Internal Sin: 007

I flinched, my fingertips sliding down the marks on my exposed chest.

I couldn't even recognize my own physique when I looked in the mirror. I was not only covered in old and new puncture wounds, but I also appeared famished.

With a sigh, I slid a shirt over my head and stepped out of the bathroom, coming to a halt when my eyes were drawn to the figure in white laying on my bed, enormous white wings spread widely on the bed.

He suddenly sat up, as if sensing my presence, and his smile immediately deteriorated.

"What the hell happened to your face?" He addressed, already up on his feet and lunging towards me, I grunted when he cradled my face and inspected the bruises. I pushed him away.

"If you are truly an angel, you should be aware," I snorted at him and moved by him, but he seized my wrist and I veered abruptly. "What the heck are you looking for?" I yanked my hand from his hold and pointed at his face. "Listen, Ralph or whatever your name is, I don't know wha
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