The Devil's Embrace

The Devil's Embrace

By:  Kiiara Ru  Ongoing
Language: English
9 ratings
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Rose Parker has never expected much from her future. When the girls of her age are busy falling in love, Rosie finds joy in her little solitude. Until one day, he walks into her sight and colonize every area of Rosie's peaceful abodes. She jumps in frustration and is about to explode when the devil suddenly reels in his net and little Rosie ended up caught in the devil's embrace. "You cheater!" She screams indignantly. "Nothing's fair in this world, Love." He smirks.

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cathy knoblauch
When is this story going to be finished???
2023-01-14 06:02:45
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is this book finished?
2021-04-10 20:04:07
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I just finished reading ur work. Let me tell you, I'm lovin it. The plot, the writing style made me feel like a teenager again. Just AMAZING, keep up the good work author. Love ur work.
2021-01-01 18:49:30
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Christy Tiofanie
at first i thought it'll be the casual CEO-fell-in-love-with-his-employee story LOL. but i thought wrong. the storyline and the writing style here are very nice. the author really did a good job in creating the characters here. their background information is well explained and very detailed.
2021-01-01 17:54:06
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Eventhough there is some grammar errors and typo, overall I really love this novel!! The story is amazing and I like the author writing style. I also like how they describe things in the novel especially the settings 😍 I could really imagine how it looks like. Can’t wait for more updates!!
2021-01-01 16:40:40
user avatar
I got connected to the world and MCs as soon as I started reading. Author is doing a great job with excellent story and narration skills. Waiting for more chapters. 🤩🤩
2020-12-24 00:32:00
user avatar
OMG😍😍 I love the story and the characters. Cain is a heartthrob❤️ There is a certain charm to the story. The writing is spectacular ❤️ The characters connect with my heart so well. I could vividly imagine the scenes in my head. Waiting for the romance between the characters Good luck, author❤️❤️
2020-12-23 15:14:06
default avatar
it's a great story for me! is there any social media that I can follow?
2021-07-09 15:02:22
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Neiman Marcus Maxi
I want to start to read this but after I saw the reviews, the novel still not updated and the readers kept hanging maybe.......,.
2023-01-14 14:21:20
44 Chapters
He stands in front of her as he locks his eyes on the outside world instead of the weakness behind him. The woman clenches her fists trying to contain the constant pain throbbing in her heart. She wonders, ‘Where have those wonderful days gone to?’‘When did it go wrong?’ Now, every time she tries to look at him, not even once their eyes meet. Not even once, he looks back at her. But somehow, despite his coldness, she can’t bring herself to stop loving him. The more he pulls away, the more she falls in love all over again.“Am I that despicable in your eyes?” Her voice shakes as she speaks. She heaves out a long deep breath as she studies the ground. Unexpectedly, he turns and looks at her. He never faces her when she talks. He either looks away or turns his back on her.“No,” He utters only one word. That word alone gives her a chill. She notices by looking at his shadow that he’s staring at he
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New Student
“Hey, Rosie!!” Aubrey squeal like a rat being squeezed to death. Squeak!I inhale deeply before turning around with a big smile plastered on my face. “Hi Aubrey!” 
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Aubrey's Boy Radar
 Time quickly flows and before I realize it, the bell has already rung marking the end of the first class. I breathe a sigh of relief and begin packing my stuff into the bag, draping it on my shoulder. I need to change class for History. When I get up from my seat, I indirectly look at the new student. He’s not moving.
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 I stand up the moment Ms. Iris hit the door. I hastily grab my stuff and rush out of the classroom. I didn’t even stop to put down my things in the locker. The only thing in my head right now is to get out of this sea of people crowding the hallway. I’m in dire need of a me time and that means a complete solitary in the library. It’s always a total chaos when the bell rings, especially now when it’s break time. I can barely catch my breath being squeezed here and there. Despite that, I painstakingly headed upstairs.
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Her Silly Farce
 The last class I have for the day is Math. Mr. Hudson is a God of preach and I wish for the ceremony to end and for the numbers to stop swirling in my head. My memory is overloaded with equation and formula.
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The Aftermath
 Aubrey trembles from head to toe as she gazes upon the pool of blood splattered across the asphalt and onto her clothes. By her side lies Rosie, unconscious, and her lovely alabaster skin is now stained with red. Her wounds beckon a gory sight to the passerby and to the young Aubrey as well.
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A Rose Field & The Golden Bridge
I can’t feel the weight of my body. It feels as if like I’m floating amid the gravity. When I try to force open my eyes, a sharp pain stung my head, shocking me into a jolt. I sprung back to the ground, groaning inwardly. It took me a while before I was able to hoist myself up. Even then, I need to hold my head as though the action of getting up itself can topple my head.
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It's not the time yet...
 Straight to the point. Cold and sharp. Yet, this kind of attitude suits his cold personality very much. But, that is the least of my worry right now. My head buzzes at his words.
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 It’s passed lunch break. The afternoon sun filters through the curtain and spills its warm glow upon the hospital bed. I feel the heaviness weighing on my eyelids as I try to wake up. The first thing that greets me is a white ceiling and a tingling sensation all over my body. I don’t feel anything but haziness clouding my mind. When I turn to look around the room, I caught sight of the medical equipment strung into my body.I frown and proceed to take off the oxygen mask before
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