Fated to the Beast

Fated to the Beast

By:  Roe  Completed
Language: English
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An ugly mysterious man took me into custody because of a debt agreement. I was forced into a contract marriage with him. My life is like hell even though all the luxuries are available. I was imprisoned in the palace, escorted by dozens of armed men. He said he had been waiting for me for a long time. I hated him, even though he was a rich and all-encompassing man. I wanted to go home because I had to fulfil a promise to my father before he died. Every night, he would ask me to come to his room to do something. If I refuse, then my father's life will be in danger. I will do anything to get out of this problem and avenge all their evil deeds.

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117 Chapters
1| Evicted from Apartment and Lost Job
Two sizeable black travel bags were tossed onto the paved road that had just finished raining. One of the bags rolled twice before stopping right in front of a girl's pair of legs.The girl in the black knee-length coat standing in the middle of the street looked down and checked the bag in front of her feet."This is my bag, you bastard!" she growled. "Who dares to do this to my belongings?" she said, annoyed as she stood up again, staring at the open door of his apartment.Some books, clothes, and other objects can be seen being thrown into the streets just like that. Swearing and swearing came from the girl's old apartment.Annoyed that her personal belongings were dumped on the street, the girl immediately ran to check on the culprit. From inside her apartment appeared a fat woman who was angry and cursed while carrying the last thing that belonged to the girl."Mrs Puff? What are you doing in my house?" protested the girl annoyed."What am I doing, you say? Are your eyes blind? O
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2| Mysterious Train Officer
Rain is very excited. She couldn't even wait until Ben came back from the convenience store. There wasn't much time to catch the last night train to Westlake.In that state, there is a small town called Dark Wood. Referring to the story of the woman he had just contacted, Rain only needed to go there by night train.Before leaving, Rain left a note for Ben and promised to be back next weekend. Rain only brought one travel bag containing two pieces of clothing and personal equipment.Rain's departure for Westlake was like a gamble. She risked the last of his money to buy train tickets to get this job."If I fail the interview, I'm sure I'll be a bum tomorrow," Rain muttered as she pulled her coat tighter up.She walked quickly to warm up the body that was starting to shiver. The street lights started to turn on. She walked a few blocks to reach the city station.Rain reached into her coat pocket. She took out some coll and some of her last coins."One ticket to Westlake," Rain said, ha
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3| Demon Hunters
In a village in the interior of the Darkwood forest, the residents flocked to close all the doors and windows of their houses as tightly as possible once the night fog fell. They extinguished the oil lamps and candles. No light, no sound. Everyone was silent and closed their eyes.Two little girls of a farmer's daughter lay on the bed terrified. They continue to attach the body to the mother. The little girl's hands gripped the hem of her mother's clothes tightly."I'm afraid of the dark," whispered one of the little girls."Ssshh... don't make a sound," pleaded the mother."Why?" asked the eldest daughter innocently."They can hear us. They can eat us. Light and sound, must be removed if we are to survive!"Boom!Lightning suddenly struck and split the dark night sky. The fog grew thicker and covered every house in the village. The wind was blowing hard, making the trees sway vigorously.From the depths of the untouched forest, a dark and pitch-black passage was suddenly created. The
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4| Westlake Station Silence
The sound of a long whistle ended the night train journey. Rain woke up from her sleep. She stretched to stretch the stiff muscles. She was exhausted from sitting on the train for nearly six hours.Rain looked out the carriage window. She saw the atmosphere of the station, which was thickly foggy. The station in Westlake City was very different from the station in the city where she had been living all this time. Feeling the slightly different atmosphere, Rain was excited to go down and see it in person.She stood up and took her travel bag from the upper cabin. After slinging the bag on her shoulder, Rain started walking out of the carriage. As soon as her feet hit the train platform, a thick fog seemed to part and gave him away.The train whistle blew again when Rain was actually standing on the platform. The girl glanced around the venue. No one got off but her at Westlake station.That dark morning the air was so cold. Even though Rain had her coat on, it felt much more chilly in
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5| Not Cinderella's Horse Carriage
A pair of flashing lights that Rain thought was a car turned out to be a very luxurious horse-drawn carriage. Rain was speechless. She stood there like a statue and didn't know what to do."Miss," said a voice. "Come on up!" expressed the same voice.Rain didn't know the man was sitting at the front of the carriage. Previously Rain had not seen anyone there."I'm Randall, the driver will take you to your destination."Randall sat in the front with a hooded cloak covering him from head to toe. He didn't look at Rain at all. His gaze is straight ahead.Randall's voice was profound. Suddenly the carriage door opened without anyone touching it.Rain still stood where she was and didn't move at all."This must be a mistake. I'm sure this carriage is waiting for someone else, not me!" she said in her heart."Sorry, Mr. Randall, you seem to have the wrong person," Rain said hesitantly, holding back disappointment."You're Rain Orwell, aren't you?"Rain stuttered when her full name was clearl
