Chapter 9

Priamos' Point of View

This was what true fear felt like. The thrumming of my heart climbing out of my chest. Blood raced from place to place in hopes of getting enough oxygen to my brain so that I could fight or flee. Neither applied at this moment. Not when Nerezza had something to do about it.

Nerezza had stopped me from murdering a man today but at what cost? Her pleading voice had brought me back to my senses. Showed me the crowd gathered around me. She was clutching her stomach for dear life one moment and the next she collapsed. People went into a frenzy. Ambulance sirens weren't far off but they felt an eternity away.

The baby inside her was all I had. The baby and my mate. And some jackass had driven into us. Skipped a red light and rammed Nerezza's side of the car. I couldn't help but pummel him. Grind him into a fine powder and scatter his ashes on the fucking wind.

But she came first. I shoved the people away from

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Karina Vazquez
Who would think about purchases in a life and death situation

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