His Mafia Queen

His Mafia Queen

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"Are you okay, did I hurt you?" he whispers, gently running his thumb on my flushed cheek. His eyes are so tender and the way they stare down at me, makes my heart swell with immense joy. I can't believe I just did it, and it was amazing. "No" I shake my head leaning into his touch. Fuck! I love him so much. I want this man to myself all days of my life. "Thank you for trusting me, baby. I..I...i" he quickly looks away when he couldn't complete his sentence, and I know why. "You don't have to tell me anything" I whisper pulling his head to my lips. "It doesn't matter to me, Rico. You are all I want, with your every flaw and the darkness that surrounds you" "But you deserve so much better sweetheart, you deserve the world" "Then be my world. I don't want to exist in a place you aren't " I sincerely murmur and it silences him. For the first time since I met rico, his eyes hold a different emotion other than the obvious ones. Determination. They are both lonely with troubling pasts, they both have walls built up so high and won't allow anyone to notice the pain behind their eyes. Can Mia Vulcan and Rico Moreno help each other overcome the demons hunting them? Find out.

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Delinda Schumacher
57 chapters 10-30-23
2023-10-31 00:46:18
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Chillie Starr
I give this book 5 ...️...️...️...️...️
2023-10-22 09:52:16
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Everything I have read so far is Outstanding! I am hooked.
2023-08-16 03:18:10
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Tai Morris
Absolutely LOVE IT...... I NEED MORE PLZ!!!
2023-08-15 10:04:47
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Hello everyone. For those who had requested for Rico's story, he we are. I hope you will love it. Thank you.
2023-08-12 18:52:51
92 Chapters
(TRIGGER WARNING; THIS CHAPTER CONTAINS THE MENTION OF BLOOD AND GORE IMAGES. )4 years ago, MIA VULCAN. "What is the occasion, Dad?" I ask staring at the different delicious dishes arranged on our dining table. This never happens in our house. We survive on outside dinners and takeaways because no one bothers to cook in this house. Maybe if Mum was more of a family person, our house would have felt homely. "I wanted to surprise you and your mum honey, it's been a while since we had a family dinner. I want to make this a normal thing from now on" he says handing me plates and I gently arrange them on the table "I'm sorry to say this, but you know Mum doesn't care, right?" "It doesn't matter sweetheart, I will be the one doing it"Speaking of Mother, the front door opens and the queen herself walks in. Her six inches stiletto noisily click on the floor as she takes careful steps toward us. Today she wore all red. From the little red dress that is tightly hugging her perfect body,
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Chapter 1
(Present day)Mia. The deep brown eyes are like piercing daggers. It's like he is staring right into my soul and for a reason unknown to me, I find it intimidating. Damn, I rule over men who are more dangerous than anyone can guess. But this single man has my palms sweating. To make the matter worse, I can't look away from him either.As my body slowly moves to the loud hip-hop beat, my heart intensely palpitates with anxiety. I have never felt self-conscious when dancing nor found any man appealing to my eyes. But him. The cute stranger is harshly biting on his lower lip as he stares at me like it will hurt to look away. Who is he? He is a bit older than me. The same age as Alessio if I'm not wrong. The white shirt he is wearing has its arms folded showing thick and veiny arms. He is wearing a Gucci golden watch on his right hand, and a silver bracelet on the other. The three top buttons of the shirt are undone, allowing me to peek at his clean chest, with only a gold chain h
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Chapter 2
Rico. "Who is she?" I gesture to the dancing floor with my chin. I have never seen anyone dance like that. She is so agile and the way she moves her body, you will think there is no single bone in her.Her silver long hair effortlessly follows her every move and it's the most enchanting view I have ever laid my eyes on. She looks young though. I harshly bite my lip when her green eyes won't look away. It's like she is solely dancing for me and it's damn tempting. The way her fingers teasingly trail her sexy body in slow motion, makes me hold tight on my seat armrest. Is she doing this on purpose? I always refrain from falling prey to women's seduction. Fucking around has never been my thing, and I don't remember the last time I did it. Probably before being locked up. Life drastically changed for me and the amount of pain and torture I went through, made my body repellant to most things. Women are one of them. She is beautiful though, but out of my league."Now that, is my lit
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Chapter 3
Mia. "Dad, where are we going?" I ask a thousand and one times, but he answers with the same goofy grin he has been giving me since we left the house. I hate surprises. They make me so unsettled and I can't stop my curiosity and constantly asking myself what it is. "A little more patience, baby" he smirks, enjoying the fact that I hate waiting. "Okay, how further?" "2 minutes" "Yes," I shout fisting my hands and he chuckles shaking his head. I love him so much. As my dad promised, two minutes later, the car pulls up to an enormous skyscraper in the busy streets of New York.What catches my attention is the name written in bold on top of it. 'Vulcan's enterprise ' I didn't know we had a business going here. " What is it, Dad?" I enquire looking around in amazement. I already love this place. "Let's get inside first" Father leads me to the main office on the top floor. Everything around here is amazing and extra beautiful. How come I didn't know of this? "First, take this" H
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Chapter 4
