His Pretend Mate Bride

His Pretend Mate Bride

By:  Prudywrites  Completed
Language: English
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Torn between a fight for love and survival, Eleanor must stand her ground as the Alpha she is in love with, has nothing but good sex to offer. A sex she will never be able to refuse. What happens when the Alpha she cherishes, peels open her deepest wound? Will she ever be able to forgive him or herself when nature finally unveils itself? **** Alpha Cruz had gotten her as a pet. Nothing but a stand-in for his real bride. Until he starts to crave her presence and her perfect body. What happens when she becomes his biggest threat? What becomes of them when she looks like she will be his downfall? Especially when his real bride shows up. Find out about Alpha Cruz's and Eleanor's complicated yet beautiful love life, and who knows, they might be your next favorite heroes.

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Loved this book!! The character development was amazing!! Talented author!!
2024-03-12 01:00:44
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A big thank you to everyone reading my book... You all are my support systems...️
2024-02-12 07:40:51
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Mirabelle George
Why do I feel like I can connect to Eleanor! lol
2023-09-03 18:08:24
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Heather W
This book feels like it was written by 4 different people. Wildly different writing styles used at different parts of the book. Not to mention the hastily abandoned plot lines, gaping plot holes & spotty world building that leaves you confused on the era, theme, & the time elapsed between each event
2024-03-09 22:13:30
90 Chapters
ELEANOR’S POV.“You are joking, right?” I said, my voice trembling as I wished that she was joking. I didn't want to believe that she meant what she said.“I’m pregnant for Lucien. We love ourselves, so please let us be!” Diana repeated, her voice raising a bit, but all I did was laugh dryly.I knew she had to be joking. This had to be it. This had to be like the other days we would play and tease one another. It had to be all for fun.Because if not, how the hell then did my only sister end up pregnant for my lover? When and how did that happen?“Tell me you are joking, please.” I pleaded, tears starting to well up in my eyes.My legs were starting to lose control of themselves. I could feel my world crumbling down. My body was visibly shaking. My hands twitched and moved in their way. “This isn't a joke, little sister. Lucien and I love each other.” She informed, her voice firm and cool. She didn't look bothered or remorseful. Neither did she sound like she hated herself.For som
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ELEANOR’S POV. I tried to open my eyes but couldn’t as my head reeled badly, my body sore from the everyday run and hunt for food.Ahhhhh!.I heard a scream, so painful and deafening to the ear. I brought my right palm closer to my forehead to feel my temperature and paused, my hand hurting and hanging midway. I felt something strapped around my right wrist and tried to wave it off with my left to find out it was the same. I quickly tore my eyes apart and gasped, the sight in front of me sending shivers through my spine. The whole place was dark, so dark that the only lights visible were those emanating from the fires sitting in the sticks on the wall. I looked around to figure out where I was since I remember vividly passing out in the woods.But this wasn’t the woods. It was like I had teleported somewhere else or maybe to the past where slavery was rampant, or maybe this was a bad dream I was stuck in.I heard the loud screech again; this time, I could make out where it was com
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ELEANOR’S POV.“Bring them all out here!” I heard one of the guards roar. Everywhere was getting loud and noisy. Everyone mutters and says words to themselves, toppling over each other as one tries to outlive the other.The hefty guards walked in and started to drag everyone out, a long wipe in their hands. A wipe was so long and scary that I felt swallow a lump of saliva that quickly gathered in my mouth. My heart beat fast.I was scared. I had no idea what my fate was to look like.“Pull every single one of them out.” I heard him say again in his hoarse masculine voice. I couldn't see him from where I was. However, I could see the guards losing the chains from the ground to connect them. Their hands and legs were locked together.My heart beat fast as I watched every slave they released being pushed out of the cell, then walked off by the guards.Soon it was my turn. My eyes were glued to him as he bent down to do the same to me. A strong smell hit my nose, emanating from his Brow
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CRUZ’S POV. I was, sitting in the back of the car with a strange yet beautiful-looking she-wolf directly opposite me. What had pushed me into this was simple, the Kingdom’s desperation to have a Luna.Why did I let their wants and need to get to me?Because...well, I had no idea.Maybe because I was their Alpha.Or maybe I needed closure.I don't know.I heaved out a soft sigh as I tried not to look away from the space I stared ahead. I could feel her hesitation. She didn't want to be here, and that was obvious. I lacked any form of sympathy for her, so I wasn't interested in her story or how she got there. All I cared about was giving my Wolves a Luna.When I heard of the slave trade in the Black Market, I came up with an idea, and I knew I had to give it a shot.So here I was, with a she-wolf I was starting to doubt would fit into the status. Maybe I should have gone for a more classy she-wolf.But no, I wanted someone I could control. About fifteen minutes into the drive, I decid
