My Stepbrother's  Captivating Love

My Stepbrother's Captivating Love

By:  Sapphirian J   Completed
Language: English
9 ratings
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It's been a constant battle between step-siblings Emberly and Derrick as they competed against each other throughout high school. Both fought tooth and nail to be the one to gain control of their parents' billion-dollar clothing and jewelry design company. Who will win this battle when hate turns into lust and lust turns into love?

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Moaning Minnie
It’s a great read going past all the sex the plot is so lovely just hope it ends well but so far loving it.
2024-02-02 06:45:52
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Was a wonderful book
2023-07-09 21:59:49
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Sapphirian J
Hello Everyone! Sapphirian J here. I just posted the epilogue. So the book is now complete. However it may be a couple of days before it is posted as complete. I hope that you all enjoy Derrick and Emberly's story. Please support my writing by commenting and voting. It means a lot to me.
2023-03-03 06:17:25
user avatar
I am seriously enjoying the book so far. There is a lot of tension between Derrick and Emberly at first. Then wow. They are intense and I love it. A must read for sure.
2023-03-01 12:12:39
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Shay Shay
I am loving this book so far! I can't wait for more chapters! : )
2023-02-27 07:53:07
default avatar
This book is so great. I am loving it for sure. Thank you author!
2023-02-27 05:37:24
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Delinda Schumacher
42 chapters 2-25-23
2023-02-25 23:27:33
user avatar
Angie Yaunke Szoke
Love this story!
2023-02-25 13:06:12
default avatar
Alexa Lee
Really poorly written terrible plot and story line
2023-12-12 20:56:54
57 Chapters
Chapter One
EMBERLY*Where the hell are my earbuds? I've got to get my ass outside to the gym as soon as possible. I have been searching all over my room for them for thirty minutes. I haven't lifted weights or anything of that nature in three days. "Derrick," I scream. "Did you steal my earbuds again? Derrick!" I call as I run through the Jack and Jill bathroom we share and burst through his door. He's sitting there rubbing his eyes and yawning from being woken up by my shrill screams. A tent was poking outward through the boxer shorts he slept in last night. I deflect my gaze toward the ceiling. "Where are my earbuds? I need them so I can go outside to the gym, maybe go out for a run. I have to do something, Cross Country and Volleyball tryouts are about to start. Hand them over," I said as I stuck my hand out and averted my gaze to the floor. "Why the hell would I have your precious earbuds if I have two sets of my own, Emberly? What time is it anyway? It's barely even light out, and we're
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Chapter Two
EMBERLY* "Who the hell do you think you are? You can't order me around! We have three hours before we need to leave. You're such an asshole. I can't stand you. I fucking hate you!" I screamed in a shrill voice I didn't know I possessed. Derrick pushed me up against the door. "Someday, dear sister, I will be your boss. I'm just taking on the role now and getting some practice. Besides, I'm older than you, and our parents always leave me in charge. You don't fight like we did and take off for three hours without a word as to where you are. Especially not on a day when we have a major photo shoot scheduled. Just because mom and dad are gone doesn't mean you get to do whatever the hell you want at the expense of others. I know you better than you know yourself. It normally takes you a whole day to get yourself prepared. Now you only have three hours, so get to it," Derrick barked in my face. "You're only three months older than me, and there is no guarantee that you'll be my boss. They
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Chapter Three
EMBERLY* I couldn't believe he had yelled at me about what I wore when I walked around like this daily. What? Is he punishing me for what happened this morning? He was supposed to have gone back to sleep. How the hell was I supposed to know he would show up and watch me? I already felt terrible for my body's actions, and then he saw the whole thing and made it worse. I can't seem to win, no matter what. Man, I can't wait to graduate in two years so I can get away from him. Knowing my luck, we would get sent to the same college, and then I'd have to put my head through a wood chipper. Yes, I would dive in headfirst and be happy to wake up in Heaven. I slammed my door, put my coke and the pizza down, grabbed a pillow, and screamed into it for what seemed like forever. But it was only until I had run out of breath and had to come up for air that I stopped. All I wanted to do was sleep, but I couldn't. I had to parade around in clothes I'll never wear again to appease my mother. I looked
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Chapter Four
EMBERLY* My eyes widened as I took in Caden's gorgeous muscular body. His muscles made up for the fact that he was three inches shorter than me. His muscles are cut to perfection, even more so than Derrick's. I've never seen him without a shirt. Not even on nights when he's stayed over with Derrick through the years. My eyes widened more, and I could feel the heat on my face as my gaze trailed down to his penis. I had never seen one in person. I don't think watching porn counts. I've watched several girls give head on the screen and give hand jobs. I didn't want to be a complete loser when the time came for me to take that leap. "Your body is fucking sexy as hell. You are so damn beautiful, Emberly. How did I get so lucky? Come here. I want your pussy in my mouth. I get you first; lay down," Caden said as I crawled beside him. Caden bent down to kiss me and trailed kisses along my ears, then down my neck, until he came to my nipples. He nibbled and sucked each nipple into his mouth
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Chapter Five