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6| Darkwood Castle
Rain sat down with her back against the soft back of the chair. She could see into the distance through the carriage's glass window. There was a very majestic and towering black building in front of her. Moss and vines covered the surface of the black structure almost entirely.The roof of the building consists of a collection of black domes and a pointed tower at the top. Around the top of the tower that soared into the sky, a thick fog continued to shroud. The dense fog slowly cleared as Rain's horse carriage approached the building."Wait, Mr Randall. Is what I see up ahead really our destination?""Yes, Miss Orwell. We'll be there in ten… nine… eight…." Randall continued to count down as the horses hooted."One!" said Randall at the end of the count when the carriage came to a complete stop.Rain looked to the left side of the glass window. Dozens of steps lay before her eyes. At the top of the stairs were many giant gray pillars.Some parts of the pillars looked cracked and chipp
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7| First Test
"I can't run," thought Rain as she stood in front of the big black door. "I need this job."Rain's eyes were closed with her hands tightly clenched at her sides. She took a long and deep breath.Erica was still standing beside Rain with a straight and stiff face. Erica urged, "Our time is very tight. You have to do the first test this morning!"Rain's eyes opened. She looked at the black door in front of her again and nodded firmly."I will do it! I have to get this job. Whatever test you will give me, I will do my best!"Erica let out a sigh of relief. Her right-hand moves in a circle beside the body. A thin black smoke floated from the movement of her hand.Rain didn't realize any of that. She was still mesmerized by the maze-like carvings on the surface of the black door. A key that became a pawn among the maze suddenly moved, and the door opened."Wow!" Rain muttered in amazement. "I've never seen anything like this before! Is this the latest security system?"Rain reached out and
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8| The Reality She Never Imagined
Ben had just left the nearest supermarket with two bags of groceries. The tall, blonde-haired youth kept smiling along the way. Just as Ben walked past the cigarette stall, Mrs. Puff greeted him."I feel sorry for you, Benjamin!""Mrs Puff? What are you doing here? Isn't it cold tonight?" Ben tried to make small talk before leaving the woman."Open your eyes, young man!" cried Mrs. Puff after lit a cigarette to her lips. "That little squirrel is just taking advantage of you! Tonight, she may squirm in your arms, but tomorrow she will be curled up under another man's blanket!"Ben's steps suddenly stopped. The smile disappeared entirely from his red lips. Ben squeezed the grocery bag in his hand until his knuckles turned white."Hah! Are you mad at that fact, Benjamin?" Mrs. Puff quipped as she left the cigarette stall.Ben took a deep breath and headed back to his old apartment. He knew Mrs. Puff was trying to make him angry. Ben climbs the spiral staircase while peeking inside his sh
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9| Handsome Monster
"Mo-monsters!" Rain screamed, stifled.Mr Dauntess, who Rain had previously thought was a frail older man and would not be able to walk upright, suddenly shifted places in a swift motion. The man was tall and well-built. Rain could tell because the man had no clothes on, trousers too low at his hips."You said I was a monster?" whispered Mr Dauntess in a voice that was very frightening to Rain's ears.Rain stammers. Her body suddenly stiffened, and she couldn't move. A pair of eyes widened with an ashen face. Rain's lips parted slightly. She kept staring at the mirror-like and undead."Aaah...." Rain stammered.Rain's face turned blue. She couldn't breathe. Mr Dauntess strangled her neck from behind.Mr Dauntess's face was right next to Rain's head. Their eyes were fixed on the mirror. Rain and the man looked at each other through the reflection in the mirror."Are you afraid to die?" whispered Dauntess once more. "Or are you afraid to die at my hands?"Rain was still glaring from sho
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10| Flower Garden and Dense Fog
Rain stood up and touched the door to Jace's room. She was about to turn the doorknob but couldn't. Rain remembered her cell phone running out of battery. She had not even had time to reply to her father's message she received at the station."Looks like it won't be easy. Yes, I should have realized this job would not be easy. Who's willing to pay that much for just a waitress?" grumbled Rain.She paced up and down Jace's door in frustration. At the umpteenth step, Rain stopped. She decided to return to the kitchen and talk to Erica."I can't spend my time here without certainty! I'd better find another job that makes more sense and I can do without leaving campus."Rain returned to the kitchen and found Erica nowhere. She walked around the room and saw no one there.Rain remembered her bag and clothes in the changing room. She returned to the kitchen after wandering around the ground floor. Rain's body was exhausted. The room was too big for her to explore alone.When she returned to
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