Fated To Roman: The Almighty Alpha

Fated To Roman: The Almighty Alpha

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Book Three in ‘The Lost Luna Series’ When I turned seventeen, I went to see the local witch and she told me what my future held in store. It would be full of love, pain and anguish. Something I really didn't need. She told me about my mate. That the time we had together wouldn't be all glitter and rainbows, yet the love would consume me entirely. The downfall? He would be the death of me. I mean could a girl not catch a break? He would be everything you would, but wouldn't want in a man. So now I'm running for both my freedom and my life. From a man I hope never to cross paths with. Now I'm weary of any man that touches me, preying to the goddess that cursed me that I don't feel those sparks. His name no-one knows, but they call him The Almighty Alpha.

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Monica Baker
Enjoying the read - look forward to each new chapter
2023-09-18 19:31:09
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Please update soon. 55 chapters 5/22/23
2023-05-23 09:03:40
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Mary Shortieluv Howard
Loving this book
2023-02-03 20:17:48
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Megan Say
Will there be anymore chapters? If so what is you updating schedule? I love this series btw!!!
2023-01-04 17:56:38
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How often are you going to update the next chapters?
2022-07-12 06:14:13
user avatar
I liked the book but it felt rushed. Especially once Roman met with Cleo. I still wonder what happened to Kaylee, and I'm pretty sure there are alot of unanswered questions that I can't think of. Like what happened to Lucille after Roman killed her. What were Sara and Daphne's other motives?
2023-09-20 08:33:36
72 Chapters
Cleo’s POVDeep in the forest of goddess only knows where…“Come on we have to keep running. Daphne they are going to catch up if we don’t. Please get up” My lungs burned as I screamed for her to move.“Just go I’m slowing you down as it is. You stand a better chance on your own”“I didn’t bail on you when that fight kicked off and I’m not bailing on you now. So get up”“Bitch you started that fight”“But did I bail on you? No because sisters stick together. Ride or die bitch so please come on” Daphne rolled her eyes and sighed knowing I wouldn’t carry on unless she was with me. Not only was she my sister, but she was also my best friend. She had stuck by my side for the last few months, and I would stay by hers no matter the consequences. Placing her arm over my shoulders I took the brunt of her weight enabling her to move that little bit faster. She had broken her leg when a group of rogues chased us. We were running so fast that neither of us saw the cliffs edge until it was too la
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Cleo’s POV“Hello dear, you must be Cleo. It’s nice to meet you, I’m Agatha.” I must have stood there looking like a right dimwit. She just caught me off guard. I mean I always envisioned witches to be old and to have big pointy noses, maybe even a wart or two. In other words, I had completely envisioned Nanny McPhee. But here she was standing in front of me looking like a super model. She couldn’t have been any older than her early twenties. Her hair jet black only she had amethyst eyes. Agatha’s eyes were what made her differ from other witches. Amethyst belonged to witches that could see into the future, where your ‘normal’ witch had green cat’s eyes.“Erm hi… how do you”“How do I know who you are?” I just nodded in response as I stood there totally stunned, though I don’t know why it shocked me. Let’s face it, there could have been a number of ways for her to know who I was “I’ve been expecting you. Here come take a seat we have much to discuss” the feeling of dread formed in my
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Romans POV“What else can you tell me about her” having arrived at the Elderwood pack I sought out the only witch around after having found out she lived on the outskirts of the town. Agatha couldn’t tell me where my mate went except for she darted out of the building when she found out I was her mate. I had involved myself heavily with my father’s company from a young age so I could spot a liar a mile away. That’s how I knew given a little bit of pressure the witch would crack.“I promise you I’ve told you everything. I don’t know anything else” she squirmed as my hands tightened around her neck.“Now we both know that’s not true. Don’t we Agatha Brentwell. Yes, I know all about who you are. I know that you turned your family’s coven over to the witch’s council for sacrificing children. I know that your husband left you when he found out what you were, and I know your daughter stripped herself of her powers so she couldn’t be tied to your blood coven or to you as a matter of fact. Bl
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Cleo’s POVWe had spent the last six months searching for a coven of witches that would be able to tell me why my blood had been spelled. Something I learned from my wolf Freya. She came to me as the full mood hit its apex. I’d never experienced pain quite like it. I’d broken bones and injured myself countless of times, but never did the pain feel like it had when I shifted. The feeling of my bones snapping and rearranging was excruciating. Though once it was over a sense of pride flowed over me. Freya was bigger than the standard wolf and she was also a rusty colour with a white crescent moon between the eyes. I’d asked her what it meant and all she could tell me was that we were special. That our true parents had ‘special blood’, blood that ran through my veins. See after mine and my sisters chat, we went to see our Alpha before leaving our pack and saying goodbye forever. Let’s just say he was an arrogant ass. I mean yeh sure we were able to get hold of the adoption paperwork, but