DERRICK* "Seniors, finally can you believe it," Kendra said as she clapped her hands excitedly and then jumped up to kiss me on the cheek. "Yup, thank goodness only one more year, and I can get the heck out of this town," Emberly grumbled as we all made our way into the school. I know what Emberly means to say. She's ready to get as far away from me as humanly possible. With her SAT scores and the fact that she is only a few points behind me in becoming valedictorian, she has already been accepted to numerous colleges. Our parents, however, are pushing for us to go to Texas Tech and stay close to home. They want us here to run the home office while they travel. So me being the asshole that I am, I can't help what I say next. "Oh yes, a whole fifteen minutes away, how exciting," Emberly rolled her eyes. Emberly has gotten two acceptance letters from colleges in France, so she's not overly joyful about the fact that she's going to be stuck here with me. Life can be a bitch sometimes
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Chapter Six
DERRICK* I listened to their conversation and was pleased that Emberly wouldn't be going so far away. It would make it easier for us to see each other. I could go see her; she could come to me. We could make this work. I waited until Mom was gone and went in for the kill. "Well, I guess you're going to WT," "Did you eavesdrop on our whole conversation?" "Of course. Are you excited?" "I'm just glad to get a chance to get away from here for a while," "So about earlier," I said as I stepped towards her. "Yeah, that was close. Maybe we should end this before it has a chance to flourish. Besides, you have Kendra, and I couldn't hurt her like that," Emberly said, which made me stop in my tracks. I keep forgetting all about Kendra. We have been together for over a year, and she's Emberly's best friend. I care about her, but I have been on the verge of breaking up with her for a couple of months now. She's going to college in New York, while I'll be staying here. It doesn't seem feasib
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Chapter Seven
EMBERLY* "You look flushed, honey. Are you feeling alright?" Mom asked as she placed a hand on my forehead. "I'm fine, mom. I only had ten minutes to get ready. Hence the messy bun I'm sporting today," I cringed as I looked down to see I was wearing two different colors of socks. Crap. Moments later, Derrick walked in looking sexy as usual, and I hated him for it. "You're going to school wearing that and looking like you just fell out of bed," Derrick mused and chuckled as if he didn't have his dick between my legs fifteen minutes ago. I glared at him and started shoveling bacon and eggs down my throat. "Are you allowed to wear those shorts to school?" Mom asked as she scrutinized my attire. "Bloody hell, I'll go change," I said as I got up quickly, making my chair fall to the floor. I ran to my closet and threw on some pants and changed into a T-shirt that wasn't four years old, and ran back downstairs. "There, everyone happy now," Derrick and mom nodded their approval, and I
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Chapter Eight
DERRICK*Emberly and I should fight more often. I could see us ten years down the road—shards of glass strewn across the floor because she got pissed at something I said or had done. Then angrily getting our frustrations out through some hard rough makeup sex. By then, we would have taken over the business, and no one would care if we were in a relationship, right? How long were we going to need to hide? After what just happened, I will be unable to stay away from her. How was this going to work?Emberly will go off to college, and guys will be falling all over themselves to be with her. She's tall, gorgeous, and has perfectly sized breasts; don't get me started on her ass. To everyone else, she's so sweet and kind, giving and nurturing. She's a freaking genius; she has all of the best qualities a woman could have.I'm sure I'm getting my hopes up, though. She may have given her body to me, but I don't think she will ever relinquish her heart to me. Emberly will always keep me as far a
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Chapter Nine
EMBERLY* What the hell does he want to do with me? Did he say he was going to tie me up, or am I going nuts? I could flip out or go with it. Who knows, it could be fun, right? I have seen the Fifty Shades Of Grey movies and have always fantasized about being bound and spanked. Derrick isn't a highly skilled dominant, though, so... "Look out, world. I have my very own Christian Grey in the house. Do you know what to do with those?" I asked him, grinning at him. "I've watched porn. It can't be that hard," I smiled at Derrick and motioned for him to come to me seductively, put my wrist together, and held my hands out to him. "You are ok with this," Derrick said as he crawled up behind me, moved my hair, and nipped at my earlobe and neck. "Yeah, just don't hurt me. I'll let you know if I don't like it. Could you take me from behind?" "Anything you want, Ember," Derrick said as he grasped my neck, gave it a slight squeeze, and pinched a nipple with his other hand. I twirled my finger
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Chapter Ten
DERRICK* "What are you making?" I asked as I walked up behind Emberly, embraced her, and kissed her on the cheek. "Boiling water for spaghetti. I just got home from volleyball practice, sorry," I nuzzled my nose into her neck and smelt her intoxicating scent of feminine sweat and jasmine, and all I wanted to do was be inside her. My cock poked between her legs through my gym shorts, and Emberly moaned as I rocked my hips into her. "Don't worry about it; we can go get something. Right now, I need you," I whispered into Emberly's ear and teased the tip with my teeth. Emberly tilted her head to give me better access to her neck and moaned as I sucked the place between her neck and shoulder. I wished I could mark her. So all the guys in school would know she was taken and stay away from her. I hoped she would relent and be mine and only mine. I don't give a flying fuck anymore; how forbidden it is to be with her. In my mind, she's all I want, and I'll never want to be with anyone else
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