Garden Of Love

Garden Of Love

By:  Violet Evergarden  Completed
Language: English
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A huge explosion brought Aaron to the fate of his love life. He doesn’t remember his past and yet, he was greeted by a new ‘family’ when he woke up. A house fills with eight doctors and the love story bloom between them. Bit by bit, Aaron starts to remember his past when he already in love with Hazel. While Hazel is still in trauma because of her past experience, she closed her heart tightly for years.Will their love succeed to bloom? Will Aaron stay with Hazel or pursue back his old love?This is a continuation from 10 Billion To Get A Wife!

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105 Chapters
The Beginning
Swish~ "Uhm Lady Hazel, what are we doing here again?" Mr. Brandon turned his head to the girl beside him.Sighing, she said with a deep voice."Mr. Brandon, tell me, what thing you're holding right now?""Fishing rod?" he immediately replied."Can you tell me where are we right now?" she asked again."On a boat.""Can you guess what are we doing right now?""Err...Fishing?" he asked."That's right, Mr. Brandon. Now, shut up. Or the fish will run away." she focused on the fishing rod.It's been a few hours since both of them sit on the small fishing boat."But, Lady Hazel.. why are we staying in the dark? I mean, why don't we light up the lantern? It's cold and dark here.""Mr. Brandon…. if we light up the lantern, all the fish will swim away..they won't come near us," she said."Where did you get this theory Lady Hazel?" he wants to laugh, but he covers his mouth
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We Need To Return Home
 "Ready to go?" Nigel tied up his shoelace after glance a little at Loula who wears a black tank top and knee-length tight.She bends her body a little to put on her sport shoes and said with an energetic voice."Yup. Let's go. 5 KM again?""Um, let's make it 10 KM today." Nigel stood up and set his watches.Loula put her wireless earphone and turn on her iPod. She runs and leaves Nigel behind.Nigel smiles and follows to run behind her.…. Chase put a soft pillow on his neck and lay on the couch while reading his book.He takes a peek at the room which was the stranger man sleep on the bed inside the room.'Who is he? I think I've seen him somewhere. But, I couldn't remember at all..' he thought for a while before he continues to read his book again.After past 12 at noon, he stands up from the couch and walks to the kitchen counter. He wants to make some lunch for all o
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Are You Awake?
 "Going back home?" Hazel asked.Chase nods his head. Joe and Akiko shrugged their shoulder as they don't know what to say either."He's not waking up yet. Are we gonna leave him here?"Chase shake his head."We will bring him too??" Joe's eye lit up a bit.Chase nods and that's made Hazel's eye turn wider."Ho! no no no...Why are we bringing him with us? We don't know who he is, where he lives, he doesn't even have a passport! How he's gonna come with us?"Joe took out his phone and calling for Nigel and Loula to get back to the beach house right now.… After 30 minutes waiting, Nigel and Loula walk inside the room. Both of them panting like they just finished running a marathon."Where did you two go?" Hazel asks curiously."Town!" both of them said simultaneously.Hazel lost her word.She inhales and looks at all of them."Chase suggests that we shou
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Its A Dead End
 He starts to take off all of his wire and tube from his body. It makes Hazel surprised and a bit angry.She walks closer to him and slaps him on his face.Pap!All of them gasp seeing Hazel's action toward the patient. Except for Chase. He looks calm."Calm down!" she roars.The man slumped back to his bed. He blinks his eyes a few times before he starts to touch his cheek which is start throbbing a bit, the effect from her slap.Hazel turned her body to all of them. "Go now, let me handle him."All of them hurriedly step out of the room leaving both of them."Look, I know you're in a panic right now. But you need to listen to me. You need to calm yourself down." Her voice turns normal.She goes to the cupboard and brings one file after that. She handed him the file.He took the file and flip it open."I found you on the sea. You almost died back then. So we saved you, a few hours after the op
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"I know I know.. Let's call him Ben." Akiko raises her hand."Why Ben?" Nigel ask."It's cute. Like Ben Ten.""No, How about we call him James?" Loula said."And why is that?" Nigel crossing his arm around his chest looking at Loula."Hazel found him with a weird suit. He looks like an agent. James Bond?""What? No…That's too old. I choose Allen. Barry Allen." Hazel eyes lit up a bit."The hell? Why is the name is all the heroes' type?" Joe bristled."Ah come on. It's cool." Akiko said."So you telling me my name is not cool enough?" Joe looks at Akiko's eye.Blush, she nods. "You're a different case.""So, pick one. Which one of them that you like?" Hazel asks him.He rubs his back of his head and said "Aaron. Not Allen. And no Barry too. Just Aaron.""Oh.." Hazel looks disappointed, but she immediately chases the feeling away from her heart.Akiko and Loula also look disappoint
