Fated to the Lycan Prince

Fated to the Lycan Prince

By:  Ebony Woods   Completed
Language: English
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The moon goddess hates Aida, or, so Aida believes. She is punishing her for still being alive. Aida admittedly is lost! Life hasn’t had any meaning since the tragedy of her beloved mother’s death when she was only twelve years of age. With her teenage years becoming rebellious, they resulted in her remaining family and pack, all but a few, rejecting her. After regrettably attacking her Luna, she is punished to enlist in the formidable and intensive training programme at the Royal Lycan Santos pack. Here, she soon realises that family doesn’t mean blood and she carves out a name for herself as a fast acting and determined fighter. But they don’t know her secret. She’s doesn’t care if she lives or dies. To her one thing is very clear, complete the training and then abandon her pack! Adjusting to Lycan life, she soon makes friends that become her world. Including Lance, a head trainer, who challenges yet protects Aida at every hurdle. But Lance has a secret of his own. Having spent so long losing her inner strength, finally Aida has something worth fighting for!

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112 Chapters
Chapter One
A changed life. I can remember the last time I was happy, I mean truly happy. I’ve had happy moments since, but they have been fleeting and I could most likely count them with all ten digits, in fact, leaving some spare. It was the one minute before my Mum died in my presence. I was twelve. Too young to lose my soul, too young to lose one’s true light. The first twelve years of my life I had spent close to my Mother. She was a cherished Luna to our pack, loved by all due to her fairness and charitable spirit. My Father and older Brother would spend most part of the days together, my brother training to be the next Alpha. Therefore, Mum and I spent every moment together unless I was at school. We baked, we played, we shopped, we read, we sewed and each summer we would visit each pack member’s home to provide a blessing for the cooler months to come. When she passed, numbness took me. I gave my father and brother the chance to rescue me from my ache but they didn’t know what to do wi
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Chapter Two
The Monthly DinnerWith Caleb driving us both back to our home pack, The Sagar Wolf Pack, we past the local town which consists of the usual hangout places for young people.“Shall we head out for dinner?” Caleb asks me. “I can’t tonight, it’s the monthly dinner with my Dad and Henri?” I groan pushing myself down further into the seat. “I’ll break you out early.” He smiles at me. “No Saskia?” “Oh she’ll be there, she can’t help herself and not be!” Saskia is my brother’s, Henri, mate. Henri is four years older than me, he was sixteen with Mum died. I turned seventeen in May and Henri is now twenty one. Saskia is twenty four, a few year’s older than my brother which really grates on me. She acts the mother figure which he clearly needed otherwise fate wouldn’t have destined them as mates. Henri has been the alpha since he was twenty. Dad continues to provide him support but Henri has been the acting alpha since Mum died. To lose your mate, especially a fated mate, plays tricks on y
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Chapter Three
A Truthful Scare.“Come on.” I let the comment go over my head. I grab the beers, my phone and keys. I always aimed to come back at night when at Caleb’s but ended up falling asleep in his bed. He always teases me about it, but I remind him he can always wake me up and kick me out. Then the cute puppy pout comes out on his lips. Caleb turns eighteen next weekend. He still has the puppy chub around his neck and cheeks which I find adorable. He has brown eyes with long black eye lashes, light brown hair that he cuts short. A beta’s son, he is tall but not as tall as his alpha. Caleb is six-foot and my brother six-foot three. We sneak into his bedroom by climbing up the pipes and guttering. Caleb slides his window open and once inside, helps to pull me in. “I’ll go get some snacks. Pick a film!” He says as he heads outside his bedroom door. I turn Caleb’s bedroom TV on and load a streaming service. Caleb likes action and horror films, but a lot of them seem to involve car chases and cra
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Chapter Four
The Jokes on them. Heat hits me, flames far too hot to survive, yet I am still breathing. I scream for Mum. My skin is blistering before melting from my bones. I scream in panic for Mum, kicking the seat in-front of me. My injuries are so severe not even my werewolf healing can save me. As the flames start to peel the skin off my face I open my eyes to see almost darkness except for a lamp light. It’s been a long time since I had that dream. I lay in bed for a few minutes, panting. Trying to recover my heaving chest. Finally, I feel wetness under me and move off the bed. The bed sheets and my clothes are covered in sweat, and I immediately strip the bed and change my clothes. I’ve become highly skilled in the after effects of nightmares. I walk to the laundry cupboard on the landing and place fresh dry sheets on the bed. With my throat dry I head towards the kitchen and grab a cold bottle of water from the fridge. The kitchen is considerably large with navy cabinets and an island th
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Chapter Five
