His Ruthless Love

His Ruthless Love

By:  Sia Ahin  Updated just now
Language: English
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I glue my back to the door hoping it would swallow me up as a whole. “Is my feisty kitten scared now?” his 6’2 tall figure towering over me. Pulling up his right hand from his pocket, he grips onto my nape, bringing my face infront of his, mingling our breaths. I attach my hands to his chest in an attempt to put some distance between us. My efforts turn futile when he won’t budge but instead shoves his face into the crook of my neck inhaling my scent. “There is no point in running away now, kitten. You are already trapped” he speaks against my skin. Sparks erupt through my body, travelling down my spine and settling between my legs. Another hand going around my waist pulling me closer to dig his face deeper into my neck. “No wonder you always had men swarming around you all the time!” his deep growls affecting me in a way it shouldn’t.

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6 Chapters
Chapter - 1
Amara P.O.V“Yes, almost done. Give me a couple of minutes!” I responded to my mother’s yell.This morning I woke up to this unplanned trip which is totally uncalled for considering that we’ve just been to Bali a few weeks ago. But who can say no to a little travel.Finally zipping up my suitcase, I take one last look at my appearance in the mirror as I exit the room. At the beginning of the staircase stood my 7-year-old brother, Ryder, waiting for me to head down.“Little bun” he looks up from his bunny plushie at his nickname.“Why aren’t you down, yet?” I ask while kneeling down to tie his undone shoelace.“I was waiting for you, Amara” he says with one of his signature giggles.Despite me being too older than him, he calls me by my name which I let go because it’s cute when he spells it.“Why?” I ask about being almost done with the shoelace.“Because, you told me I shouldn’t be running down the stairs recklessly because I may hurt myself” he answers.“Good boy!” praising him I gu
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Chapter - 2
Author P.O.V“You either take it or TAKE IT!” standing tall, leaning over the giant glass window while looking over the people downstairs dancing their hearts out, he warns taking a sip of his bourbon.Turning around to the man who is now sweating buckets, he says“So, are you up, Mr. Smith?” he asks, slumping into the couch behind the coffee table.Mr. Smith’s assistant who tagged along seemed to notice his boss’s hesitation and decided to step up on his behalf.“Mr. Windsor, giving you ninety percent of profits is way too much---” the voice dies as a bullet was now put between his eyes making the lifeless body fall to the ground with a thud.“You are making a deal with me. With Zale fucking Windsor. This is my territory you are in. Here I make the rules!” the caution and threat daring anyone to defy him.Firing one last shot at the limp body, he turns to Mr. Smith who is now signing the documents of the previously discussed deal.Once done, gathering his shit together, he bolted out
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Chapter - 3
Amara P.O.VDisregarding the unbearable pain that is being shot through my sprained ankle, the bulky man who had my wrist in a solid grip starts to drag me to god knows where.Soon we pass along a lush green garden connecting to a dense dark forest and finally stop at an old rusted building.As we enter, the foul smell of which I couldn’t put my finger on starts to fill up my nostrils almost making me puke.The silence surrounding every corner of the building arose chills through my spine. So, this is how I die?We then go over a series of stairs leading us down probably to ‘the basement’ as ordered by Zale.The bulky man makes me sit on the chair which was placed in the middle of the room, which creaked at my weight.As we now wait, my thoughts run wild. Who exactly is this person? What did he possibly want with me? My dad called him ‘Zale’. I certainly heard the name somewhere, but my brain refuses to recognise it.Shortly, the man himself decides to grace us with his presence. The
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Chapter - 4
Zale P.O.VAnother fucking sleepless night! I stroll around my bedroom balcony with a glass of bourbon in my hand.It’s been two days since I brought Amara here, two days of having her live just a few blocks away from me, two days of being addicted to her intoxicating scent, two days of her thoughts messing up my mind.Abandoning her back there with a bunch of men is driving me crazy, knowing all my men's eyes would be skimming her every move but right now I need to keep her away from me before I do anything I regret.The sudden click of my door alerts me. I turn towards the entrance and see Asher entering.“What are you up to?” he asks, pacing towards me.“Just chilling!”.“Geez, who would chill in the freezing night breeze without a fucking shirt on?” he complains.I ignore him taking a sip of my drink.“I am here to talk about tomorrow's mission” he finally utters.“What about it?”.“The plan is to seduce Mr. Wang and steal the pen-drive from him. So, we need a woman, a beauty to b
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Chapter - 5
Amara P.O.VStepping out of the car, I quiver at the sudden night breeze that swept by me. We wait for a moment when the back entrance doors to the club opens and a man who would probably be working for Zale invites us in.“So, once we are positive with the pen-drive, we immediately vacate. No drama!” Zale revises.Nodding their heads, Albert and Jackson mingle into the club and I am once again left alone with him.“I am counting on you, kitten. Do not fuck it up!” he warns.With a nod, I sprint away in search of our target, Mr. George Wang.Walking around for a few minutes now, I spot George at the bar with a few ladies swooning over him.He looks exactly as discussed. In his fifties, grey hair, muscular body still got that body fit, looking wicked.As I take in a breath, I hear his raspy voice through my earpiece which was covered by my flowy long locks.“You found the target!” he says.In the meeting this noon, we decided each of our roles. Zale guides us looking at us through CCTV
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Chapter - 6
Author P.O.V“Sweetheart run!” Edward presages the young Amara.Being the obedient kid, Amara turns around her little soles to make a run for the door but is captured by a pair of two strong arms.“Handle her!” an unfamiliar voice booms through the room.On the command, Amara is dragged out of the room.“Dad!” she shrieks in fear.“Please! Leave my daughter out of this!” Edward begs.Once out of the room, she looks up at the person yanking her and sees a boy who looks some two-three years older than her.“Leave me!” she tries to wriggle out of his hold.“Shut up!” heedless to her protests he tugs her to another room.Locking the door shut, he looks back at the terrified Amara.Launching onto her he grips her hand in his strong steel grip.“Leave me!” her cries echo the hallways.“Please, leave me!”.“Don’t hurt me!”.“Please!”.Her eyes snap open and the first thing she notices is Zale who is seated beside her holding her hands in his grip.“Leave me!” She gets up in fright and crawls
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