I'm The Queen Of The Wolf King

I'm The Queen Of The Wolf King

By:  Dally Linh   Ongoing
Language: English
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“Why should I just accept the past? Why I have to endure the consequences caused by others? The phoenix will rise from the ashes It's time to return to my rightful place!” In the previous life, because of her weakness, Alice was slandered and killed by the lover and the other daughter of her father. Unexpectedly, Alice met a miracle that had the opportunity to be resurrected again when she was 17 years old. This time, Alice determined to become the holder of her own destiny. And with her determination to avenge, she swore that she will definitely make those who harmed and pushed her to death suffer a hundred and a thousand times more pain than what she had to go through before. Since he was a child, Arthur, the lost Great Prince, has been raised by the Wolf. He was always seen as a monster. They took advantage of the ruthlessness, cold blood, and extraordinary strength of the wolves that had taught him to send him to the battlefield, using him as a murder weapon. On the run, fate brought the two of them together. Before Arthur met Alice, he was completely immersed in darkness, lost control and easily revealing the wolf's instincts in him. Since meeting Alice, Arthur suddenly realized that, in fact, he is also an honest person and has a desire to be loved. Thanks to Alice, Arthur knew and realized that he needed to fight for what he deserved. But Alice was engulfed in anger, wanting revenge and would never give up on that idea. She even wanted to use Arthur to carry out her plan. Will Arthur be able to touch the heart that has suffered a lot of damage from that poor girl? Can the two together take back what belongs to them?

