His loyal servant

His loyal servant

By:  Zaynab_writes  Ongoing
Language: English
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"We can't do this Ethan". I jerked away, my back hitting the wall. "And why can't we?" He asked watching me with his intimidating eyes. "Because I'm...." The words caught up in my throat when he took slow steps towards me. "Don't you dare say that word" he muttered colliding his lips with mine. ** He is her employer She is his employee He is Single She is a Divorcee

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5 Chapters
1|Raymond Mansion
"Are you sure of your decision?" Ana asked her with pure concern written on her face. She's been supportive, always taking care of her needs and now that she's living she felt an emptiness inside, as Serena had been a good friend to her. "Yes Ana, I can't leave all my burden to you, you've done enough for me and I thank you for that." Taking her brown worn-out jacket and wrapped it around her body, grabbing her bag from the couch. Lily watched her friend, wiping off the lone tear that threatens to escape out of her eyes. "Thank you so much, Ana, for all you've done for me, you know we will get in touch." She muttered embracing her in a hug and left the house, not before taking one last look at it. She thought of the first time she came to the house, a lot has happened. Hailing a taxi she told him the address "To Raymond's. " The drive to the destination is about 30mins drive. She had been promoted fr
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2|Meeting Him
   The light cascading through the room woke her up. As usual, the first thing she does after waking up is checking on Abby. Making sure the little girl hasn't wakened up she heave out a sigh of relief. Going back to her room, she freshened up dressing into her work clothes. A smile made it way out of her lips, whenever she remembered her new position, she felt happy inside. Watching her reflection for the last time she descended down finding Mrs. Beatrice and her family on the dining eating breakfast. "Good morning Mr. and Mrs. Raymond " she greeted them. "Morning Serena, how was your night?" The woman asked with a smile on her face. "It was fine, I wanted to ask you if there is anything more to do before Mr. Ethan arrives," she said tight-lipped. The woman stopped on her tracks turning to Serena. "Nothing more, I sent Max to get some bouquet. You just need to
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   Entering the room she was met with Abby playing with her toys, her mind was completely focused on it. Trekking her to where sitting, she crouched down to her level, and the girl's face snaps towards. "Anty Serena, see uncle Ethan made this for me," the girl said cheerfully showing her one of the toys. So he played with Abby. "Wow that's good, your uncle Ethan knows how to build the castle" Serena mimic her voice. The girl's smile widens more. "Yay, when my mummy comes back, I'll show her" suddenly Serena's face fell. The girl still had hope that her mom is coming back. Masking her face with a smile she reaches for the castle. "Yes, mummy will be very happy. Now let's get you to bed it's already" she hates lying to the girl how long are they going to hide it from her. She has to ask Mrs Beatrice about Abby's mom's whereabouts. Changing Abby's clothes into her
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4|Day Off
   "You?"  Her eyes almost popped out of its socket seeing Ethan in front of her in his tall figure. And that smile on his face. He isn't normally this free with people he just met. "Sir what are you doing here" She started clutching the jacket more to her body. The side of his lips twitch up. "Do I need permission to go wherever I want to?" he said sarcastically. Folding his hands across his chest, he watched with an amused smile. He doesn't know why he feels comfortable around her. She was about to say something when she decided against it. "I'll be on my way sir" she slightly bent her head. Ethan thought of a plan to stop her.  "Wait," he said and all of a sudden, he felt short of words by the look in her eyes. She has such alluring eyes that h
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   It's been two days since she last spoke with Ethan. Thank God he's busy with work, she wouldn't have to meet him when he comes back in the night. His words had been ringing in her head ever since. Get ready to be mine The way he whispered to her ear sent shivers down her spine. She's having negative thoughts by his words. By the looks of it, he must be a playboy, he's trying to sleep with her and she wouldn't let that happen. The faint voice of Abby brought her back from her thought. "Anty Serena" "Yes Abby" The girl point at the halfway sock Serena was trying to put on her legs. "Oh sorry Abby, let's get you to school" she readjust her shirt, taking the girl tiny hands, they descend downstairs where Abby's driver is already waiting. "Good morning Daniel" Serena greeted the man. He's among the people she gets along with after sir Fred. "G
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