Chapter 10

Nerezza's Point of View

Priamos' apartment smelled like home somehow. As if I hadn't been home for years and the comforting embrace of his woodsy smell would just soothe my soul. Every ache in my body ceased to be the moment I stepped through those doors. 

The sight of his apartment in some disarray also warmed my heart. He had been struggling to sleep. Eat. Cope in general, or so Farren had told me numerous times over the phone. His apartment was evident of that. Showed me that he had noticed the lack of my presence. Which made me smile.

Priamos was lugging up my two weeks' worth of dirty laundry and by the time he had entered, I was already sprawled out on the couch. With a smile tugging his lips, he set down my bags and walked toward me. The curtains were drawn but I could still see him in the dim light. 

"Making yourself at home already, I see," Priamos murmured and I sat up. I nodded with a smile.

"No place

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