Chapter 117

Nerezza's Point of View

Priamos, the twins, and Lysander set out at first light. Four men innocently walking around in the jungle wouldn't spark much interest in the enemies we had more to the north. They had taken hunting bows with them. Arrows. Face coverings. No one would suspect them to be anything but four men trying to find food in this frozen wasteland.

Zaven had set out to look for more firewood for the day. Or so he had claimed but I had a feeling there was something else brewing on his mind. Whatever it might have been was irrelevant. Trivial. We could deal with all the emotional fallout of the group once Conan was safely back within our reach.

"Have you ever fought someone before?" Kalliked asked. Shook out his black hair from some snow that had fallen on him. The snow made his caramel skin look lighter than it was. Made him seem less threatening and more clumsy. But it also made the white tattoos surrounding his neck stand out.

Shaking off some of the same snowfall, I nodd
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