Chapter 116

Nerezza's Point of View

We had drifted off to sleep. Comforted by the various warm bodies, I couldn't help myself. Felt more loved at that moment than I ever had before. It was a revelation to know that after so long, you were indeed loved and cherished. By the very men you had wronged time and time again.

The goddess had known exactly who to give me. Even if I had failed to see that at the beginning. At least I was grateful now. If not for the cold then for their warmth.

A persistent knocking drove me out of my slumber. I looked toward the door. Noticed the knocking turned into a frantic beat. This made me wiggle my way out of the mess of bodies. Some of them were even snuggled together. Like Lysander holding Priamos. Zaven holding Alastair. Slipping out of bed, I stared down at them. Felt my heart swell.

After everything we had been through, they still remained. Devoted themselves to my happiness. To finding Conan. A few more hours of rest couldn't do anything to them but improve th
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