Chapter 86: I am coming for you

"Ok, but I'll like to remind you that until this case is resolved, you are still, as it is, married to Merlione Fritzgerald and it is holy that you remain faithful to your vows."

She smiled, "Yes, Father."

He rose. She did too.

"You don't mind if I pray for you?"


She returned to her current temporal house, as she chose to call it, after spending some time in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel. She put on her nicest dress, applied makeup which she seldomly did, wore her best heels, and styled her hair until she looked the part of a queen.

She sat in the living room and waited for Merlione to return. Once he walked through the front door, she stood and made to walk past him. He grabbed unto her arm.

"Where are you going dressed like this?"

Merlione's mouth dropped open at the sight of Bernadette. She looked... beautiful was an understatement. He wasn't sure he had ever seen her dress so much. He snapped back to his senses as she walked past, her rosy perfume tickling his nostrils. He grab
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