His Married Luna: Forbidden Desire

His Married Luna: Forbidden Desire

By:  unusualdee  Completed
Language: English
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Martha Remus, a 34 year old Luna, believed she had what other she-wolves call ‘a perfect life’. Despite her husband’s infidelity, her family and her pack members were still her priority because she was trained all her life to be the Luna of the Red Moon Pack. Going on with her life and pack affairs, Martha finds herself extremely attracted to a male werewolf and the shocking part was, he’s years younger than her! “Can you feel how hard I am for you? You can't possibly ignore the mate bond between us, Martha.” “This is wrong, Alex, we shouldn’t be doing this. I… I'm still married—” “—to a man who's cheating on you. You can't stay with him because he is an Alpha, Martha.” Soon, Martha gives in to the sizzling attraction and starts doing things she never thought she would ever do.

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Quite a good story.
2024-02-14 15:08:47
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M.E Julie
I really enjoyed this book.
2023-11-27 00:35:00
user avatar
If you want mystery and adventure, this novel is for you. There was never a dull moment until the last chapter. It’s well-written too. A must read for anybody who wants action and adventure
2023-11-24 16:15:24
user avatar
Great read
2023-09-15 08:41:29
user avatar
Cheryl Williams
Rarely does this happen I'm all in this book after only 3 chapters! I see a binge read starting for me.
2023-09-09 23:51:51
user avatar
Interesting and Captivating piece.. Hoping for more updates.
2023-07-07 15:51:32
user avatar
Analyn Patalinghug Losorata Molat
nice story
2023-09-05 06:01:20
user avatar
Michelle D
It’s a slow burn and boring. I’m trying to give it a chance but it’s just so boring and lifeless like the Luna’s character. It feels like there’s so many unnecessary filler stories. I’m already on chapter 15 and it’s still the same scenario as the first sentence in chapter 1. Nothing going in.Boring
2023-08-06 07:51:16
100 Chapters
AlexGeri's loud outbursts startled me awake once again today. This has been happening for a few days now, but today was the first time he actually broke something.I slowly open my eyes, and without hesitation, I realize I need to get up, no matter how reluctant I am to check on Geri.I groan as I yank the duvet away and glance at the wall clock. 5:30 am? "It's way too early for this..."I've been crashing at Geri's place in the Red Moon Pack for a couple of weeks now since I couldn't afford a proper hideout. I've been on the run from the Dark Fur Pack for five years now, falsely accused of a crime. But the struggle is real when you don't have enough cash to stay hidden.I spot Geri in the sitting room, surrounded by the reek of alcohol. His blonde hair's a mess, and those dark circles under his eyes tell me he hasn't slept in days. He looks utterly miserable, and I can't help but feel for him, even though I don't know what got him into this mess.Geri's lost some weight since I got h
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Martha Running deeper into the Oak-hickory forest, I repeat to myself. "This is what I need." In the distance, I hear the distant howls of fellow werewolves on their runs, but I try to steer clear of my pack members.I have to clear my head and find a way to survive the day without feeling like an abandoned wife. I can't shake the feeling that my husband, Lucian, might be cheating on me. Maybe I'm overthinking, but his recent behavior has been shady and my intuition is rarely wrong.I married Lucian Remus and became the Luna of the Red Moon Pack eighteen years ago. Despite approaching thirty-five, I still look like I'm in my mid-twenties. Our first night together resulted in our amazing daughter, Star. She's confident, strong, and challenges Lucian when needed. She's the only one who can confront the Alpha in our pack.Star and I can literally fit in the same outfit if I lose a little weight, and she’s always saying I'm taking her shine in the Pack. Having a great body is terrific,
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“I'm Alex Dominic.”“Martha Remus,” she replies, but my head was still fuzzy from how soft her ass felt in my hand.“How did you know I'm Luna?” Martha asks, and I refrain from saying the obvious as she walks to grab the coffee flask that I never notice is laying there all the while. “From Geri. I have been crashing with him for a few days.” I explained, recalling how Geri had warned me about her this morning but I hadn't given attention to him. My dick jerked in arousal as I watched her down the flask at a go. My eyes on her throat, I begin to wonder what else I can push down that throat.“SHE IS FUCKING MARRIED, ALEX.” I had to yell to myself this time, to take my mind off this impulsive sexual attraction I felt toward the Luna of the pack I was currently sojourning in. Until I recalled how full and soft her breasts had felt against- Fuck. “Who are you to Geri and why is he letting you be his roommate? I know for a fact that my cousin isn't that friendly.” Martha turns to speak t
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MarthaAs I sifted through the files on my desk, a throbbing headache pulsed in my temple. I gently massaged it with my left hand, trying to find some relief. The pack account statements needed my attention, and I couldn't afford to leave them unattended. It was a weekly routine that fell on my shoulders since no one else would take care of it.Just as I delved into the second pile of documents, a knock on my door interrupted my concentration. "Come in," I replied, my gaze barely lifting as the person entered. It turned out to be one of the servants."Luna, I wanted to inform you that Alpha Lucian has returned," the servant said politely, instantly grabbing my interest.My fingers froze on the document sheet I was about to turn over. Lucian is back? How peculiar. Blinking away my thoughts, I refocused on the waiting servant, forcing a smile.“Thank you for telling me,” he bowed and left.I slumped in my chair, my heart heavy with frustration and resentment. It had been days since Luci
