Her forbidden love

Her forbidden love

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Forbidden love. The story follows a young girl who is adopted by a wealthy family and raised to be a high-class woman. Despite her money and rank, she wants a quiet life with the man she loves. And out of all the men, she chose to fall for her foster brother. A young and gorgeous man with a bad boy attitude, their relationship did not start well, but as they both grew to embrace each other, it eventually developed into love, and they started a relationship with without their parents' knowledge. Will they be able to find their happily ever after despite being foster siblings?..

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8 Chapters
Episode 1
EPISODE 1: A TALE FROM THE PAST.It had been two weeks since they gave me the most shocking news of my life. The two people, whom I had loved my entire life, had just told me that I wasn't their biological daughter, and they adopted me from an orphanage in a small town. It felt like I had lost my sense of being. Who was I, and where exactly did I come from? Who are even parents? Those were what paraded through my mind until I chose to accept the truth. I was taken care of and loved by Mr. Kent and Gracie.I may not share the same blood as her and her husband, but with their son, they've never treated me less than a human being.Christopher White. My handsome stepbrother. Christopher, when I came, was resentful towards me; he didn't want to accept that his loving parents had adopted a girl, a teenager, who had almost become a woman.His resentful pattern—I, myself, wasn't that innocent; I never liked my foster brother, and our hateful nature toward each other slowly turned into love. I
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Episode 2
Episode 2: A FRENEMYI sneaked out of the bathroom, and no one saw me leaving. I came back to my bedroom when I received a phone call from my best friend, Lola. She calls whenever she wants something, or better yet, wants someone to accompany her to a party.I wasn't able to pick up her phone call on time; however, she sent me a message, and immediately the call disconnected.Like I said, she wanted me to follow her to a friend's party. I might be her best friend, but she has so many friends that I began to question myself and what I might be to her. You can't have too many friends," she would always say to me whenever I questioned her about it.That same evening, when I wore my knee-length gown with an opening at the back, I met Mom preparing the table for dinner with two of the maids at home."Nina, are you going somewhere?". She asked me after she took a glance at my outfit. I wasn't too sexy, nor did I dress too shabby."I am going to a party! Lola had invited me." I disclosed to
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Episode 3
EPISODE 3: A NEW JOB.I went to my bedroom, and Christopher was already waiting for my arrival with his bossy-like behavior."Good evening, young lady. He growled after I met him, looking lovingly at my picture."Hey, what are you here? It's late." I looked at the time. It was almost midnight, and Christopher happened to be in my bedroom..."I went to the party, and they informed me you had left; why didn't you wait for me!?". He rode from resting his back on the bed...I also took a step closer and said."Nothing? I didn't want to disturb you." "Disturb me? Nina, you're not; remember, I promised to keep you safe at all times.". He expressed his desires to me and gently got a hold of my hands."I love you. Don't forget that." He bowed my head and left a kiss on my forehead. Goodnight," Nina; I'll see you tomorrow," he added, and then left me staring blindly as he went out the door.Thank God I didn't tell him of my encounter with Drake and how he let his driver beat up a man who was
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Episode 4
EPISODE 4: CANDY CANE I came back home some minutes past ten in the night. I knew my parents must've gone to bed; they'd begun a routine of sleeping early.I went to get myself a glass of water, but instead, I met Christopher by the gas stove, holding a spatula."Good evening.".I went toward the kitchen counter, and he turned around with a smile."Nina! Glad you came." He brought the spatula to me. "What?" I intentionally pulled it away from meeting my hands."Com'on, help me make ginger tea.".He folded his mouth as if he were about to cry.Seeing that, I reluctantly got close to the pot, boiling it on the gas stove. The water was getting overboiled."Please get me a glass cup and ginger tea.". I said this to Christopher."Yes, ma'am," he says, going to the cabinet next to the refrigerator and bringing back the things I had asked for.I prepared the tea and served it to him."Here you go, sir.". I grinned."Thanks, Baby!". Christopher called me a cute name. I smiled and cross-chec
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Episode 5
Episode 5: DO YOU REMEMBER?I couldn't join them for lunch at the restaurant; I had to make do with the snacks at the offices. After I had finished checking the documents on my table, I went with them to my boss's office; he wasn't at the office, and that gave me enough time to quickly drop the document and come out. Some minutes later, as my colleagues were beginning to return from their lunch, Taila, once again, approached my table, and she brought a box of cupcakes with milkshakes for me."You must be starving, right?". She served it on the table for me."Thanks." I grabbed her hand and gave her a friendly squeeze.She nods and goes away to her deck. I opened the box, and just as I was about to bite the first cupcake, my boss came outside and yelled my name."Nina!!!". Immediately, I let go of the cupcake, closed the box, and hurried to his office."Sir! You called?". I knocked before entering.My boss slowly lifted his head and tossed the document. I took my time and energy to
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Episode 6
Episode 6: Dinner with the In-Laws.I woke up the following morning and Christopher had already left; he didn't even tell me; maybe he didn't want to make me, and honestly, my time at the office has been hectic and somewhat stressful."Good morning, mom and dad." I greeted my parents after getting dressed to leave for the office. Christopher was at the table across, and he grinned, unsure of my outfit."Nina, are you ready to go to the office?". Mom came; she held me from taking another step away and made me turn over to Dad."Is everything okay? What is the matter?". I glanced at dad's face as I directed the question to both of them.Dad looked at mom and gave her the go-ahead to speak. I didn't know what my parents were about to say; however, deep down, I felt it had to do with my engagement with Drake."Nina, it's about your wedding.".I said, Mom, as she slowly got a hold of my shivering hands."What about the wedding?". I asked her calmly; I didn't want to be too hasty, and in t
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Episode 7
Lisa was ecstatic to find her ex-boyfriend, and while I stood behind her like a stranger and watched, Taila came, and she had a team that would dress her for her interview.She didn't want to leave without Christopher, and not once, even by mistake, did he turn and look at my face. I was brewing with jealousy; I thought Destiny was on my side. How foolish have I been?Taila had me arrange the set. Lisa was seated on a leather chair, right next to Christopher, who wouldn't stop smiling at her. What exactly was she saying that made him act so girly? .."I placed a bottle of water on top of the table in the set and angrily left. My head had the expression of wanting to kill someone. It was so evident that when Taila came with a few documents to hold, she had to walk past me and hand them to someone else.The evening program was all about Lisa; her presence not only made everyone at the radio station happy, but it also caused my lover to behave like a love-sick puppy. Imagine that, after
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Episode 8
Episode 8:AS I PROMISEDThe news of my engagement made me feel irritated. I was so angry, and since I didn't want to express my real feelings to anyone, I decided to retire to bed early. It was after Drake and his parents had left."Nina, can we talk?". I was in my bedroom when I heard the soft whispers of Christopher. He now finally has my time. I'm sure Lisao must've left.I went and opened the door for him."We have nothing to talk about."I looked around and then spoke to him. "Really? Have you forgotten that your engagement has been finalized?". He takes a step forward, but I take out my hand and stop him. "Go away, Chris! I don't want to talk to you or anyone.". I said, I shortened his name. I do that whenever I am upset and don't feel like talking to him.Christopher saw that, and he decided to oblige my request.I slammed the door after he had left. It's funny how he thinks that after ignoring me the entire day, I'd still want to talk with him and pretend like everything is
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