She Has My Face

She Has My Face

By:  Sasha Johnson  Completed
Language: English
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It's been eight months since Leah disappeared from her small town in Hollow Cove. The town's people assume she's dead somewhere. Lindsey moves to Hollow Cove when her parents decide to open a restaurant there. The small town is sleepy and just what she needs when her life's been shaken by a truth her Mother kept to herself. Unfortunately, peace is anything but what Lindsey gets. The town's people think Lindsey has a strong resemblance to missing Leah. Even Leah's best friend believes Lindsey is Leah. Lindsey can't go anywhere without people thinking she's Leah soon she starts seeing Leah, the girl who has her face. Lindsey believes she's seen Leah or her ghost. The more Leah appears in mysterious places, the more Lindsey feels Leah might be alive

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2022-06-20 07:36:17
38 Chapters
The bike skidded to a halt on the pavement in front of the hollow house. The curtains had been stripped, all the furniture looted and the people that once lived there vanished.   Another bike skidded behind her. Jordan shook herself out of the trance.  She hadn’t intended on turning into the neighborhood. Somehow she was in front of the house that she had once been so comfortable in. Why did it feel like an enemy?   ‘Jordan what are you doing here?!  I thought we were going to the park.’ Ruby said.  Jordan exhaled.  She couldn’t take her eyes off the house.  It was as if Leah was going to burst through the front door with her full cheeks and bright smile.   ‘Jordan, they’re gone. They’re not coming back.’ Ruby’s hand rubbed her friends shoulder. 'I know Ruby.’ Jordan
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Chapter 1
Hollow Cove   ‘Well at least it has a Starbucks!’ Trey threw his head back and laughed. His laughter filled the vehicle.   His wife chuckled, she couldn’t do without her coffee.  His oldest son and daughter sat in the back of the SUV. They left Florida to pursue their dream of opening their own restaurant.  They had been executive chefs in Florida for years. Thankfully, the kids hadn’t opposed as much with the promise of frequent visits back.   ‘Hollow Cove's wonderful although it is sleepy. One would even overlook it.’ Margret his wife had grey eyes and long blonde curly hair.   ‘What kind of a place is called Hollow Cove?’ Clement mumbled.   Lindsey smirked. Clement was a year older than her, he hated the move more than she did. Lindsey didn’t mind the change of scenery. It was a huge distraction but one she didn’t mind after what her Mom told her shook her whole world.  Lin
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Chapter 2
She Has My Face  Lindsey tucked a loose strand of her hair behind her ear.  She’d decided on a simple bun for her first day of school. Monday had come too soon.  She’d spent Sunday helping her parents unpack, sort,  hang and clean. Clem made friends with some kids in the neighborhood and disappeared.   She groaned when she thought of her insensitive brother.  She hoped he was ready or else she’d leave without him.  Breakfast was on the new table but her tummy was full of nerves.  ‘Dad, can I have the car keys?’ Lindsey said.   Trey stuffed scrambled eggs in his mouth.  ‘In the kitchen. Grab some breakfast first.’  ‘I’m good Dad. Bye.’  ‘Love you.’ Trey called.   Lindsey stopped on the kitc
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Chapter 3
Jordan ‘Jordan, have you heard?!’ Ruby ran up to Jordan’s locker.   Jordan rolled her eyes and slammed the locker. She shoved her hands in her white jacket and started in the other direction.   Can’t I be left alone?   Ruby gasped and appeared in front of Jordan.   ‘I’m talking to you!’  ‘I don’t want to gossip Ruby!’ Jordan tried to go round Ruby, but she was like a wall.  ‘It’s not gossip! It’s true, Leah’s back I thought you’d want to know.’  Jordan balled her hands in her jacket. Ruby followed her arms. Jordan wanted to knock her teeth right out of her gums.  ‘I’m not in the mood and if I were you I’d stay away from me from now on.’ She s
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Chapter 4
Set Me ApartLindsey fashioned a black hoodie and sunglasses to school. Maybe she would make it through the day without people gawking at her. ‘You’re making it obvious, Lindsey.’ Jordan leaned against a locker.  Lindsey ripped her glasses off.  ‘Forgive me for trying to keep people from staring at me.’ ‘People always want what they can’t have. If they can’t see you they’ll only follow you until they can.’  Lindsey sighed, she looked ridiculous anyway. She pulled back her hoodie and shoved the glasses in the locker.   ‘I guess you’re right. I should probably dyed my hair blonde and get contact lenses.’ ‘They will have to get used to it.’ Jordan shrugged.  ‘Will you get used to it? She was your best friend.’
