26. Andrea Pendragon-Part 2

"Can we talk?" A mellow voice ringing in the room, made Andrea who prepared to sleep to pause her action.

Andrea turned around and was shocked to find the girl is sitting closer to her bed. Huh? Did she teleport? How comes she didn't hear her footstep?

"W...what?" She managed to croak out her flustered response.

Seiran tilted her head, sizing up Andrea with her lips pursed out.

Andrea felt uncomfortable. Isn't it rude to stare at others? At least be subtle in your action, girl! (She didn't seem to recall that she also had done the same.)

"Big sister, why did I sense enmity from you? Had I offended you before?" Seiran bluntly asked her this one question that had been bugging her.

Andrea choked on her saliva.

"I...I..." Wow, she is honest. Andrea unconsciously

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