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Cleo’s POVAs he pressed the tip of his hardened beast to my lips fear coursed through me. I know I had a big mouth, but there was no way that was going to fit anywhere inside me.“You don’t need to fear it. I assure you it doesn’t bite. Only I do” the lustful look in his eyes had me gripping him with both hands. There was no way this could be done with one. Sticking my tongue out I held his cock up and licked from his balls to the tip giving it a teasing kiss on the sensitive spot. The way he stifled his own moan spurred me on. Swallowing my fear, I slowly begun to suck it. Taking him fully into my mouth I gagged when it hit the back of my throat causing it to restrict. As I went to pull away and breathe Todd held my head holding it in place. My nose was flush against his pelvis as he began rocking his hips pushing himself further down my throat. The force of him thrusting into my mouth left my eyes burning with tears. It wasn’t long until I felt his warm seed slide down my throat, i
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Romans POV Six months. That’s how long it’s been since I left Agatha’s shop, and still I haven’t found my mate. I knew her name and what she looked like so it shouldn’t have been this hard. I’d sent word to my contacts at my family’s security firm with Cleo’s details and even they came up empty handed. How the fuck could one seventeen-year-old girl avoid being seen for this long. I mean teenagers these days are attached to social media so there should have been a trail to follow but she had zero accounts. I was about to move on to the next town over when my phone started ringing my mums number showing on the screen. Hitting reject I stuck it back in my pocket. I already knew what she wanted and had already agreed to attend even though I didn’t want to. My brother found his mate two weeks ago and they were having her Luna ceremony this weekend. Don’t get me wrong I’m happy for Kai, but the last thing I wanted to do was sit and play happy families when my illusive mate was in the wind.
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Roman’s POV “Kaylee and man is she something. I promise you brother there isn’t another woman like her” “How’s that then?” “For a start she’s a demon.” Judging by the look on Kai’s face, he knew I’d be shocked. Our family were classed as pure blood due to our great-great grandmother being the moon goddess. Never in a million years had I imagined one of us being mated to anything other than a wolf. Though come to think of it, that witch did say my mate was different. I just didn’t know how and prayed each and every night that I wouldn’t have to reject her. Which again confused me. Kai was more prejudice than anyone I knew. He had the same beliefs as our father who had come to hate any other species due to what his mother had done in the past. Our father Axel’s mother wasn’t just a witch but the high priestess. Apparently, she was batshit crazy and wanted to have Layla sacrificed when she was born until she found out she wouldn’t hold any special gifts because of her birth mother’s tr
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Daphne’s POVEverything happened so quickly from that day. Had Cleo just done as I asked her and left me, everything would have been ok. She never would have found him, and I never would have ended things the way I did. That place had done nothing but tear us apart. We had spent our entire lives together, always having each other’s back. The day she found out who she really was happened to be the same day he found out she existed. He became the reason everything happened the way it did.Present day…Never in my life had I seen a white wolf. Sure I had heard of them, everyone had. But they were incredibly rare. The ground shook beneath my feet as I tried to stand causing me to lose balance and topple back over. Having heard the heavy pounding of paws as more wolves approached, I knew we were in trouble. That was until they came into view. They didn’t smell like rogues which bought an all new kind of trouble our way. There was no doubt we had made the mistake of stumbling onto pack terr
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Cleo’s POVIf felt like electric was attacking my body as the guy picked me up. I didn’t have the strength to care that he was holding me while we were both completely naked, the poison from the rogue’s bite coursing through my blood. I gritted my teeth as I fought the urge to thrash in his arms as the burning became unbearable. The guy sensing my pain held closer to him and for some reason it helped take the edge off the pain. Suddenly I shot up and vomited as blood trickled from my nose. The guy panicked as he clung to me like a lifeline before picking up speed. I was so delirious that I hadn’t registered we were in a hospital until a man in a long white coat stuck a needle into my arm. My body began to convulse as my eyes rolled to the back of my head.“Shit. DOCTOR!” was all I heard before the feeling of electricity came back as the guy that carried me held me in place on the bed.“She’s going into shock. The anti-bodies aren’t fighting the poison quick enough. She’s a rogue so he
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Cleo’s POV “Heat?” I must have sounded stupid. I knew exactly what would happen once marked, yet that was all I could say. “Yes Cleo” Roman chuckled as if it had been the funniest thing he had heard, only confirming I did indeed sound stupid. “I didn’t mean it like that. It’s just I hadn’t thought about it that way. Look, your right I don’t know you and I’m not sure I really want to. All I know is what Agatha told me and to be quite frank, what she did say wasn’t exactly a great selling point. I’m sorry… Raymond, is it?” “Roman” I had to fight the urge to laugh as he growled at me for calling him the wrong name. “Well, ‘Roman’ I don’t want a mate. I had all these plans for when I was old enough to leave. I want to travel the world, to embrace new cultures, try new food. Not be mated to a bloody wolf that wants to fuck until I produce them a pup. A mate that ends up causing my fucking death after what I’m sure would be an epic love. Thanks but no thanks. I don’t even know who I am
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