Chapter Five: Go out with me

He didn’t have much yet he spent a good amount each day, going back and forth. No matter how many times she pleaded, he wouldn’t let he visit him, she didn’t even know his address.


“King?” she called when she stepped into the sitting room and didn’t find him there.

She checked the kitchen and her room and the guest room but there was no sign of him.

King was gone.


“You could have told me you were leaving. I was very worried… Just get out of my phone.”

Joan cut the call, entering into Sisi’s car where Sisi was already waiting.

“Who was that?” Sisi asked curiously.

“Someone.” She replied curtly. Sisi didn’t know of their relationship, didn’t know that King was her best friend neither did any of her other friends. Sisi had seen King a few times but she hadn’t suspected anything. She didn’t feel the need to inform them, she wanted her relationship with King private.

No toast?” Sisi asked, seeing she wasn’t in a good mood.

She face palmed, realizing she had forgotten to eat. King was the cause. Her mother had not been around to force her.

“Sorry” she said apologetically to Sisi, “Mum’s not around and I forgot to make some.”

“Its okay” Sisi laughed slightly, starting the car, “I also didn’t eat anything. I was depending on you for food. We'll just stop and get a hamburger or something.”

“Okay” she agreed, leaning back in her seat and shutting her eyes.

King popped into her head. He called her as she left the house to meet Sisi after not picking all of her calls the previous night and that morning. He told her he had heard she and her mother arguing and had decided to leave to avoid causing more problems. As to why he didn’t pick her calls, he had not slept at home. Where he slept and what that had to do with him not picking her calls, he didn’t say.

He just knew how to push all of her buttons, make her so angry and worried and then in one second, make her running to him again.

Something landed on her lap and she opened her eyes, sitting up.

“That person must have really made you angry” Sisi commented, glancing at her.

She widened her eyes, picking up the paper bag on her lap.

“You bought the food already!? When?”

Sisi chuckled, “When you were busy squeezing up your face and beating up whomever it is that made you angry in your head. You didn’t even notice when I stopped the car”

She sighed, shooting Sisi a grateful smile and then opening the paper bag.

She popped a fry into her mouth. King or no King, she would live her life.

Joan glanced at her friends as they chatted, their books forgotten. She had moved some distance away from them so she could concentrate. Their classes for the rest half of the day were cancelled, they had been informed while in the cafeteria. The principal had collapsed and had been rushed to the hospital. They weren’t allowed to go home do she and her friends had come to the school garden to read along with a few others but then along the way, one small talk and another and their books got forgotten, hers the exception. They were sitting on the grass, the benches ditched.

She looked ahead and her eyes met with that of Koty's. He was in the garden also, under the shade of the big tree at the entrance with some of his football friends; and he was staring at her, again. She smiled at him like she always did when she caught him and like always, he smiled back in return but this time he didn’t look away, he kept staring. She looked down at her books, feeling uncomfortable. She wished he would be more subtle. She was sure practically the whole school knew he had a crush on her.

She noticed two sneaker clad feets in front of her and she looked up. Koty. She looked behind him to see his football friends staring at them. They looked away immediately.

He sat down beside her, dropping his books on the grass.

“You don’t mind?” he asked, giving her a small smile. She shook her head making another attempt to concentrate on her books. She could see her friends through her peripheral vision stealing looks at them and snickering.

“You’re not concentrating.” Koty commented after a few minutes of silence. She looked at him.

“My friends are making loud comments obviously aimed at us and your friends keep sneaking glances in this direction plus the fact that we've become a live movie for everyone in this garden to watch, whose fault is that?”

Koty threw back his head and let out a laugh. She stared at him, it had been meant to be a snarky comment.

“I like your voice.” he said when he got in control of himself.

“Seriously!?” she exclaimed in awe.

“I like that you said us,” he added, a bright smile on his face.

Her face contorted in confusion, “ That was… that wasn’t… that…”

“I know” he laughed again, “I know you didn’t mean it that way.”

She blew out a breath, a smile forming on her lips. She was now curious about him. He seemed too good, too nice, too happy, too organized… Was it real? Was he real? Could someone be this… good in the midst of wolves?

“Its good you’re really smiling now” he spoke, looking at her with an emotion she couldn’t decipher, “It took me a lot to walk up to you just now. Your other smiles seemed forced.”

Her smile disappeared.

“I didn’t notice.”

“I didn’t say that for you to stop smiling. You’re beautiful; a little smile and you’re dazzling.”

The blush appeared without her consent and the laugh came up her throat before she even registered it.

“You see” he said, laughing along with her, “Beautiful.”

“Thank you.” she smiled after she stopped laughing, looking down at her books shyly.

“So you can concentrate on your books now.”

“I don’t think so.” she spoke, looking back up at him as he pulled his books closer, “Your compliments won’t let me.”

He pushed his books away again, giving her his full attention.

“Then I can keep going?” he asked, his smile growing more brighter.

“No.” she chuckled, shaking her head, “Please read your books. I wouldn’t like you to fail because of me.”

“Well I know I’ve read quite a lot and I wouldn’t fail if I spend this few moments with you.” he insisted.

He was definitely a sweet talker.

“What if I don’t want to spend them with you?” she gave a crooked smile.

“Well…” he glanced around, “You’ll spend them with me even if I leave. You yourself said my compliments are stuck in your head.”

She laughed, that was a smooth one.

“Joan…” he called after a few moments of them staring at each other.

“What?” she asked curiously. His smile had dropped and he seemed nervous. He couldn’t even look her in the eye.

“I…” he started, shutting his eye, “I know this may come as a surprise to you or maybe not since I think you already know. I mean, basically everyone knows so you must also know; I am really not a secret person. I just… I’ve really wanted to talk with you for the longest but I've never had the courage to walk up to you and keep a conversation for this long. If not for Adams and Gabriel, I may not have even come up to you now. I’m glad they pushed me because this few moments I’ve spent with you has really gladdened my heart and so I want to ask you… You don’t have to answer immediately since it may seem sudden and I’m not sure if you… if you also… if you…”

“Colton Adams.” Joan laughed, giving him a light pinch on the cheek. He opened his eyes, looking at her innocently. He looked so cute; sitting with his back hunched, his body facing hers, his eyes blinking ever so innocently and his lips in a slight pout that she was sure was unintentional; she couldn’t help but give him another pinch on the cheek.

“Ow.” He grimaced but smiled afterwards.

“Whatever it is you have to say, say it and stop beating round the bush.”

“Or I may lose interest.” She added, smirking.

He laughed nervously, and ran a hand across his face then he stopped, his smile dropping.

“Okay. Joan Michaels” he started, looking her directly in the eye, “Would you like to go on a date with me this week?”

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