An honest mistake. I head to the kitchen and grab some pain relief. Being werewolves our medicine is of a stronger dosage and it cannot be easily purchased from human retail shops. It has to come directly from our pack’s doctors and most houses have it in their possessions for training injuries. “Er mind my cabinets!” Kath places her hands on her hips and tuts at me. I storm upstairs into my bedroom and slam the door behind me. I take two pain relief tablets before heading into my en-suite to start the shower. While the water heats up, I lay out some fresh loose fitting clothes on my bed. I had opened my window before I left this morning but the noise of the pack members training is enough to make me feel sick. I close it all the way and shut my curtains to block out the rising morning sun. I head into the en-suite and strip off. I place my dirty clothes into the laundry basket and open the shower door to step in. My body recoils from the water pressure as my muscles go into spasm
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Chapter Six
Mean Girls The Doctor returned the next day and was happy with my recovery. Although I wasn’t allowed to train for a week I was signed off to return to school. Typical! The rest of the week went by quite fast. Caleb was still trying to make up for what he said but I kept telling him that I was fine. He grew suspicious when I asked if he could drop me off into town after school. He offered to stay but I needed to pick up his birthday gift. I made up some excuse and walked home, carrying the guitar. I got a few stares from drivers passing by. Caleb always wanted to learn to play the guitar. A fact I think only I know. I plan to leave it on his bed Saturday morning when he goes out for training. I didn’t want to present it to him in front of people. It could be just his, in the sanctuary of his bedroom, when he needed a break from beta training. Majority of the time the beta junior would take over from the beta father. But it wasn’t always a-given. The trainee had to show the alpha his
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Chapter Seven
Actions and Consequences. Judging by his roar, Trisha had informed him immediately and I have ruined his birthday night out. We can hear arguing outside when the other boys join in and tell the girls a few home truths. “Bloody hell Melody…how could you? What if that was you alone in the woods with a wolf near by?” Kai yells at Melody. I had suspected for some time that Kai and Melody might be mates. Although they were both spring borns so they wouldn’t find out for a few more months. The mate bond doesn’t present itself until both are at least eighteen “What if Aida had been attacked? How could you live with that?” Eli shouted at her too. If she was Kai’s mate, she had her work cut out with Eli. He seemed to despise her. Every so often twins shared a mate but I doubt Eli had anything to worry about. “Always with the drama!” Saskia makes a dig at me as she turns on the spot and rushes out of my room to no doubt support her sister. “I need to search the woods to see who the male w
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Chapter Eight
A Fated MateMy dream didn’t return to me last night, but I think that was more from not being willing to re-enter a deep sleep. I couldn’t not think of Trisha. My guilt for her impending punishment kept me up most of the night. Although awake, I stay in bed until 6am and get ready to return to training at 6.30am. Andrei seems to be gentle with me today. He includes weapons in today’s session. Daggers, swords, guns and an axe. I thoroughly enjoy aiming for the targets with the guns and even more so when I am allowed to use throwing knives. Andrei doesn’t communicate with me much, he barks orders at me as per usual but he doesn’t tease. By the end of the session my aim is almost on target, something I am quite proud of.“Well done Aida, you’ve shown potential with weapons. I’ll up the ante for next time.” “A cannon would be fun?” I joke to him. “I’ll see what I can do!” He chuckles at me. Okay he was acting really weird. I decide to race back to the Alpha house after training before t
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Chapter Nine
Broken Strings, Broken Body, Broken Soul.Deep down I always knew I was alone. Caleb tried to resurrect me but I died that day, and should have stayed dead. Mum’s life would have brought more joy and I would have been briefly mourned and then only yearly by my loving mother. My life’s light was now almost extinguished. I could see my candle, barely burning, just holding on to the last piece of wax. Skylar was Caleb’s fated mate. Not chosen, but fated! I can’t compete with that. He’ll say he isn’t interested in her, that he doesn’t love her but the cruel mate connection will start to weave it’s magic soon enough. She may leave but then if Caleb and I have children and she returned, they would grow up in a broken home. And I’ve experienced enough of that for two lifetimes. She truly hates me! She is punishing me for the sacrifice that my mum made. There isn’t a day when I do not wish I could go back and touch that orb. I could have been at peace. Now I was living another nightmare a
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Chapter Ten
Cut All Ties. Beta Williams assist me walking down the stairs. Every one of my footsteps is heavy and if he wasn’t holding me up, I would be crawling along the floor. We make it to my brother’s office downstairs for 10am. As I enter, he doesn’t even look up from his paperwork. “Thank you Beta, you may leave!” He commands to William. William nervously looks at me before mind-linking me. “I’ll be outside the door.” I don’t sit, I stay standing holding onto the back of the desk chair adjacent to my brother. This used to be father’s office. It has a dark navy feature wall and faint grey matching walls. I notice that by the window is another desk with a pink laptop, top of the range. No doubt where Saskia sits pretending to be just as important, just as skilled. Henri takes a long sip of a cup of coffee before he looks up at me. His eyes are still cold, emotionless. I am no longer his sister, I am the disposable pack member that attacked his precious Luna. “The punishment for attack
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