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 After seeing the boy fled to his room, she stared at both of them for a few seconds before she walks out of the gym."Fuhh.." Joe exhale."What's wrong?" Aaron asked with a curious expression."Ah well, it's not my place to tell you about this, but what I can say really like that kid." He then pushes his wheelchair and waits at the elevator inside the house.After going to the first floor, which is where the living room and kitchen located there, Joe bring him to the kitchen hall.In the kitchen, there is Chase who is currently making some lunch for him.He looked at Joe and immediately Joe reply to him without Chase asking."Hey, it's not I'm lazy okay. He's doing great with his exercise. I told you, he's a tough guy." Joe narrowed his eyes to the lunch dish that he had prepared."Oh. Where is mine?"Chase turned his head to the freezer."Seriously Chase?" he groans and walks to the
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Something Delicious
 Around 3 AM.Someone suddenly knocking on his door. Because it's difficult for Aaron to move around, He just speaks from the bed."Come in."Mr. Brandon walks inside the room and his eyes fixed on the small figure on the bed."Ah..I'm so sorry. He must be tired from the long hour flight for him to sleep in here." He hurriedly carries Asher on his arm, while Aaron just smiles at the old man. He never saw him before."No. He might be afraid of thunder." Aaron said politely."I see. Ah.. how are you by the way? Did your wound still hurt?" Mr. Brandon looks at him with a worried expression.Shake his head, Aaron reply to him. "No. My wound is getting better. But, Mr…?""Brandon. I am Hazel's personal butler," he said, introducing himself to the man.Upon hearing the word 'butler', his head feels a bit dizzy. He tries to not show his painful face in front of him as he just nods his head."
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Treatment Bill
 "What?" Aaron looks at everyone while scrunching his eyebrows."Man! Don't tell me, you're a waiter before?" Joe breaks the silence."Uhh...I don't think so, mate." he shakes his head."Then, what are you?" Nigel asks making Akiko raise her hand."I know, I know. He must be a superhero. He had nice abs and pecks when we found him, and not only that, he can cook and his movement is smooth and fast."".…." Aaron just chuckled and continue to eat his dinner. Its amusing him to see how worked up all of them to guess who he is."Oh, hurt me. Am I not man enough to you?" he replied with a hint of sulking.Chase takes the slice of carrot on his plate and puts it on Joe's plate making him more irritated."Damn you Chase!"'What?' he raise his eyebrows, he did not say anything, but his face clearly mocking Joe."You're telling me I'm skinny?" Joe narrowed his eyes to Chase."
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Green Eyes
 Aaron walkout from the isolation room and strolled over to the living hall where is Chase and Joe were enjoying playing a video game there.He slouched on the couch and watch both of them playing the game. Chase notice his gaze and he handed his game console to him."Wanna play?" he asks.Looking down at the game console, he nods. "Yeah, let me try this stage."Lifting up his eyebrow, Chase shifts his sit from the floor to the couch, and Aaron changes from couch to the floor.Joe looks at two of them."Ready Aaron?" he snickers."Yeah.""I'll be gentle on you. Since this might be your first time playing this game." He said arrogantly."Mhm? Don't be too kind, Joe. Use all you got." Aaron also smirking looking at his face."Alright.." he pushes the start button. ... A few minutes later,Joe leaning his head back at the couch cushion with a defeat expres
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Live With Us!
 She slips her hair behind her ear when the wind brushes her face. She looks at the fall leaves near her as she sits at the bus stop bench waiting for the bus to come over.She put the earphone on her ear and play her playlist on her iPod. Listening to the song, she starts remembering the blue eyes men she met before at the cafe.He was tall with a great shape of the body. Not a bulge one, but it was the one that will imprint to each woman's eyes once they saw his figure.His blonde hair and perfect jaw were so alluring. His blue like sapphire and he gives an aristocratic vibe around him.Honking sound made her jolt her body a bit. She looks at the bus which already stops in front of the bus stop, she then stands up from the bench and steps inside the bus.After 15 minutes ride, she steps out from the bus and walks to her apartment."Hi Vi, just got back from your work?" a man who is her neighbor asks her before she twi
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