he hit his fist on the wall in suppressed anger. He turned to his father " She's my girlfriend, Dad " he declared. " Ex girlfriend " Ava corrected, her nose flaring in anger.

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Chapter 1
" We need to talk " Jayden said quietly, his voice heavy with an unusual gravity as he gestured toward the living room. Ava's heart sank as she followed him, feeling a sense of impending doom in his demeanor.They settled onto the couch, a noticeable distance between them. Ava felt the tension in the air, her heart pounding in anticipation of what Jayden might say next. He remained distant, staring off into the distance, making it harder for her to read his thoughts." What's going on, Jay? " Ava finally asked, her voice tinged with concern.He sighed heavily, running a hand through his hair, struggling to find the right words. " Ava, I've been feeling... lost, confused. I've been trying to make sense of it all, but I can't "Ava's stomach clenched, a sense of foreboding settling in. " What do you mean? "" I don't know how to say this without hurting you " Jayden began, finally turning to look at her, his eyes filled with a mixture of guilt and sadness. " I think we need some time ap
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Chapter 2
Jayden continued " And one more thing, Ava? No one will ever want you. That's a fact, you're so... " He shook his head, leaving his words hanging. He wanted her to imagine the worst thing anyone would ever call her. " How long has this been happening and why her?? " She asked, still dazed by his revelations. He took a seat again and crossed one leg over the other leisurely " Hmm... I've been sleeping with her for as long as I can remember, you were just too dumb to see it and as for the second question, she gives the best blowjob so why won't I be with her? I doubt you've ever touched a d*ck " He said and his voice held a mocking tone at the end. " So you're sleeping with my friend because I refused to have sex with you?! " She asked in a whisper, feeling sick all of a sudden. " Yup " He answered without giving a f*ck. Ava blinked back her tears quickly, refusing to break down before this son of a b*tch. " But I can stop everything if you sleep with me, I don't really love her.
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Chapter 3
Ava forced a polite tone. " It's alright, Hunter. I was just heading out for some grocery shopping "" Perfect timing! Listen, I know you've been busy lately, but I was wondering if maybe you'd like to grab dinner tonight? There's this new Italian place I've been wanting to try, and I think you'd really enjoy it " Hunter proposed eagerly. " I appreciate the offer, Hunter, but I'm not sure tonight works for me. I've got some things to take care of " she replied, hoping he'd take the hint." Come on, Ava! It'll be fun, I promise " Hunter persisted, undeterred by her polite refusal." Maybe another time " Ava tried to let him down gently. " I've really got to get going now, though. Take care, Hunter "" Alright, I'll catch you later then. Have a great day, Ava " Hunter said with a hint of disappointment before hanging up.The journey to the grocery store was a short walk from her apartment. She strolled along the sidewalk, relishing the freedom of the day. The streets were alive with th
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Chapter 4
As she vanished into the crowd, Bryan felt a pang of frustration. Her swift departure and the invisible barrier she erected around herself only fueled his desire to unravel her mystery. He was attracted to her, yeah but there was something else. He signaled discreetly to his discreetly positioned bodyguard, instructing him to tail Ava without raising any suspicion.With a steely determination, Bryan decided to delve deeper into the enigma that was Ava. What lay beneath her composed exterior? What secrets did she conceal behind that inscrutable facade? There was an undeniable pull, a magnetic force that drew him toward her, despite the barriers she erected.It wasn't just her captivating presence or the elegance that radiated from her being. It was the flicker of sadness that momentarily clouded her eyes, the hidden sorrow that she tried so hard to mask. Bryan couldn't help but wonder about the cause of her guarded demeanor, a past perhaps etched with pain or loss that made her retrea
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Chapter 5
" Yayyy! My friend is in love! " Bella screamed on top of her lungs. " Hey, are you crazy?! Why are you screaming?? " Ava's eyes widened as she tried to stop Bella . Bella's voice went calm in an instant " Yeah I'm crazy, this is crazy, Ava! "Ava rolled her eyes " How? "" This is literally the first time you took an interest in a guy " Bella explained calmly but the excitement was still evident in her voice. Ava's mouth curved, and a hint of smile appeared. She expected nothing less from Bella. " The first time? You keep forgetting that I once dated someone " Ava replied." Okay okay, first time in a long time " Bella corrected herself, and Ava could imagine her swaying her hand in demonstration. " But come to think of it, " Bella continued thoughtfully " The guy you dated was a douchebag and I think you dated yourself, not him " She bursted into laughterAva rolled her eyes " Shut up, that doesn't change the fact that we dated and I loved him " She said quietly. Bella seemed t