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Chapter 5
The Boy Next DoorThe police had really done a number on Mom. Dad had to give her a sedative to calm her down. Lindsey knew her Mom was fragile and so did Clem. He was right about not telling her that day. Maybe they were both wrong she didn’t have to find out from the police.  Lindsey believed it would have been much calmer if they told her themselves.   She was much better in the morning. Margaret even made breakfast which Lindsey ate and finished just to me her happy.  No one mentioned the police, DNAs or Leah King and Lindsey wanted it to stay that way.   Lindsey walked out of the house in blue jeans, a pink top, a long white cardigan. The blue sky was obscured by morning clouds. A bitter breeze clapped her cheeks. She couldn’t wait to turn on the heater in the car.   ‘Ugh, Clement!  Hurry up!’ Lindsey yelled at the house.
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Chapter 6
Other than Clement,  Jordan was the only other person Lindsey knew. Approaching people when she had someone else’s face was like attempting to climb Mount Everest.  Jordan and Lindsey strolled the halls in comfortable silence until they got to the parking lot. Lindsey knew it was weird for Jordan but she needed her company. Jordan didn’t ask questions anymore or stare at her awkwardly.   Clem was by the car with his usual radical looking crew and his new girlfriend Amber. She’s a red head in serious need of a protein package at a salon.  Serge’s German vehicle was right where she left it.  ‘Hey Jordan, you know that guy—’  Lindsey fumbled with her words.  Jordan raised her brow.  ‘What guy?’  Serge emerged from the school,  Lindsey bobbed her head at him when he stopped to speak to a guy.   Jordan smirked and narrowed her eyes at him. ‘I see you. He’s okay but that one is more up m
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Chapter 7
Lindsey walked into the sitting room.  Two policemen sat on her couch while her parents stood in an embrace.  Clem sat with his arms crossed over his chest as far from the policemen as he could.   The Detective who visited them last time stood when Lindsey made herself known to them.  Margaret’s face was red with worry.   ‘What’s going on?’ She asked.   ‘They’re here for the DNA test.’ Her Dad spoke.  Margaret buried her chest into Trey’s chest.   Lindsey backed up. Detective Luther's eyes shot up,  fearing Lindsey would bolt.  ‘Is this really necessary? I’m not Leah King!  How many times do I have to say it?!’  ‘That’s what you say but we have to investigate to be certain.’ Detective Luther said.  ‘Mom,  Dad can’t you say no?’  ‘They wouldn’t do that if they had nothing to hide.’ ‘It’s alright Lindsey they just want your hair. Let’s get
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Chapter 8
Hollow Cove Woods The house had been fully established now Lindsey’s parents were left with the small matter of getting their dream restaurant up and running.  Lindsey and Clem tried to help out when they could, mostly Lindsey since Clem had a new girlfriend and group of friends he had to keep up with.   When Lindsey wasn’t sweeping at the restaurant she was doing homework with Jordan, or critiquing Serge's far from perfect cooking skills. Lindsey still feared what her Father would do when he found out Lindsey was spending long hours with a boy.   School hadn’t gotten less weird, she could have sworn she had three stalkers. If it weren’t for Jordan practically chasing most people away she would have dropped out of school at least until the case was over. Lindsey thought the DNA test would have taken top priority but it had been almost a week and the results still weren’t out.  One day a ‘Remember Leah King' poster had been stuck on
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Chapter 9
Blood & Questions The envelope with the results that could blow Detective Luther’s case wide open sat on his desk. He’d been staring at it for nearly half an hour.  It should have been in Hollow Cove sooner but the M.E’s office in the next town didn’t understand the significance of the case.  The case that haunted him. It was like a poker game, he was pondering his next move. He knew the results without a shadow of a doubt,  but what he would do with them he didn’t know.   The office door opened and slammed shut.  ‘Luther the results are in!’ Detective Harry said. He’d recently been assigned to help Luther. He was a younger detective with truck loads of enthusiasm.  ‘I know.’ He pointed at his desk.  ‘Then why haven’t you opened it yet? What are you waiting for?’  Luther straightened himself. ‘Go ahead Harry do the honors.’  Harry picked up the envelope and ripped the top off
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