Rico. I don't know if I made the right choice by listening to Alessio but I did anyway. I want a woman. A woman who can handle a fight, a woman who can take care of herself when I am not there to help. In this world, we can't always depend on guards because they are humans too, and anything can happen to them leaving us vulnerable. That's why having a strong independent woman to carry your kids is important. So when Alessio suggested this mysterious ring, I gave it a deep thought and realized in fact, it was a brilliant idea.The only way to eliminate the weak until the strongest is left standing is if we take them to the ring. I have heard rumors about this place but I never got the chance to see it for myself. They say this place is ruled by the underworld queen who is also like a ghost. No one knows her identity and those who do, leave it behind the walls of the arena. It's an everyday talk at the casino and clubs, especially from men. Everyone yearns to meet this enigmatic
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Chapter 5
Rico. "Damn that idiot," The man cusses, pulling out his phone. "What's wrong? " I whisper to my friend without looking away from the girl. Her name is Mia. I knew her name would be beautiful too."You have no idea. That girl in there is sick. What if something happens? And if she stays in the ring one minute longer, that idiot is going to hurt her" He stressfully runs a hand through his hair and shifts his attention back to his phone. The cheers from the crowd bring us back to the main reason we are here. Mia just got in the ring, and unlike every other girl, she doesn't pick a weapon. Her opponent has a gun in her left hand, and a dagger in her right. What did he mean when he said she only has a minute or she ends up hurt? "The final fight starts in 3, 2, 1" Before the announcer could say one, a dagger goes flying in Mia's direction and my heart thumbs harder in anticipation. I can only imagine what will happen If their queen gets hurt. I don't think I will be spared either.
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Chapter 6
Rico.The drive to Vulcun's residence takes us exactly two hours. Alessio must have trusted me enough to finally tell me something about Mia, and also, allow me to know her home. "Another thing Rico, just be yourself. Don't try to impress him or anything, act normal" Fuck! I hate being in this position. It sounds like I'm getting married. The men guarding the front doors let us in without question, and Alessio leads us to the enormous living room. The only presence in the room is a man sitting in a wheelchair and facing a big window."So, I finally get to see my son-in-law before I die" The man chuckles and finally turns around. He looks to be in his late thirties or early forties. His eyes are a dull blue and almost lifeless. The brown hair on his head is so little like it's falling away. I also didn't miss his thick Russian accent. I haven't heard her voice yet, though I had a clue she was Russian, and now it's confirmed.His physical nature appears to be fading away. You will k
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Chapter 7
Mia. Yesterday I didn't leave my room after I left my dad and his guests in the living room. I'm thankful they didn't bother me because I needed that rest. Today, I feel so much more tired than I was yesterday. The headache and the frequent heart skip didn't go away. And now, I'm staring at Alessio absent-mindedly, following his lip movement but grasping nothing for the thirty minutes we have been here. Why am I even here in the first place? Today, I left so early before he could wake up. I hate seeing him hurt and thought it would be better if I didn't look at him. But now I'm regretting I made that decision. I miss him and he hasn't called or sent me a message like he does every time I leave the house.Alessio said he had something he wanted us to talk about. He is looking for investors for his new company, and I don't understand why though.The man is loaded as it is. Why would he need our support for that matter? Among the present men is Rico. I have noticed he does not talk
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Chapter 8
Mia. Just say it" I defeatedly mumble feeling lost."I'm sorry Mia, he couldn't make it"I don't even know when my phone dropped on the floor. Without the energy of picking it up, my legs on their own accord lead me out of the stall like a zombie. Everything and everyone around me blurs and all I could do is cry. The day I have been dreading came so early and found me unprepared. God, this is so hard.I have been walking for hours now, and I don't even feel tired. I just want to be away from the world. I hate how reality slaps so hard. Maybe if I stay away some more, I will eventually wake up from this horrid dream. I spot a beach and decide to take refuge in the water. The place is calm with the tender evening sun. Families and couples are all over having fun and enjoying each other's company. I never had that. There is no day we went out as a family. The only thing I have been doing from the moment I could walk was throwing knives and aiming guns. The only outings mother to
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Chapter 9
Rico.She looks tired. The dark circles around her eyes are evidence that she never slept. The eyes that always capture my attention are dull and tired from crying. I knew he wouldn't stay for long. The man was already tired and sadly, he couldn't fight it anymore. At the club yesterday, she was in a meeting but her mind wasn't. The only thing she did was stare at me, and I wondered what was going through her head.I never knew how jealous felt until I saw her with that boy. It got me so angry that she left us inside to go talk to some guy. To make matters worse, that fucked up idiot is her age mate, and I couldn't stop thinking what if she thinks I'm too old for her. I want us to have a conversation. I know the fights don't guarantee anything unless she is willing to be mine. She was not even a contestant and that makes me worried. What does she think of me? Does she find me attractive? Fuck Rico.I thought I was not interested, but the more I look at her, the more I feel the ne
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