His Tutor

His Tutor

By:  Abigail Rose  Completed
Language: English
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When 28-year-old history graduate Miranda, agrees to tutor her friends 19-year-old son, she is shocked to discover just how attracted she is to him. Miranda tries to resist, but she's finding it more and more difficult. Especially when Josh ends up making the first move.

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A nice, sweet story! Love has no age barriers. Great book author.
2024-04-30 23:40:30
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Malou Dimabayao Pa
thank you Ms Abigail this is a nice story. really a lot of people judges a couple in their situation. but they can just have to hold on to each other abd never ever give hope n reason for them to judged them at all..
2022-07-17 11:07:04
user avatar
It currently 2:30am in the morning and I have work in about 5 hours. I can't seem to put this book down. Its that good
2022-06-13 15:40:35
user avatar
just finished the book and I want to say it was a fun read! enjoyed it so much...
2021-11-07 02:16:43
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Jason Castro
Beautifully made.
2021-07-24 17:33:30
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Unknown Barista
Well written, likable characters. Very satisfying.
2021-07-22 03:30:57
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Is anyone else having trouble getting the book to load? Every time I try and read it, a notification pops up saying try again later. It’s been happening for three days now
2021-07-07 21:30:16
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adlyn cardona
I really enjoyed this story. The ending did seemed rushed, but was still nice. Would love a sequel.
2021-07-07 11:08:12
user avatar
love it every bit of it ☺️
2021-06-18 08:48:10
default avatar
Such a sweet story! Happy with how it ended, although the ending felt kind of rushed and sudden... any chance there will be a sequel of some kind or at least a few bonus chapters for an update? That would be awesome author!! Either way, great job 😊
2021-06-08 01:36:51
user avatar
Loved it. Great read.
2021-05-24 11:50:56
user avatar
I wish it was longer, went more into their futures, but great story nonetheless 😀
2021-05-20 07:51:31
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Mario Johnson
It was great and kept me wanting to read more everyday
2021-05-19 11:50:26
user avatar
good read.. needed an epilogue...
2021-05-19 01:46:02
default avatar
Really good read I could not put the book down
2021-05-17 04:07:08
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38 Chapters
Her phone flashed and she checked to see what the message was. Her heart skipped a beat. It always did when it was a Tinder message. Could it be her future husband calling? She opened the message, and her heart sank instantly. A dick pic. A fucking dick pic. It was only 7:15 am, who was this twat? Without bothering to reply, she blocked him and put her phone back down.   Miranda looked herself in mirror and took a deep breath. She looked okay. Maybe. She was wearing a simple black shift dress that came to her knees, and a deep green cardigan. She wasn’t over weight, but she was still curvier than she would have liked. She decided to wear sheer tights and black shoes with a small heel that she felt said ‘I’m sexy but also sensible’. She laughed at herself. Someone had to. She had decided to put her dark curly hair up in a high bun, and let a few strands rest beh
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Even after a few days, Miranda already found herself in a new routine. She would go to work, complete her morning daily tasks. Eat with Sharon and a few of the other people in the office. Complete her afternoon tasks, and then go home. Today was a bit different though. Today was going to be the first ‘tutoring’ session. Sharon normally got the bus to and from work, so she got in Miranda’s car to give her directions. They both waved to Kevin as they exited the car park. “Kevin is such a nice man, shame he doesn’t work in the actual building!” Sharon commented. Miranda laughed. “I agree, you were the second nice person I met on my first day. Kevin was the first.” “Didn’t like our receptionist then?” Sharon chuckled. Miranda shot a sideways glance. “Pfft! She is one of the rudest people I have ever met!”
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Josh was walking towards Miranda. He was so close she could hear his heat beating. She reached out and ran her hand down his chest, and then lower. Until she reached the top of his jeans. His breath hitched, and he pushed her against the wall. He pressed his body up against hers, and she could feel how hard he was. She instinctively began grinding against him. He slipped his hand up her top and was inches away from rubbing her nipple…Miranda woke with a start, the alarm ringing through her ear. Fuck. She was angry for two reasons, firstly that the dream had ended. And secondly because she couldn’t get this guy out of her head.Spending time with Josh had literally made her feel drunk. And now she was starting to sober up. Under no circumstances could she pursue this. She laughed at herself. She was acting as if he would be interested too. She had no doubt he had an endless stream of gorgeous y