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Chapter 6
" I'm afraid that's not possible as I have other things to attend to " She said politely. " You're sad and lonely, aren't you? " He blurted out, staring deep into her eyes. Ava felt he could see through her soul. Her eyes flickered, a subtle interplay of emotions dancing within their depths. She seemed to wrestle with conflicting impulses, torn between letting him in or maintaining the barrier she had carefully erected." I appreciate your concern, but I can't... " Her voice trailed off, a veil of reticence settling over her features." I won't push if you don't want me to " Bryan assured her, sensing the fragility of the moment. " But know that if you ever need someone to talk to, I'll be here " Ava looked confused, how did he expect her to find him even if she wanted to open up to someone? Oh, this was someone who got her place easily so that wouldn't be difficult for him, she thought. She started to talk " How do you... "But Bryan interrupted her " It's okay, Ava. There will a
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Chapter 7
" Well, life has a way of surprising us " Bella remarked, her optimism infectious. " Maybe this is your moment "Ava mulled over Bella's words. Maybe it was her moment, a chance for something new and unexpected. But the uncertainty gnawed at her. What if this encounter led to nothing? What if it was just a fleeting moment in time?" I'll be here for you no matter what happens, Ava. You know that, right? " Bella's voice softened with genuine care.Touched by Bella's unwavering support, Ava felt a surge of gratitude. " Thank you, Bella. You're the best friend anyone could ask for "" Anytime, Ava. Now, go on, think about what this could mean for you. And call me the moment you have any updates! " Bella teased, injecting a note of lightheartedness into the conversation.Ava chuckled, feeling a bit lighter. " I will, I promise. Thanks again, Bella "As the call ended, Ava sat back, the whirlwind of emotions slowly settling into a sense of cautious hope. With a newfound optimism, she allow
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Chapter 8
As the night enveloped the city, Bryan made his way back home. Despite the day drawing to a close, his hope burned brighter than ever. He couldn't explain it, but he felt a strong sense that their paths would intertwine again.Back in his villa, Bryan settled onto his balcony, gazing at the stars sprinkled across the night sky. Thoughts of Ava lingered, her presence almost palpable in the quietude of the night." I'll see her again " Bryan whispered into the night, a quiet promise to himself. He closed his eyes, a sense of anticipation and longing filling his heart.With a hopeful sigh, he drifted off to sleep, his dreams filled with visions of a future encounter with Ava, hoping that fate would bring them together once more. **********************The morning sun streamed through Bryan's window, gently coaxing him awake. He blinked away the remnants of sleep, his mind immediately drifting back to thoughts of Ava. She was the first thing on his mind, just as she had been
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Chapter 9
They settled into a cozy corner, poring over the menu with animated discussions about their preferences." So, Ava, have you heard anything new about that project you're working on? " Bella asked, sipping her coffee.Ava nodded, a spark of enthusiasm in her eyes. " Yes, we made some significant progress yesterday! I'm really excited about the direction it's taking "" That's amazing! You've been killing it lately, " Bella praised, her genuine admiration evident in her voice." And you've been a fantastic support, as always " Ava replied warmly, grateful for Bella's encouragement.Their laughter echoed through the café as they indulged in their lunch, savoring every bite of their sandwiches and sharing anecdotes about their day.As they finished their meal, Bella glanced at the time. " Back to work, huh? "Ava nodded, a contented smile gracing her lips. " Back to the grind. But hey, at least we had this amazing lunch break! "Together, they made their way back to the office, their step
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Chapter 10
Ava stepped into her apartment, greeted by a sense of comfort mingled with the sight of scattered papers and a few misplaced items. With a small sigh, she closed the door behind her, setting her bag down as she surveyed the tidying-up that awaited her." Looks like I've got some work to do, " Ava muttered to herself, running a hand through her hair. She loved her cozy space, but today, it seemed to demand a bit of attention.She started with the living room, gathering stray books and organizing the scattered cushions. As she picked up a framed photograph from the side table, her thoughts wandered to Bryan. She wondered what he might be doing at that very moment." Is he thinking about our unexpected meeting too? " Ava pondered aloud, a faint smile gracing her lips at the thought. She shook her head, refocusing on the task at hand.With determination, she moved on to the kitchen, putting away dishes and wiping down countertops. The rhythmic motion of cleaning helped clear her mind, but
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