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ELEANOR’S POV. I could hardly believe my sight accuracy the second it landed on this beautiful stranger staring back at me in the mirror. She looked like me but was me. She didn't look anything like the usual me.“I'm sure your husband will like this.” The she-wolf with the Blond hair said, but I responded with nothing as I pinned my lips firmly.I wasn't sure of what to say. Should I call him my Master or my Pretend Alpha?He bought me, after all.“You good?” She said after some seconds, her eyes accessing me as though she was trying to read me like a book.I thought of telling her my predicament, but no thank you. What was she going to do about it? Ask me to run away.I had no one out there waiting for me, and I had nowhere to go.“I’m fine,” I responded and sent her a smile bright enough for her to believe me. She returned the smile.“We should leave now,” I informed them, not wanting her to ask me more questions.She nodded gently, and we walked out of the room.I saw him move
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ELEANOR’S POV. I felt this nasty sting up in my nostrils, and it was acrid. Sulfur mixed with smoke. There was a sizzling sound; it smelled like burnt beef, smelt like horror, like fear mixed with the stench of burnt hair and the smell of coagulated blood. I could hear their screams and wails so vividly in my head as they crawled away from the fire that was already burning half of their bodies.The smell was sickening, but my fear made me want to puke more. I could almost feel the taste of their horrors in the back of my mouth.I tried searching for my family amidst my blurry eyes, but I couldn't find them. There was no sight of them amongst the others, which made my heartbeat rate quicken. Were they dead? Maybe slaughtered by the Raiders. By the evil monsters who had invaded our innocent little town to bestow their wrath on it and maybe capture some enslaved Wolves.“Stay here, and don't come out.” My Mother said, bent down to place a gentle kiss on my forehead. She turned to look
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CRUZ’S POV. I pick up the fork and bring it close to my mouth only to place it back on the plate. I wasn’t interested in the food, plus I haven’t been eating much ever since the incident—the incident I didn’t want to go back to. I have tried to conceal that part of me from everyone. I lift my eyes off the plate to land on her, her eyes running over her dress. I heard her mutter ‘thank you’ to Servant Rose even though I had explicitly asked her not to speak to anyone without my permission. I had my reason. I was going to reprimand her again, but I choose not to. She shivered a little more and settled on the chair, her eyes glued to the table as though she was scared to look my way as if I was some monster, which I liked. I wanted her to fear me because I needed that leash on her to control her.“We have a meeting in thirty minutes,” I informed her, my eyes now on my plate. “Dish some food for her,” I order no one in particular, and one of the maids stepped forward to carry it out, t
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ELEANOR’S POV. A smile curled up my lips, a smile of satisfaction as I stared at my reflection in the big-sized mirror. The dress was perfect, it looked perfect. It was made of Red Satin, an off-the-shoulder mermaid straight dress, with an opening at the back ending just on my waist, and a high thigh split on my left leg. It looked perfect with the golden shoe I had paired it with. I was ready for the meeting, although I had no idea whom I was going to be meeting up with. I still wanted to look my best because I suspected that it had to be his family. For him to want me to meet them, then it must be important for my role. Plus I haven’t seen any Royal since my arrival.I adjusted my Red lipstick, before walking out of the room. My Red hair flowed along with the direction of the wind. A guard was waiting for me at the door by the time I got outside, and I knew immediately that my Pretend Alpha must have put him there, probably to help me to the meeting room.“Good day, Luna.” He gre
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CRUZ’S POV. A bead of sweat rolled down my face, and numbers rolled off my tongue inaudibly.“Thirty-Six.” I counted as I continued with my push-up.I still found it hard to push the day’s incident aside. Even after years of his death, my monster of a Father still had this terrible effect on me. He still managed to bring out the other side of me. For a minute I saw his face right on Eleanor’s, his lips parted slightly with a devilish smirk on his face. The one he used to have on every time before he landed his long wipe on my back, its body filled with thorns that would pierce right into my skin and scrape some off.“You need to let how to control your emotions as the future ruler of this kingdom.” He would say every time a drop of tears fell down my cheek and land another wipe on my back till I can take it no more and eventually go silent.My fingers curled into fists in anger. This kingdom and its people had robbed me of my childhood moments all because I had to be a good King for
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THIRD PERSON’S POV. Until hours ago, Cruz never knew he would let out this monster side of himself. He never thought he would be standing out here, banging loudly on her door, attempting to kick it down with all the workforce he had gathered.Because up until her, he had never been refused by a she-wolf, talk less a commoner. It took him that long to get here because he had to hit the gym first to relieve his anger, but it didn't work out. Every time he bent down, letting the numbers roll down his tongue, he remembered the servant's words.Who was she to refuse him?She was nothing but his doll. His pet. His minion. She was here to play a character before...He landed another loud bang on the door. His anger boiled the more at the thought that she was in there, ignoring him, probably laughing at him for constituting such a nuisance. He was about to land another bang on the door when his Beta, Martins, showed up.Martins looked curious as he tried to figure out the whole drama.“Wha
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