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The weekend had passed by in a haze off wine and food. When Monday morning came, Miranda was not ready for it. She sighed heavily as she got out of bed to get ready for work. As she arrived outside the car park, Kevin signalled for her to stop just before the barrier. She pulled up and lowered her passenger side window.“Morning Kevin, you okay?”“Yes, sorry Miranda, just letting everyone know this morning that you can’t go in through the main door. Mechanism has broken over the weekend. There are signs to the side door though.”“Oh okay, no worries. Thanks for letting me know.”He paused. “You okay Miranda? You don’t seem your usual chirpy self?”“Oh, I’m fine.” She lied.
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It was Saturday morning. Miranda had slept in to prepare for going out tonight with Sharon. God she needed it. After last weekend and her disastrous date, a night out was just what she needed.Thursday had also been awkward as hell. Josh hadn’t mentioned one word of seeing her the previous night, and had seemed much more distant than he normally was. She didn’t really understand it. She found it impossible to believe he’d been bothered about her being on a date. They’d talked through Josh’s essay and that had been it. He’d barely looked her in the eye.  It was almost lunch time now, and Sharon had proposed they start early in the afternoon. This was fine with Miranda, the closer she was to getting pissed the better. She decided to eat a sandwich and a cereal bar to line her stomach. After that she went upstairs and had a shower. Whe
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She woke up on Sunday morning with a headache and a sickening sense of guilt. She stayed in bed for a while, not wanting to open her eyes and face reality. The trouble was, although she felt guilty, she couldn’t get the memory of his kiss out of her head. Every time she thought about it, her body tingled. She writhed in the bed, in need of him. Her heart skipped at the thought that he’d made the first move. He’d wanted her too. She never would have expected him to feel that way about her.Her phone buzzed, bringing her out of her thoughts. It was Sharon. The guilt washed over her again.-OMG I’m so sorry about last night! Josh told me what a state I was!! If it’s any consolation I feel bloody awfulMiranda winced at the apology. It should be her apologising to Sharon for grinding against her son in her kitchen while she was passed out.
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It was Saturday again. Miranda didn’t really know what to do with herself. As she was still meant to be ill, she wasn’t going to go out. She’d been texting Josh since he’d left on Thursday. She had to admit, the more she got to know him, the more she liked him. He had an amazing sense of humour, and appeared to be much more mature than other guys of his age. She reflected that this was probably to do with his dads’ death. She liked how he was just the right mix of cheeky and kind. She thought more and more about what he’d said on Thursday. He wanted her to be the first person he slept with. The idea of that both excited her and filled her with anxiety. On one hand, being his first would be a thrill in itself. Knowing she was the first woman he would touch in that way filled her with happiness. On the other hand, she’d never slept with a virgin before. Most guys had already known what they were doing, she didn’t hav
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She climbed on top of him. Putting her arms behind her back to take her bra off.She was now completely naked, straddling him. His jeans had to go. She moved down. That bulge was there again. She was so excited to touch him this time. She unbuckled his belt, and helped him to remove his jeans. Now a little freer, she could see his large member, outlined by the thin material of his boxers. She decided she was going to have a little fun teasing him.She ever so gently moved her hand to rest over him. He felt big and solid. His cock immediately twitched, even at the light pressure she was applying. Miranda pulled her hair over her shoulder, and began kissing at the top of his deep V.She noticed his breathing had got heavier.Realising she didn’t want to wait any longer, she pulled down his boxers and let him free. She bit her lip. His cock was thic
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The next day, the lack of sleep actually helped convince people that Miranda had been ill.“Oh, you poor thing. Looks like it was a rough few day.” Sharon’s face was laced with genuine concern.“Yeah but I’m feeling loads better. Thanks for the lasagne by the way. It was delicious. Just what I needed.”“You’re very welcome. I hope you didn’t mind Josh dropping it off. He was very insistent. You’ve made a big impression I think.”Miranda wasn’t sure how to respond. “Err…no it was fine! Gave me a chance to ask him how he was getting on with his essay.”“You are sweet!” Someone cleared their throat behind Miranda. She turned to find Daniel standing there.
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Miranda had attempted to think of every excuse possible to not go on Thursday. She’d already used being ill, but maybe she could tell another lie. Like she had a date? But then she would have to make up a whole story about some pretend mystery man. She couldn’t even use the pretend family engagement again with a sister she wasn’t even close to. Josh would know for sure she was lying. Maybe she could say there had been a gas leak at her house…Miranda shook her head. She was going to have to just go.Even if she managed to think of the perfect excuse, she couldn’t give one every Thursday. There was also every chance Josh would just show up at her house and he’d charm her into bed. Again.At least if they were at Sharon’s house, he wouldn’t be able to touch her. Probably. Ever since the Facebook stal
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