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The details in this story are frickin amazing!! I love the character development and growth Alice!! Author I hope you continue writing and updating this book, because it is truly a hidden gem that should be definitely read!!
2022-08-16 23:56:28
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Very interesting introduction... definitely caught my attention. I can't wait to start reading this.
2022-08-13 12:33:03
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Jessica Yanez
Great Novel I'm most definitely hooked
2022-07-31 10:44:10
30 Chapters
Chapter 1: “I don't want to end like this...”
The shack and dirty house in the middle of the forest was built with trees and used grass and leaves as a roof. Inside, the hoarse man's voice continued to let out unearthly curses, accompanied by the horrible sound of whips. “You're useless! This bastard! I asked you to serve the guests, not asked you to hit them! I have warned you many times already. You cost me a lot of money again. Shit! You pissed me off and asked for it! ” The thin and small figure curled up tightly, shivering and receiving each cruel whip lashing down. The dirty and ragged old dress couldn’t cover the pale skin bleeding out from the new wounds that stacked up against the old. No matter how much the whip struck her down, that poor girl still didn’t let a groan of pain, a scream or a beg for forgiveness come out of her mouth. She just shivered from the pain that was constantly torturing her body. After about a hundred times of hitting, kicking, and cursing, it seems to have calmed down a bit. The skinny man
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Chapter 2: Meeting
Alice wasn't in too much of a hurry to wait for the right moment, but she truly loathed every inch of her skin that he touched. The golden eyes shone with coldness. The thin arm raised the staff high, aimed at the man's head straight, and then used all her strength to smack it down. The man was suddenly attacked . He was stunned and slowly straightened his back to sit up. Unable to speak, just 'ah...uh....' for two times, he reached out his hand to touch the nape of his neck. The whole hand was covered with blood. His face was pale and he fell down. As an aside, his eyes gradually lost focus as he looked at the girl with long white hair was holding the stick out of nowhere, saw her take it and smacked it down again. Alice, with a bloodless face, stared at the bloody stick with a few spikes on it, gasping for breath. She tossed the stick aside, then grabbed the thin blanket on the bed and wrapped it around her body. She didn't know if it was her own blood or the bastard's, but the st
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Chapter 3: Old acquaintance
Soon after, about two more men who cut down the bushes in the way also appeared. They reverently worship.“We’re late, please forgive us prin-”Before he could finish speaking, the mysterious face-masked man waved his hand and said:“Quickly tie up this pig and take it to the horse.”The other two nodded to move forward, only to realize that there was something black hiding behind the tree. They opened their eyes to look, immediately drew their swords and were stopped again.“Don't mind him, we'll come back home soon. I’m tired.”They hesitated to withdraw their swords, hearing orders to quickly cut down a small tree and use it as a burden to carry the big wild boar back.When the three of them were about to leave, the masked man turned his head to check, ‘that man’ was also following him slowly.Does it look like ‘he’ wants to get out of this forest?There was no reason at that time, but he automatically slowed down to lead the way. It seems to show pity for the person who is struggl
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Chapter 4: “This Alice...will definitely come back and drag them to hell!”
Alice tried to pull her hair away from the man, she wanted to come and hug her mother right away. But the man caught her or pressed her hands behind her back easily, not giving her a chance to move forward. “It was so touching… fuh fuh fuh. But two of you can stop here. You should complete your mission before I change my mind. My former Marquise.” Then she ordered her henchman to put down a piece of paper and an ink pen. Tears kept flowing so that Alice couldn't see clearly what paper it was. She could only see her mother's boneless fingers holding the pen with difficulty and writing down something like a signature. As soon as she stopped writing, the noble-looking woman bent down and grabbed the paper. Seeing the line of crooked signatures, her heart trembled with joy. “Ah ha ha. Confirmation of annulment of Alice Rothnors inheritance. Signed by The Marquise of Rothnor - Irene Rothnor. A ha ha good! It’s very good! Ha ha ha ha!!!” Alice was surprised to hear what the woman has re
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Chapter 5: Come Back
The Rothnor mansion seemed to shine in an area when dawn shone on the multicolored glass windows and bright white walls. This structure was built in the Baroque* style, which was popular for the design of churches and monumental theaters. The characteristic of Baroque architecture was that it showed off the strength and power of the owner of the building. The image of the mansion made a strong impression with its brilliance and strong feelings due to the details, colors, and light when facing and enjoying it. From the outside gate to along the paths in the courtyard of the mansion, there were trees and flowers, enough to know that the owner of this place loved nature very much. Prominent in the middle of the garden was a transparent greenhouse with lots of flowers, dahlias, and an extremely eye-catching small aquarium.Gentle rays of sunlight penetrated the thin white curtain. The small figure was still curled up in a warm, thick blanket, lying on the large bed like a princess. The l
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Chapter 6: Lily
Irene looked at Alice's panic-stricken, tear-stained face and suddenly felt her heart ache. She stroked Alice's soft white hair, gently wiped her tears with a handkerchief, and she spoke: “Don't worry baby. I’m not going anywhere. I'm here with you.” Alice was really emotional and couldn't believe what was happening. “I love you really really much mom.” She was really alive again. Miracles have really happened. Alice has indeed gone back in time. It was the god who had mercy on her and gave her a chance to redo everything, wasn’t it? If that was the case, Alice vowed to protect her mother to the end. She will not allow anyone to have the opportunity to take advantage of and take away what already belongs to her. She was hugging Madam Irene again. Alice's innocent face gradually turned serious and angry. His eyes showed hatred. The lovely smile was also gone, but instead there were gritted teeth, determined to take revenge. The innocent, useless seventeen years old Alice would be
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Chapter 7: The old story
Alice had just sat down in front of the mirror when a few other maids also brought out a shelf full of elegant dresses and a few beautiful low-heeled shoes and placed them in front of her, waiting for her to choose. “Miss Alice, today is the day you have an appointment to visit Prince Nelson Spence's racecourse. How would you like to be dressed?” Alice looked at the beautiful dresses in front of her eyes, gradually remembering the events that were about to happen and would happen in the future. She needed to quickly memorize all of that so that she could devise a perfect revenge plan. Nelson Spence - the second prince of the royal family of Spence - was currently her fiancé. The two of them met at the ‘Rose’ party organized by the queen when Alice was 16 years old. At that time, Alice - the daughter of the only Marquise of the Rothnor family - was compared to a living doll with a beautiful appearance that made others admire. But Alice's temperament at that time was very arrogant a
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Chapter 8: Annoying people (1)
After breakfast, Alice stopped by the library again to say hello to her mother for an hour, but the butler said that she had business and left a few minutes away. Unable to meet her mother, but Alice met her fake father. She lifted her skirt, knelt down, and bowed politely: “Good morning, Earl Sirent Weaver.” The Earl Sirent Weaver was a little surprised to hear his daughter greet him in an overly distant manner, but he didn't mind at all, patting Alice's head, gently smiled and said: “I heard that this morning you ran barefoot to see your mother, and cried a lot. I worry about what happened to you. Alice, do you need my help?" Alice carefully avoided the touch, asking questions of the man in front of her. The one who mercilessly deceived her mother's feelings, who mercilessly kicked his wife and children out of the house, and who indirectly caused her mother's tragic death. She abhorred all questioning and touching from him. “Father, I just had a very scary dream. I dreamed of
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Chapter 9: Annoying people (2)
Sitting in the carriage, Alice silently looked out. The path she went back and forth a hundred times was still boring. But now, with the mentality of a returnee, Alice felt compelled to cherish every branch and bush. Although she hated to be near her enemies in her previous life, it wouldn't be a bad idea if she took this opportunity to approach and destroy all their plans step by step. The girl in the blue dress from beginning to end stared at Alice. Her pale blue eyes glided from head to toe in silent assessment. When Alice turned her head to meet her obvious gaze, Katherine shyly averted her gaze, pretending to look the other way. “What is your relationship with the Earl Sirent Weaver?” Katherine sweated. Alice's coldness and frankness worried her. “I… am a distant relative of the Earl. Due to difficulties, he took me to his mansion for a while.” His mansion? “Ha ha ha...” Alice laughed twice derisively. How stupid? What made her so confident? “If it's just a distant relati
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Chapter 10: Special gift (1)
Alice looked at one of Katherine's self-edited performances, then glanced at the prince standing beside her. She knew that Katherine had successfully captured Nelson's attention. Because as soon as he heard the cry, he turned to see the image of a little girl sitting on the ground and the hand that was holding her hand had unconsciously let go. Nelson was originally a man who was easily attracted to girls with a pure, lovely, and vulnerable appearance. Luckily for Katherine, she was a perfect fit for Nelson's standards, and besides, Alice looked a lot more mature today, which was more or less distracting to Nelson. It was rather shameful. “Are you okay? Don't let yourself get hurt!" Katherine heard the prince asking her questions, she obediently shook her head. “Katherine is fine, prince. Letting you see this ugly image of me, it makes me feel ashamed.” After saying that, he deliberately looked at Alice. But Alice didn't even give her a glance, even quirking lips in a mocking smi
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