Chapter 87: Isla King

"There's something else. Your father..."

"Sold me off? I know that. I received documents today that stated I'm no longer enslaved to them and neither are you and I under any threat. I'm simply just married to him with the condition that I can never divorce him."

"Like you would ever." He scoffed.

She smiled. Patience, King, patience; I'm coming for you.


She posed and smiled the brightest as the media drowned them with camera flashes and endless questions. Her arm in Merlione's, he led her carefully through the sea of paparazzi and important figures to the hall where the business dinner was being held. It was a week since their wedding.

The expensively decorated eating area was to the right while the guests milled about on the left, greeting each other and making business friendships. The first eyes she made contact with were that of King's. He was invited, along with Frederico.

He was chatting with an older man. A stinkingly rich one, she realized, seeing his face. She couldn't reme
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