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AlexAs I wiped the wet countertop, my mind wandered amidst the chaotic scene unfolding before me. Two drunkards were brawling over some liquor, causing quite a ruckus.Honestly, my focus has been elsewhere lately. Martha's offer has consumed my thoughts, making it challenging to concentrate on my job as a bartender. Thankfully, my friend and coworker Dylan has been lending a hand, covering for me when needed. I'm grateful for his support, even though it pains me to rely on him.The increasing tax rate has cast gloom over the patrons who seek solace in alcohol. Their somber expressions serve as a constant reminder of the pack's struggles.It fuels my desire to make a difference, to help them in some way. Martha's offer holds the potential to be a significant aid to our community.Too bad I declined it though, now I would just have to listen to all the people’s troubles whenever they come by. That brought me to the second issue at hand. Good thing that there was a huge counter in bet
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MarthaI held onto the knife tightly, slicing the apple and putting the pieces in a small container. Then, I made a sandwich with wheat bread, adding bologna, cheese, tomato, cabbage, and onion, and topped it with an olive on a toothpick. Despite keeping busy with breakfast, I still felt restless. I couldn't distract myself from the Pack's problems, but I didn't want to overwhelm myself with them either.“Mm…mom, breakfast smells good,” I whipped my head to the side, smiling when I saw my daughter, Star, beaming up at me. “It’s a…lot,” she chuckled and I stared down at the table filled with food. In my effort of productivity, I might have gone overboard and cooked a whole truckload of food for breakfast.I just shrugged. “It’s fine. If we can’t finish it up, we’ll pack it up, alright? I made your lunch as well,” I assured her and she smiled even wider, before walking up to me and kissing me on the cheek whilst standing on her tiptoes. “You’re the best,”My heart warmed up at her compl
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AlexI leaned back in my beat-up red Chevy, shades on my nose, keeping a watchful eye on the intimidating man from a distance. Tailing Alpha Lucian was no walk in the park. He was sly like a fox, covering his tracks with precision. But after years of being on the run, I've become quite the expert. Nothing fazes me anymore. I'm like a shadow, blending into the darkness.I was born into a pack of werewolves, down south where rules were strict and suffocating. The tradition was everything, passed down from generation to generation. But I never bought into it. Emotions were seen as weakness, but I believed it was all a ploy to control us. I played along when I had to, but deep down, I knew there had to be more to life than blind obedience. I never fit in with anyone, both from my age group and up nor even from my parents. Having sympathy and love for others was called a sign of weakness and that’s what they all said I was. Weak.Moving into different states and different packs was a str
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Martha It seemed surreal, like I was watching a movie. Seeing those photos jolted something in me, that made it seem like I was having an out-of-body experience. It was very unreasonable and heartbreaking to me, not because I was so in love with Lucian, but because he was a self-centered, egotistical maniac that I had to put up with. "I can't believe he's comfortable living with all these lies," I muttered angrily. I regret the day I said yes to marrying Lucian. I was blinded by attraction and infatuation, unable to see his true colors. He pretended to care, but it was all about sex. Naively, I thought it was love, not realizing it was just a physical connection between us.“Luna, what would you like for dinner?” One of the maids, Val, came in with courtesy as she asked me. “Get started on some cheesecake for Star. I would like a light casserole with some baguettes on the side and for dessert, chocolate cake?” I said, not quite focused on the order I was giving, but Val seemed to g
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AlexI lay awake in bed, the morning sun casting its warm glow upon my face. I couldn't bring myself to rise and close the curtains, too lost in my thoughts of Martha. She was a captivating enigma, radiating confidence yet harboring softer vulnerabilities. Her fierce gaze when she paid me off still sends shivers down my spine.Despite her cold exterior, my desire for her only grew stronger, knowing that it was a defense mechanism. When she confessed her attraction to me, I had to restrain myself from taking her right then and there on the café table. It took immense willpower to resist.But here lies the problem—I've become too entangled in her web. She made it clear she wants nothing romantic or physical with me, even demanding I leave the Pack. It's only fair to divert my focus, but it's proving to be a greater challenge than expected.Her presence consumed my every thought, even in the darkest of fantasies. I couldn't help but wonder how she was faring, what she had done with the s
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Martha"You can't deny it, Lucian. The proof is right in front of you. I can't believe you'd lie to me like this," I said, feeling a surge of anger and hurt.“Yeah, so what? You can obviously see that it’s Jasmine in the picture. It isn’t rocket science, do the math,” he tried to downplay it, once again making me look like the foolish one. But once he saw the stern, unwavering look on my face, he faltered a bit. "Just admit it, you're cheating with Jasmine. This is a big deal and you can't just brush it off," I insisted, wanting him to understand the impact of his actions."Okay, fine. Yes, I'm with Jasmine, but let's not blow it out of proportion, alright? It's just temporary, so relax," he said, trying to downplay the situation.But his casual attitude only fueled my anger. "Temporary? Relax? Are you serious? Your actions have consequences, not just for us, but for everyone involved! You're neglecting your responsibilities as a husband, father, and Alpha," I exclaimed, my frustratio
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